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December 6, 2007

Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are talking about their faith. Does it matter? You can use religion in the following form:

  • I do what makes me feel good without worrying about the consequences. Even if I know they are bad, I do it anyhow because it wins me applause, internal and external. Its God’s job to pick up the pieces. If I break it, God own’s it.

We can contrast that with the following ethic.

Flossing for Political Leaders:

The probability of failure of civilization per century has to approach zero fast enough that the cumulative survival probability of advanced civilization does not go to zero.

Which ones do politicians like? The second one means all the things politicians like to do, welfare, affirmative action, immigration, saying Islam is not dangerous, Muslims in the military, Chinese, Russians and Indians controlling our universities and factories, etc. all have to stop completely.

The simple requirement that the failure rate per century of civilization has to go to zero leads to a lot of restrictions on activity. All the aid to the third world to increase its population has to go. Everything the West has done to increase third world population including immigration to the West has to stop completely.

Low IQ, highly violent, anti-social third worlders in the West have to go back. This is not popular with politicians but is required by the Flossing Restriction. Which teeth do you have to floss? Only the ones you want to keep.

  • The frequency with which you floss has to increase sufficiently fast so that the per year rate of losing teeth falls to zero fast enough for you to keep some of your teeth until you die after you are 100.

Civilization flossing is needed to avoid the Fermi Paradox. Fermi calculated that if civilizations arise, they must destroy themselves before they can get here. That probably means they destroy themselves before they get off the ground.

Civilization flossing includes eugenics at the level of genes. It also includes exclusion of the third world from the West. It also means getting rid of Islam. It also means not letting Pakistan keep its nukes or Iran get them. It should have meant not letting Stalin get nukes or Mao.

Why did we fight WWII if we let Stalin get nukes? Why did we invade Afghanistan and Iraq and let Pakistan keep nukes? We need to wake up because we as a civilization are not pushing our failure rate towards zero nearly fast enough. In fact, we are keeping it away from zero.

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