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Britain, Germany and France summon Ireland to Munich Fuhrerbau Room 105

June 15, 2008

Saying they must show a united front to little upstart nations, the leaders of EU UK, EU Germany and EU France summoned Ireland to meet at the Fuhrerbau in Munich. Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy, and Gordon Brown have summoned the Irish people to be persuaded at Munich.

Stalin has told the Guardian to support this from the grave, of old Europe.

“The Irish vote must not thwart a better Europe”

It is catch-22. Without reforming the way it makes decisions, freeing itself to act on global issues that really matter, the European Union will continue to look like a self-serving, arcane bureaucracy. But the EU can’t negotiate the devilishly detailed process of reforming itself without resembling the conspiratorial caricature portrayed by its detractors.

The treaty is the last demand from the leaders of the First EU-Reich.

The Führerbau, a Nazi party building in the Königsplatz, Munich. The Munich Agreement was signed in 1938. Today it is a school for music and theatre called the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München.

But it can still be used to educate the Irish people.

It was indeed in Room 105, of what was then the Fuhrerbau, Adolf Hitler’s Munich headquarters, that 50 years ago tonight the Nazi leader signed the fateful agreement with Britain, France and Italy that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain would triumphantly brandish on his return to London as the assurance of ”peace in our time.” Now, that room and that building produce softer notes – as the home of the Bavarian State College of Music. A Synonym for Gullibility

The Irish will report to Room 105 for re-education drills. Remember, those who leave Room 105 speak, act and think like they always did. There was never any change. These are their true feelings. They are grateful to Brussels and wish it to take more of the burden of self government off of their hands and heads. The Irish people thank Brussels and the Guardian of truth and freedom which it is and has always been.


LGF, the British Labour Party, the EU, the Democrats, the MSM, etc. all function in about the same way. The LGF voting system and dinging and ejection for voting no on Charles Johnson posts is how the Labour Party and the others work. There is no real dissent from within no matter what the views from the top. The same is true of the Conservative Party under David Cameron.

This is why people need to support parties like the BNP, Vlaams Belang, US Constitution Party, etc. The establishment won’t stop mass immigration. They have made it clear they will go down before stopping it. So we have to elect new parties that will stop it.

Parties like the Democrats and Labour Party are the same as the Communist Party in this sense. They have to lose power for there to be change. We need to vote for BNP type parties while we can and while there is time left.

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