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US knew from 2008 and was not going to attack

May 3, 2011

The US knew or had a clue that bin Laden was in Abbottabad since 2008. Wikileaks was going to disclose this, so the US moved in. But otherwise it might never have disturbed this Pakistan bin Laden arrangement. Because it might raise too many questions.

The lower levels in the military likely forced the leadership to go after bin Laden. The leadership was afraid if they said no to the mid chain military and then bin Laden moved after Wikileaks published the safe house info, that the leadership would be caught worse in being in cahoots with Pakistan and bin Laden.

So they had to rub out bin Laden. Pakistan wanted that too. They too would lose from Wikileaks revealing this. This would be particularly true of any scenario with bin Laden arrested and then testifying to this whole relationship going back before 9/11.

Another step forward for Safe Housers to expose our government and its ties to the Islamo-terrorist state of Pakistan as part of its larger war on its own people. that is the war the MSM is lying for, the war on us. That is the propaganda they spew against us in their war on us.

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