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IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn case questions

May 18, 2011

Some questions.

1. What times can they fix for entering and leaving the room from a) any record kept from opening the door b) records on electronic key cards c) hall cameras d) minibar being used e) checkout of hotel f) logs on chambermaid g) logs from person who allegedly told her the room was clear.

2. Did some man tell the chambermaid the room was empty?

3. Where did this conversation happen?

4. Who was he and why did he say this to her?

5. Was he arranging someone for DSK?

6. Did he pick a different woman?

7. Or not communicate fully with the chambermaid?

8. Was there any payment between any of these parties now or in the past?

9. How did this woman get to the US?

10. Where is she from?

11. Does she have resentments against France, US, Whites, Christians or the IMF?

12. Did DSK verbally abuse this man who is said to have told her the room was clear?

13. Did the maid go back to this man after the incident?

14. Was he her pimp?

15. Was there an exchange of money?

16. Was it the pimp who came up with the story?

17. Or this man, pimp or not?

18. Did this man then contact hotel security or 911?

19.Why did the maid enter the room before checkout?

20. Is there not a fixed rule not to?

21. Does the maid enter a room because some random hotel employee tells her to?

22. Why would this man have entered the room before the checkout?

23. Is there a record of when this man entered the room, if he did?

24. Why would this man tell the maid he had entered the room if he hadn’t? (See above for hypotheses and questions.)

25. Is the sequence the chambermaid described really credible?

26. Even if the encounter was arranged by this other man with DSK for a fee, would the scenario play out on the short time frame as described by the chambermaid?

27. Does she go to a mosque?

28. What about her family?

29. Who is the imam?

30. What is their past from before 9/11/2001 to the present?

31. The scenario described as it ever happened in America where a White man did this to a black chambermaid in a hotel?

32. Has it happened in Africa?

33. Was it done to her in Africa by some black?

34. Who is her the father of her child? Did something like this happen?

35. Was the scene in a movie that this mysterious hotel employee man saw?

Why is Geithner so hot to take the lead to dump DSK from the IMF? Because Obama is black, a black chambermaid gets to dump the IMF head? Because the chambermaid is Muslim and Barack Hussein Obama is pResident? What story did the woman give to get in the country? Is this diversity lottery? Muslim reunification?

== Posted at Galliawatch

There were reports that a male hotel worker told the maid the room was clear. Who was he? Why did a male hotel worker go in the room before the guest checked out? Where did he tell her this? Did she go back to him after the alleged incident?

If there was no male worker telling her to go to the room, why did she go to the room before the guest checked out?

Did this unknown male arrange something for DSK? Then double cross him by sending in a maid who knew nothing? Or some other cross? Who is this man and what is his history? Did DSK verbally abuse him at a prior stay? Did the staff dislike DSK for verbal abuse from prior stays? Hercule Poirot is needed to unravel this one.

The basic fact that someone, the maid or another hotel worker went into the room before checkout is what to hold onto.

Also, since when does an employee go into a room and not find anyone there and decide the guest has checked out and tell the maid to clean it? Since when does a hotel employee go into a room just before check out to check if the guest is still there? What if the guest is going to try to stay late or another night? Did someone else want the room?

Even so, they wouldn’t just check out the head of the IMF without his knowing it or being informed that the room was now taken for someone else.


BHL denounced:

The phenomenon is not unique to Lévy or French philosophers. The Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s decision to honor Dutch politician Geert Wilders at an event last week caused little uproar — despite the latter’s habit of hate speech against Muslims.

Or maybe it’s a general lack of knowledge of the intricacies of foreign politics, and the inability to adequately judge whether the foreign pundit at hand is a legitimate figure or his or her country’s equivalent of Michele Bachmann.

Of course, the maid is a Muslim from Africa. That trumps BHL being Jewish under liberalism. Thus BHL becomes just another racist and Islamophobe. Our ranks keep growing.

BHL, Geert Wilders, and Michele Bachmann all White bigots. It is enough to make you want to rethink the whole BHL thing.

== It gets worse.

“An Indefensible Defense
French intellectuals’ despicable response to Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest.”

David Rieff

A journalist from one of France’s main radio stations who witnessed Strauss-Kahn’s arraignment reported that, before he had been brought before the judge, there had been a procession of “blacks and Latinos accused of all sorts of petty crimes, above all selling drugs.”

So now all French people are White racist bigots. Convicted. Proof that America under its enlightened establishment is superior on race to the French intellectuals who pride themselves on being above the racists in America. Turns out they all think the same about blacks and Hispanics. It is a horror to see DSK in Ryker’s Island with the blacks and the Hispanics. In the same court room. Many liberals will rethink living in New York City or even Westchester County while at the same time denouncing others who say that for being racist. Perhaps even Goldman Sachs will think about increasing its office staff in other locations and reducing the New York staff or at least capping it.

Also is it such a good idea to have financial contracts subject to New York jurisdiction where a jury of blacks and Hispanics and some judge of this type handles a case? Maybe a White state should be found to have the contracts settled in like Utah or Vermont. Even Idaho and Montana might be considered.

The above are hypotheses or questions. All disclaimers apply.

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