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EUcrats survive only if people don’t

October 25, 2007

The EU leadership including the “national” governments that support it, realize the only way for them to survive is to get rid of the people.

Europe is vital to Britain’s interests, but as Europe has grown, it has become less democratic and more centralised. Legislation is not properly scrutinised. It has its own momentum, overriding both national and European Parliaments. The Reform Treaty does not address these problems. Gordon Brown has said that there will be no further treaty changes for at least 10 years. That is to freeze in place an undemocratic and centralising system. I cannot accept that. For the sake of democracy, I must oppose this treaty and support calls for a referendum on it.

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The EU-crats know their time and power is limited if the national peoples survive. This is why they know they must destroy the nations before the nations destroy them. The liberals in the US know the same thing.

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