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Can the majority vote suicide?

December 14, 2007

Can the majority vote suicide of life on earth?


  1. IQ 85 life can’t get off earth and survive in the cosmos.
  2. Eventually life on earth will be destroyed by natural processes, e.g. expansion or heating of the sun.
  3. IQ 85 groups on earth are racist and will destroy the more advanced groups.
  4. IQ 85 groups on earth are the majority.

Given these assumptions, should the minority let the 85 IQ life eliminate life on earth? Should the minority let the IQ 85ers come in and take over their lands and vote them out of existence by welfare, Sharia law, etc?

Don’t the advanced peoples, whites and East Asians have an obligation to stop this? Isn’t that why Japan’s leaders tell us we have to face reality every few years and stop this nonsense of 3rd world immigration and welfare for 3rd worlders? Japan realizes that Japan as the last island of advanced civilization is not a direction they want the world to move in. Japan realizes they are better off with a white West in Europe, America, Canada and Australia than with a Mexican Muslim world converging to finish them off.

Japan also realizes the Chinese hate them, and that having the Chinese as their only ally against this would be unpleasant. The US might think about that too. Evidently the Japanese have, and the IQ tests show they are smarter than we are. We should listen to them about third worlders too. Japan doesn’t want to live with a nuclear armed Mexico America or Muslim Europe. Why should we want the last remnants of humanity to go down?

We have to act now. We have to end all immigration, not reduce it to 250,000 per year. That number caused the decline of fertility in the 1950’s, i.e. ended the baby boom. We need to use the theorems. The Wright Island Model tells us the right number to come in, zero. That means zero student workers as well.

The majority voting out life on earth by first getting rid of us is another form of the Fermi Paradox, advanced civilizations destroy themselves. If one sees preserving intelligence in the universe as of transcendental importance, then we can’t let the 3rd worlders vote out of existence our civilization.

What about Japan? Won’t it survive. It doesn’t allow 3rd world immigration. Isn’t that the point? How can it be an argument to preserve civilization that Japan doesn’t allow immigration so it will preserve civilization, so we should allow immigration to destroy it here? Those who say Japan would preserve advanced civilization because it doesn’t allow immigration have made the point that we should stop immigration now. That means zero, not 250,000 per year.

For those who take Japan as a model, think of multiplying Japan’s immigration rate by 3 to get the US immigration rate. That is a lot less than 250,000 per year.

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