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Immigration money drain forced cut mental health Giffords county

January 11, 2011

Immigration is bankrupting states especially front line states like Arizona. This forced the county of Gabrielle Giffords to have to cut mental health 50 percent. Immigration took the like of Judge John Roll.

This is a basis to seek an injunction on immigration.


MSM Loughner Giffords Judge John Roll Reality Inversion Matrix

January 11, 2011

MSM Loughner Giffords Judge John Roll Reality Inversion Matrix

(Columns may not line up too well as it comes out)

MSM Reality

Perp White Christian Jewish

Victim Jewish Congresswoman White Christian judge

Motive anti-immigration pro-immigration

Politics right left

v White pro anti

hate crime against Jews against White Christians

There is a civil rights case by Jared Taylor and Amren against DHS when combined with last year’s left wing anti White anarcho terrorism against the Amren conference and refusal of DOJ/FBI/DHS to investigate.

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