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Fred Hate at NYT and Fox

December 1, 2007

The New York Times and Fox have both vented at Fred Thompson after the debate. This shows he won. We are getting it from these two towers of neocon-liberalism. The New York Times is the leader in print and Fox on broadcast of the strange transgender politics that has dominated the Bush years.

“Thompson Bid, Criticized as Sleepy, Is at the Least Unconventional” By MARC SANTORA
Published: December 1, 2007

Even when a national spotlight is made to order, Mr. Thompson seems to have trouble exploiting it. Here at the CNN/YouTube debate for Republican candidates on Wednesday night, he appeared set to seize the moment, delivering a well-timed swipe at Rudolph W. Giuliani for his hiring record, clearly a reference to the former mayor’s onetime police commissioner and business associate, Bernard B. Kerik, now under federal indictment on tax-fraud charges.

But then he let the moment slide, saying, “We’ll have to address that a little bit further later.” He never did.

Actually, Fred delivered the line perfectly. He didn’t need to go further, because everyone understood it. If you have to explain a joke its not as funny. Fred was perfect on that line. That’s why everyone remembers that line as the highlight of the debate. That was the best line in the debate, and the New York Times says that shows Fred is too tired to be president.

That shows NYT hates Fred. The reason NYT and Fox hate Fred is that Fred is a real conservative, not a neocon. Fred wants to stop chain migration. Fred wants to defeat Islam not just run an occupation that keeps Think Tank pundits and newspapers sold.

Fox on Fred:

Following a debate where GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson gave a lackluster performance, the former Tennessee senator is challenging his opponents to meet him for a more personal follow-up — on his terms.

FOX News’ Carl Cameron contributed to this report.,2933,313762,00.html

National Review also gets in its knife against Fred

==Frank Luntz: Fred won and people saw he won

FRED THOMPSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: One of the things I would do for his generation is protect him from our generation.



And the candidate that stood out yesterday was Fred Thompson. … Thompson had several points during that debate where he really grabbed the audience’s attention.

LUNTZ: They are afraid that as they watch — and these people, Sean, are watching both Republican and Democratic debates. I’m not surprised that they are getting very high ratings. They look at what the Democrats offer. And to them it doesn’t sound — and I’m going to use this word deliberately. It doesn’t sound American to the Republicans. And they are nervous that the Democratic candidates will take the country backward. Point one.

Point two is that they want to see the Republicans with a genuine focus. And they find that the Democrats have been more precise in terms of issues than their own candidates have been. And third, and I apologize for this, Sean, they are very disappointed with President Bush. Republicans who voted for him are disappointed in what has happened over the past two years.

Now, Sean, there is one issue that stands out with the Republicans more than any other. It’s not the culture wars, it’s not social issues, it’s illegal immigration. And you touch that. If they perceive in any way that you are a supporter of either amnesty or funding for illegal immigrants, you are going to get a negative reaction.

Rudi Giuliani and John McCain showed negative reaction on illegal immigration.

I can’t overestimate just how angry Republicans are with illegal immigration and how they want their presidential candidate to stop it.

(Frank Luntz on Hannity.)

==Fred Got his Facts Right from Say Anything Blog

Rush says Fred only conservative in top tier.

This is one reason Fox and NYT and National Review are attacking Fred, Rush told the truth.

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