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Memorial Service Arizona Shooting

January 12, 2011

Together We Thrive: Tucson and America

The service started with Obama with his chin aimed upward, in his disdain and insolence look. Michelle was next to him looking bored. Stuck in the midst of all these White people. There to give Obama his support on this cross of Whiteness.

Service starts with pro Mexican rhetoric. How many Mexicans were killed?

People cheer it. Were Americans let in?

Michelle smiles through this.

“Poor barrio kid from South Side of Tucson can get an education.”

What the Left?

This is a Diversity Comedy.

Father Skynet.

Comments at Raw Story reflect the nature of this rally.

Janet Napolitano reads from Isaiah.

Will Hussein read from the Koran?

The World waits.

Eric Holder reads from Corinthians.

A surprise here. I thought Christianity was banished from this tableau. This is its first mini appearance by my count.

Michelle and Barack don’t look happy to be there. Beam us out of here.

After 9/11, his minister preached, “God Damn America.”

Ayers candidate now stands before the country. A long way from a mosque in Indonesia.

Kneels to pray with you today. Like a Muslim.

Obama simply mentioned scripture. Was it something in the Koran?


As Scripture tells us:

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,

the holy place where the Most High dwells.

God is within her, she will not fall;

God will help her at break of day.

==end excerpt

The rally aspect of this gets worse and worse. The absence of a real Christian minister is part of what led to this rally like atmosphere. The absence of real Christian prayers and hymns. This is an anti-rally against White Christian America. It is showing this is not a Christian country. That is the message.

Obama refers to scripture. He refers to Job. Job is also in the Koran.


Scripture tells us that there is evil in the world, and that terrible things happen for reasons that defy human understanding. In the words of Job, “when I looked for light, then came darkness.” Bad things happen, and we must guard against simple explanations in the aftermath.


Opening music
A Native American blessing
Welcome by University of Arizona President Robert N. Shelton
The playing of the National Anthem
Remarks by President Shelton
Remarks by a University of Arizona Student
Remarks by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R)
Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
Remarks by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Remarks by President Obama
Moment of silence


Not a moment of silence but a moment of screaming after Hussein’s words from scripture.


All the Obama references to scripture can be interpreted at least loosely as Koranic.


Even David Gergen on CNN (sin) said it was a jarring ceremony for anyone expecting a traditional memorial service. That it was more a pep rally.

Freeper thread is pretty good.


This Muslim Moment.


There is a progression in religions in this Obama Memorial Service.


Obama delivers the Muslim part which is scripture. This use of scripture symbolizes it contains within it whatever is valid from the past. Islam teaches the previous religions of Christianity and Judaism are garbled. It also teaches that some prior prophets were Muslims. In a sense, one could stretch that to include primitive faiths like Indians as representing that stage.

This whole ceremony was structured and choreographed from a Muslim perspective to show the progression from primitive faith to the Jewish Old Testament to the Christian New Testament to Islam as its apex and modern embodiment. Obama delivers Islam. Notice Holder as black comes closest to Obama, reading from the New Testament.

Napolitano didn’t seem enthused at her role. Maybe she was cued in that this was what it meant and what she was part of.

This was Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim Memorial service.


Loughner doesn’t know proof that immigration is genocide

January 12, 2011

Jared Loughner was forced out of community college. He doesn’t know the proof of the Wright Island Model that immigration is genocide the way a tenured professor does. But Loughner without a degree and without a job feels the effects.

Congress won’t listen that it is a math theorem that immigration causes genocide. Nor that genocide in human populations will inevitably happen as conditions deteriorate. Such as young men being dropped from college and dropped from their job.

An immigrant can replace them in a snap. That produces a throw away mentality towards people. The theorem says that throw away mentality is what will take place in the minds of colleges and employers, ie the minds of the authorities, establishment and of the hierarchy.

They won’t listen to the math theorem that this is what they are doing. But it is because they want to have that feeling they can throw people away that they won’t listen.

Who is the real homicidal maniac? The young man who is replaceable at college and is replaced and is replaceable at his job and is replaced or the people in power doing the replacing because it makes them feel powerful. They want to replace people. They want to feel that they can replace their students or workers or voters at their whim.

Well when those people are dropped, they strike out violently in some cases. Loughner’s understanding of theorems and data is not what governs. Loughner feeling dropped and cast away by a society that can replace him with immigrants in college and the sandwich shop does matter.

He was replaced by his college. He was replaced by his employer. They can do that under immigration without any loss to themselves.

Congress won’t listen to the theorem. That is because they want to do this to the young. The elites on Charlie Rose’s show or PBS News hour won’t listen to the theorem. They want to hate the prole Whites they are replacing.

They want to despise the median income White as a loser and lazy. They don’t want to hear it is the theorem doing this. They don’t want to hear it is them doing this. But they are feeling the blowback.

Loughner losing his college and job because he is replaceable by immigrants is their doing. They did this to him and he did it to them. They don’t want to hear a theorem says this must happen because of their choice to use race replacement immigration on the median income Whites they disdain and hate.


Congress: We don’t listen to math theorems that immigration is genocide. We just do it because we want to. It makes us feel powerful.

Well it makes Loughner feel unpowerful. He loses his college and then he loses his sandwich shop job. He feels unpowerful the way Congress intended him to feel.

Loughner has no way to undo this. The theorem can’t be beat. He really has no way out. You can’t beat a theorem. You definitely can’t beat it when college drops you and your sandwich shop employer fires you.

Congress gave Loughner a no way out situation. That is what the theorem says. The Loughners as a group have no way to the beat the theorem. It is mathematically impossible for the young Jared Loughners to beat the math theorem that immigration is genocide. That is what it means to be a theorem.

Congress can learn math the gentle way or the blowback way. Their reaction to blowback is more blowback of their own on the population. That won’t work.

The theorem applies to Congress too. Congress can’t beat the theorem either. Giffords in the hospital proves that. Judge Roll in the grave proves that.

Laws don’t beat theorems, theorems beat laws. If you are religious, theorems are God’s Laws. God’s Laws trump man’s laws.

Immigration money drain forced cut mental health Giffords county

January 11, 2011

Immigration is bankrupting states especially front line states like Arizona. This forced the county of Gabrielle Giffords to have to cut mental health 50 percent. Immigration took the like of Judge John Roll.

This is a basis to seek an injunction on immigration.

MSM Loughner Giffords Judge John Roll Reality Inversion Matrix

January 11, 2011

MSM Loughner Giffords Judge John Roll Reality Inversion Matrix

(Columns may not line up too well as it comes out)

MSM Reality

Perp White Christian Jewish

Victim Jewish Congresswoman White Christian judge

Motive anti-immigration pro-immigration

Politics right left

v White pro anti

hate crime against Jews against White Christians

There is a civil rights case by Jared Taylor and Amren against DHS when combined with last year’s left wing anti White anarcho terrorism against the Amren conference and refusal of DOJ/FBI/DHS to investigate.

Left blames Arizona for Gabrielle Giffords shooting like Dallas

January 9, 2011

Lon Warneke [Moderator] Yesterday 06:26 PM in reply to Thomas Paine
Sorry dude, that this is “not a political assassination” is wrong given the loon-feeding & breeding political climate that is both encouraged and tolerated in Arizona and can’t be separated from the fact that was carried out at a political event… not at a McDonalds or a post office.
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SF [Moderator] Yesterday 01:32 PM
A 9 year old is dead in Arizona today and perhaps 5 others including Rep. Giffords. Thank you, Sen. John McCain for plucking Sarah Palin out of obscurity and making her part of the national conversation. This blood is on your hands

Lon Warneke [Moderator] Yesterday 05:22 PM
Given the uncontrollable loon-fest-­breeding-g­round-ment­ality that has been encouraged and tolerated in Arizona’s political climate, this tragedy doesn’t surprise me and I don’t expect anything to change down there.
Most likely it will only get worse.
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Few American cities have come under the kind of national scorn that befell Dallas in the days and weeks after President Kennedy died here. The city found itself widely condemned as a ”city of hate.” Residents of Dallas recall being refused service at restaurants in other parts of the country or facing gratuitous insults when their home became known.

ThorsteinVeblen2010 [Moderator] Yesterday 03:49 PM in reply to ckerst
I own a gun. I don’t carry it around with me which is what is distinctly different about Arizona and much of the rest of the country.

This is the toxic combination of Arizona’s open carry law and the current political climate that the right has stirred up. I’ve spent a little time in Tucson recently and seen it.

I’ve been verbally abused several times and even threatened to be murdered but not in a state where the means to do so is so readily at hand.

jimbowski [Moderator] Yesterday 12:53 PM in reply to jack nichols
If the shooter isn’t a white, right wing FREAK, I’ll give you one thousand dollars.
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Yavo [Moderator] Yesterday 12:44 PM
Because she is a Congresswoman the Feds get to investigate this shooting which is better than having a right wing Arizona sheriff investigating.

The right wing Arizona sheriffs are probably waterboarding the shooter right now as a way keep this off the teabaggers.
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Michael Valentine [Moderator] Yesterday 12:27 PM
Arizona? The zonies are on the loose eh?

What does anyone expect in a culture that encourages open carry and automatic rifles in the streets? I wouldn’t be back to Arizona any time soon, they will not miss me I know but there it is.

nagamaki [Moderator] Yesterday 12:18 PM
the extreme right wing nut jobs get all bent out of shape when they are referred to as such by the left, and this is the direction this country wants to move towards!!!! Looks like arizona and texas want to lead the way back to when the civil war and when world was flat, hey, I say if they want to secede, let them go.

Palin, beck, and company need to be held criminally liable for incitement. Arizona, wake up, your govenor is a kook!

Thoughts are with Gabrielle Giffords
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indi_progressive [Moderator] Yesterday 11:11 AM
Can we just let Arizona and Texas secede already before any more congress people are assassinated, then all you racist, misogynist, homophobes can cut and paste the Constitution to say anything you want there. Just don’t come crying to us when the Mexican drug cartels annex your states!!!

(Edited by author 14 hours ago)
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angeloR [Moderator] Yesterday 11:17 AM
The shot heard around the world – tantamount to the attack on Fort. Sumter. This represents the state of the GOP, what the Tea Party represents the state of white anger in this country – and their obsession with guns.

The progressive and liberal majority must fight back! Now is the time to take on the right head on….
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dennycrane [Moderator] Yesterday 06:39 PM in reply to inky99
The Reichstagg is on fire……

Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith was a liberal (actually, socialist) member of the Kennedy administration. On the afternoon of the assassination, before he knew that Oswald had been arrested, he told Arthur Schlesinger:

We let the Right inject this poison in the American bloodstream — and this is the result. (William Manchester, Death of a President, p. 354)

Vanishing American points out the following Left hate thread at Daily Kos on Giffords before shooting was taken down. You can still see it here:

see Vanishing American

Condemn shooting Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords

January 8, 2011

This website condemns the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others. Our prayers are with her and those shot for a full recovery. We join those who ask for calm and to wait before condemning this group or that group for this attack.

Those who feel strongly about issues can make a difference simply by donating a few dollars to the groups and websites that support their position and encouraging those engaged in that and by contacting Congress and other groups in a polite way. This is what this website has always encouraged and not violence or even incivility.

==Comment posted and apparently removed:

Corey [Moderator] 1 hour ago
Only the elimination of all conservative Christians will allow all Americans to be free and the world to no longer have to live in fear of the U.S.A.’s imperialist, terrorist holy war on the world.

“Conservative” ideology has never helped mankind in any way. History shows us this. Fact shows us this. It has not only never helped mankind in anyway, it has oppressed, murdered, raped and killed. History shows us this. Fact shows us this. You decide what kind of country you want to live in.
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Note that 6 people liked this.

There is a wave of hate against the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck too will no doubt be claimed. The same ones subject to waves of hate will now get another wave of hate.

Michelle Malkin too is blamed or will be when the Left gets around to it.

We are already seeing a delight in hating the right and the White and the Christian from this from the Left. Any event that is an occasion for hate is an occasion for joy for the Left. Hate is their inner meaning. They have no affinity of love because they are not a group bound together by kinship. They hate kinship. Hating kinship is hating humanity. Hating lineage is hating humans.

Rep Gabrielle Giffords likes to hurt geeks with H-1b increase

October 21, 2009

Rob Sanchez covers this story at

Rep Gabrielle Giffords gave an interview recently to a reporter on H-1b, the visa for computer programmers, etc..  The interview was by Bob Greek.

Bob: So you are increase the number of H-1b visas.  Don’t you know that hurts programmers?

Gabi:  I like to hurt geeks.

Bob (gasping): You do.

Gabi: Yes.

Bob: Then why do you do it?

Gabi: It makes me feel powerful.

Bob: To hurt people?

Gabi: When I take their job, they know fear.  That makes me feel powerful.  It gives me a sense of self-worth.

Bob: Why?

Gabi: Those geeks got better grades than me in school.  Now its my turn to show them.  Who is smarter now?

Bob: So you are doing this just to show you are smarter than them?

Gabi: It gives me a rush to hurt them.  They have to fear me.

Bob: Its almost like a physical thing for you.

Gabi: It is a physical thing for me.

Bob: But millions are out of work.  People are losing their health insurance. They lose their houses.

Gabi: It makes me feel fulfilled when that happens to them.  I did that to them.  They will carry my mark on them for the rest of their lives.  They will know I mattered.

Bob: Where do you get this feeling from?

Gabi: Its pretty standard around Congress.  Who is more important now?

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