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2001 Abortions 1,303,000 Legal Immigrants 1,064,318

February 13, 2007

NRLC Abortions 2001 1,303,000

FAIRUS 2001 Legal Immigrants 1,064,318

This shows that immigration is substitution for births.  If we stopped immigration completely, legal and illegal, we would just balance the effect of abortions.

Relatives 676,144
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Unlimited 443,984
Unmarried Adult Children of U.S. Citizens 23,400 27,098
Spouses & Unmarried Adult Children of Legal Residents 114,200 112,260
Married Adult Children of U.S. Citizens 23,400 24,878
Siblings of U.S. Citizens 65,000 67,907
Legalization Dependents 37
Employment-Based Preferences 179,195
Priority Workers 40,040 41,801
Professionally Exceptional 40,040 42,620
Skilled Workers and Professionals 40,040 86,058
Special Immigrants 9,940 8,523
Investors 9,940 193
Other 208,979
Lottery 55,000 42,015
Refugees 90,000 97,305
Asylees 10,000 11,201
Miscellaneous 58,458
LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, TOTAL (est.) 1,064,318

Illegal, who knows. Could be 1 to 2 million per year. Total here could be 10 to 30 million. These numbers are always far more than anyone imagines. 1986 Amnesty brought in far more people than even the most extreme criticis predicted.


And if there is a looming labor shortage (hotly disputed), it could presumably be countered by natalist policies—encouraging Americans to step up their below-replacement birthrate. Even the current high immigration inflow is exceeded by the 1.6 million abortions in the U.S. each year.

“Time to Rethink Immigration?”

by Peter Brimelow
from National Review, June 22, 1992

Mr. Brimelow is Editor at
February 12, 2007
“U.S. Chamber Urging Country On Rome’s Path To Disaster”

I find it ironic that the US Chamber of Commerce is promoting a report “America’s Perfect Storm: Three Forces Changing Our Nation’s Future,” [PDF] (press release here). The report, by ETS’s Policy Information Center, contends that the convergence of three forces—inadequate literacy skills among large segments of our population, the continuing evolution of our economy and the nation’s job structure, and an ongoing shift in the demographic profile of our country driven by the highest immigration rates in almost a century—will have “dire consequences for America”.


By Steve Smith

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