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Evangelicals contraceptive pact with the devil immigration complex

April 3, 2012

Evangelicals have made a pact with the GOP establishment Devil. The terms are support GOP to genocide Whites in exchange for short term minor nuisance legislation on contraceptives and abortion.

A pact with the devil has these characteristics

  • What you get is limited in scope.
  • What you get disappears quickly.
  • What you get won’t really help you.
  • You give up everything.
  • It gets worse as time goes on.
  • You lose your original bargain as well.
  • This is what the contraceptive/abortion laws for guest worker, legal immigration, student visas deal is. The Rubio Jeb Bush GOPers get their cheap labor and race replacement agenda. The evangelicals get laws most of them overturned by the courts, and all of them reversed by the rising tide of color. In exchange the evangelicals agree to genocide Whites.

    As this goes on, the deal gets worse. Gay marriage was not in the original deal. So evangelicals just lose on gay marriage.

    As immigrants become a rising share, all laws go left. Evangelicals lose on this. As immigration goes on, they lose more.

    The IRS is in their churches telling them what they can say. The federal complex interferes with their employment and imposes conditions of its race complex for selling to it.


    Pharisee Mike Huckabee Wayne Dumond and God

    December 8, 2007

    Mike Huckabee has said at one time that he couldn’t know that Wayne Dumond would rape and kill after he was released and had no information that he would. But he also said that he was told by two women that he would be a risk to do both of those things. Huckabee told Harry Smith that was why Huckabee was against commutation of his sentence.

    Huckabee in fact pardoned or commuted sentences or granted clemency to hundreds of people. Some of them were murderers. Huckabee engaged in reckless pardoning, commutation and clemency. Huckabee had the available information to know he would cause harm by this recklessness. But Huckabee blamed the victims for being bad Christians for opposing pardon, just as he blames those opposed to amnesty for illegals or against mass legal immigration.

    Huckabee has the Pharisee mindset. Huckabee is self-righteous and those who disagree with him are bad Christians or just bad people.

    One suspects that for Huckabee a Christian who disagrees with him is the lowest life form and deserves to be raped and killed, they had it coming. The same would apply to non-Christians who are non-immigrant. This is the attitude he has towards the harm he inflicts on these groups.

    Huckabee’s basic mindset is that Huckabee is not responsible for the consequences of his policies or actions. Huckabee doesn’t even consider himself responsible for the truth of what he says. As long as Huckabee feels good when he says something, that makes it true. Those who contrast his statements with each other to find inconsistencies are bad people in Huckabee’s world.

    Huckabee does not accept ownership of the consequences of his actions. Legal immigration is breaking America, the West and consequently the world. Mass population growth in the third world is breaking the world. Huckabee doesn’t accept that he is part of causing that. He has Pharisee ethics, God owns it when Huckabee breaks it.

    The secular left and evangelical left both have this attitude. They are both breaking the world by third world population growth and immigration. They blame their victims as bad people, racists, bigots, white nationalists, Nazis, bad Christians, seculars, religious right, etc. (The two groups blame each other of course for the bad consequences that both groups support together.)

    We need an ethics of consequences. For the evangelical left, when they break it God owns it. For the secular left, when they break it, the white nationalists own it. Searches at SPLC seem to indicate that the secular left identifies God with white nationalists, so in the end the secular and evangelical left both think when they break the world, God owns it.

    The evangelical and secular pharisees are breaking America, the West and the earth. We don’t seem to have a large group of people who accept ownership in the destroyed earth. The only group that does seems to be the ones the pharisees call white nationalists.

    So in the end, for both of them, the white man is the only one responsible. The pharisee left breaks it, the white man owns it. Except once they break the white man, who is left? Immigration is breaking the white man. We need zero immigration, that is what the Wright Island Model theorem says.


    Cole, the minister who befriended DuMond, said: “The governor felt compassion for Wayne. He was sorry for him. So, I asked the governor to help. I asked him if anything could be done. And Mike had a lot of people on his neck trying to get him to get Wayne released.”

    “Many of them,” Cole added, “were in the Christian community.”


    Politically, there existed a fervent movement that believed Dumond was the victim of a Bill Clinton vendetta, carried out by the state’s Democratic political machine. That movement, which had helped Huckabee ascend to power just months earlier in 1996, ramped up pressure on the newly elected governor to rectify a wrong.

    Huckabee himself was either friends with or associated to several of the key activists who publicly criticized Dumond’s arrest. And Huckabee’s particular religious background made him disposed to believing that Dumond — who would go on to rape and murder another woman upon his release — was either innocent of his crimes or had been rehabilitated in prison.

    Those close to the case say that in the end, it was a combination of these factors that compelled Huckabee to ignore evidence, forgo advice, and ultimately press the parole board for the release of Wayne Dumond. A governor with more experience and will power, and less susceptibility to outside influences, they say, would have handled the case much differently.

    Reverend Jay Cole, a Baptist minister and radio personality who had been blaming Clinton for Dumond’s travails for nearly a decade, described Huckabee as a friend; and according to a July 8, 2001, article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, said that on several occasions Huckabee declared that DuMond was innocent.


    Benjamin Franklin recommended making two lists, reasons for or against something. In the Movie Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean doesn’t want to listen to his father played by Jim Backus who recommends doing that before the car race that ends in one boy’s death at Griffith Observatory.

    There is now an award in Computer in Cognitive Science from the Franklin Institute.

    Part of rational decision making under uncertainty is admitting you don’t know and looking at several scenarios. One then tries to limit the downside risk by what one can control. The secular and Christian left don’t do that. They just act out their feelings like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. If you don’t use these methods, they can’t work. You have to do your homework to get the facts and then apply rational decision making methods. That would mean zero legal immigration and no amnesties today.

    Huckabee has supported 703 pardons compared to 624 in the neighboring states combined in the period he was governor. Huckabee’s support of amnesty for illegals and for legal immigration is part of the same mindset. Huckabee is in effect blaming the victims for those he releases on society, whether prisoners or illegals or legal immigrants from the third world including asylum refugees.

    ==More from Huffpost:

    Huckabee didn’t even have to open the mail. According to Fletcher Long, Ashley Stevens attorney, five hundred feet from the governor’s office was a transcript of the Stevens’ case, within which was printed Dumond’s lengthy rap sheet.

    “From what I understand,” Long told the Huffington Post, “he never bothered to look at it.”

    Huckabee’s campaign did not return requests for comment. He has said there was no way anyone could have predicted Dumond’s violent behavior upon release.

    The article goes on to list the people that Huckabee didn’t consult on a timely basis to learn about the case. This was a self-righteous man who didn’t do his homework. Is that what we want in a president?

    Isn’t this where legal immigration came from? Not paying attention to the consequences, a substitution effect of immigrants for births that eventually leads to total genetic replacement? That is what the Wright Island Model says. Why don’t the two halves of the left, secular and religious, study the math?

    But even then, Long noted, “It was pretty obvious to me that we weren’t being heard or listened to but his mind was already made up.” The individuals who served on Arkansas’ parole board recounted a similar Huckabee mindset.

    This is the pharisee mindset that pervades both the secular and religious left. Both of them do what makes them feel good. They then call those who disagree with them names. They are breaking the West with legal third world immigration and they say God and the bigots own it when they break it.


    Huckabee and his staff show contempt,
    disdain and arrogance in their statements to and about Huffington Post and others. They helped murder two women and are covering it up. They do that by attacking Huffington Post. They are relying on Christians as gullible fools to get away with this. Their contempt for Christians is total.


    Gov. Huckabee probably never read the confession of a demented killer named Glen Green before he made the monster eligible for parole.
    Green’s confession is so depraved, its sadistic details so scary that no sane, responsible adult would consider him for parole.
    If the governor didn’t read the confession, he is guilty of dereliction of duty.

    This is what the Rev. Johnny Jackson, interim pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, calls an accident, and apparently Huckabee believes him.
    “There is no doubt in my mind that he could kill again,” warns Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley.
    The crime started out in his jurisdiction and ended in Lonoke County, where Prosecutor Lona McCastlain has also spoken out against the clemency.
    “Life means life,” she said, referring to Green’s sentence after he plead guilty to Spencer’s kidnapping, rape and murder.
    As he grants clemency to scores of violent criminals, Huckabee’s motives are the subject of speculation: Why, people are asking, is he doing it? After studying the record for several weeks, all one can say is that his actions perhaps reflect a combination of arrogance and avarice and ignorance.

    _When you talk to prosecutors around the state, many of them will tell you they’re unhappy that Gov. Huckabee pardons criminals without letting law-enforcement officials or victims’ families know why he’s doing it, as he’s required by law.
    ___ “He doesn’t take giving clemency very seriously,” complains Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld, who will push for new legislation next year to make the clemency process less secretive.

    ==Huckabee can be prosecuted for civil rights violations?

    By pressuring the parole board in the case of the two women killed by Dumond, did Huckabee violate their civil rights? The same on other cases that he violated procedure? Huckabee pressured the parole board to parole Dumond and gave a reappointment to one member before the reversal vote to pardon Dumond and another one a reappointment afterwards. He met with them to discuss the case and that was not recorded. Can Huckabee be charged with federal civil rights violations?


    This is how he operated in the past: He had his staff write insulting letters to his critics. “The governor read you (sic) letter and laughed out loud,” wrote a scoundrel named Cory Cox, a Huckabee legal adviser, by way of a reply to Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld, who opposed clemency for yet another vicious killer Huckabee took a liking to.

    Huckabee reappointed one Democrat member before the Jan 1997 vote that reversed the parole board decision in 1996 against parole. Then Huckabee reappointed another Democrat board member after that. Huckabee violated state rules to influence the board in the meeting. Can a federal civil rights charge be brought against Huckabee for the 2 woman raped and killed by Dumond?

    Cases from the 1960’s have been retried or brought up. Why can’t Huckabee be investigated? They should ask Huckabee if he will answer questions in an affidavit.

    Video of 2 parole board members saying Huckabee did influence the parole board in 1996. Chastain met with Huckabee and said it was the only time in his 7 years on the board he ever met with the governor so that he remembers it well.


    At above thread, MB4 links to:

    LITTLE ROCK – Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley on Thursday asked Gov. Mike Huckabee to stop granting clemencies for violent criminals because of the unprecedented number of early prisoner releases during the governor’s eight years in office.

    Earlier this month, Huckabee issued notice of intent to grant clemency to Glen Martin Green of Jacksonville, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1975 after pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

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