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Draft Left Defines White Nationalism

November 24, 2007

The left approximately follows the following escalating levels of attack on whites. This doesn’t apply in all cases, but illustrates the phenomenon. We can formulate the following

Leftist Escalation of Attack Words Hypothesis

  1. Bigot or Nativist: Under leftism, any white who speaks up or about what is happening to whites, without using the word white.
  2. White nationalist. When the white uses the word white and just reports or repeats a fact incident, the left calls them white nationalist.
  3. White supremacist. If they say it should stop, the left calls them a white supremacist. If they propose specific action to make it stop, the likelihood of being called white supremacist goes up.

An example is the attacks on Brussels Journal, Vlaams Belang and Paul Belien by some at LGF. They were all attacked as white supremacist for not just saying what was happening to whites in Europe, but that what is happening to whites in Europe should stop.

Lets analyze the above paragraph. LGF reports on what is happening in Europe and condemns it. What is happening to whom? Its being done to white Europeans. But to say that is beyond the pale to LGF. Why does LGF condemn what is done to whites but that to say the victims are white Europeans they condemn? If they condemn what is done to whites, are they not saying it should stop being done to whites? But don’t want to say that explicitly?

Why do they say that stopping what is being done to whites in Europe is white supremacy? Filip Dewinter said he didn’t want his daughter to marry a black, and that is called white supremacism by his critics. But isn’t it rational?

As Steve Sailer documents, regression towards the mean in IQ means that children of black parents regress towards the mean of black IQ which is 85, 15 points below the white average. Thus a child of a white and black parent will, from this effect, tend to have a lower IQ than the white average. LGF condemned Filip Dewinter for wanting to avoid that. Why shouldn’t he?

Isn’t it irrational to want a lower IQ for your grand child? It would seem the definition of rationality would imply preferring high IQ to low IQ. Since marrying a black implies regression towards the black mean of lower IQ of 85 as Steve Sailer points out, this is irrational. Note that the black IQ is 85 in the U.S. In Africa its much lower. Europe has immigration of blacks primarily from Africa, so the black IQ there might be as low as 70. There has also been much less time for mixing there than in the U.S.

Being white and knowing the truth about statistics and data sources already makes you a covert white nationalist in the mind of the left. If you say the word white in relation to the victims identity, the left goes crazy. Even though they publicize hate crimes with black victims, if a white talks about white victims they are a racist to white nationalist to white supremacist. Saying the victims were white as a stand alone sentence is considered racist by many.


If you tell what happens to whites in an incident or generally, the left calls you a bigot or nativist. If you use the word white while doing so, they call you a white nationalist. If you say it should stop, they call you a white supremacist. Listen to them. Observe them. This is real not just a joke. They are deadly serious.

==This is real

The EU has made it at least a draft policy to eliminate the white race in Europe and replace it with a mixed race.

VA quotes the following

EU Proposal for Mestizo Europe

BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) – The European Union should admit up to 75 million immigrants over the next 50 years and be prepared to become a racially hybrid society, according to a paper to be discussed at an EU ministerial meeting on Friday.”

That’s a real government saying this as policy. They are doing it. They are doing it after the attacks in Malmo, London, Madrid, the car burnings in France, etc. After all this, they make it policy to eliminate the white race. This is the real thing. Its happening now. They are open about it.

The EU has taken ownership of London, Madrid, Malmo, the car burnings in France. The EU has said these are their policies. Listen, observe, believe. This is what is happening now. They say so.

==Following was after reading following discussion

So is there something wrong with the term ‘white nationalist‘? I would say only the fact that it is necessary to prefix the term with the word ‘white.’ Old-style American nationalism (which undeniably many people find a negative word, preferring the term ‘patriotism’ which they find more positive) implies an identification with the traditional Anglo-Saxon culture of America.


MM identifies Lawrence Auster, Vanishing American, John Savage, New Sisyphus, Age of Treason, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse as white-nationalist blogs.

Mencius Moldbug

I am not a white nationalist, but I do read white-nationalist blogs, and I’m not afraid to link to them. The undisputed champion in this department is Larry Auster. I am also fond of Vanishing American, John Savage, New Sisyphus, Age of Treason, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse. The two central organs of intellectual white nationalism in the US are American Renaissance and VDare. If there is a European equivalent, it is probably Brussels Journal. On all these sites, you’ll find thoughtful, well-written commentary that will expand your mind. I’m not sure all these writers would accept the white-nationalist label – this is just my own description.


This is rather academic. Another approach is to say that white nationalism is what people who call themselves “white nationalists” believe. John Savage has a good link summary, featuring a friendly debate between Steve Sailer (who is perhaps best classified as a Sailerist, a label I’m not at all afraid to stick on my shirt) and the editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor.

Perhaps the best summary of the white nationalist case I’ve seen, however, is this essay by the Norwegian blogger known only as Fjordman.

==Old Atlantic and White Nationalism?

OA like Vdare does not adopt the term white nationalism. This is a term for discussion. I, like everyone else, am trying to sort this out in my mind as to where we are, where we are going, and what will happen. I appreciate the writing of Vanishing American and the others listed above on this subject.

I do support almost zero immigration, not 250,000 per year. Under the Wright Island Theorem and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem that inflow would still result in genetic replacement and zero survival factors for genes, even allowing for some outflow. We are not at a point of circulation.

White nationalism as an idea I consider to be a positive one, not a negative one. I see nothing wrong with those who adopt the term, simply from doing so.

I hope the break up of the U.S. can be avoided. I don’t want to see an Islamic Europe that has British and French nuclear weapons and wants to attack New York City because of the people who live there, or other American cities. This does require people in the West to help each other survive liberalism.

The people of the West do have to wake up. It does need to keep white majorities. There is a reality outside liberal TV shows that can’t be ignored. We do have to say we want to keep white majorities to actually keep them.

Those who want to stop terrorist immigration need to recognize that to do that you have to stop all legal Muslim immigration. Under liberalism, the only way to stop all legal Muslim immigration is to stop all legal immigration.

People have to see an upside to their own efforts. Fighting in wars, being called bigot and racist to stop immigration are not something people will do so that liberals can stay on top calling them names. They will do it for the survival of their own, not just for some abstract principle the writers of All in the Family cherish. The purpose of life is not to avoid being called names by liberals. That is not the purpose of the universe either.

==Mexican and Muslim Nationalism are the real thing

==Can we test the hypothesis?

Because nativist and bigot are used almost as standard terms for anyone the left disagrees with on immigration, we would expect these terms to dominate the terms “white nationalist” and “white supremacist”. So in looking at results we have to adjust for that.

Note the initial work didn’t look at racist in the searches, but that has been added in some cases. This seems to be the word of choice still. One can consider the hypothesis that the left just uses whatever word is in vogue, and they copy each other and the words they use are not used for their meaning but just because it makes them feel good to say them.

SPLC searches were not done initially but added after the strange Ron Paul results were found.


Results 1100 of about 67,000 for amren racist.

amren nativist

Results 146 of 46 for amren nativist.

amren “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 23,200 for amren “white nationalist.

amren “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 19,900 for amren “white supremacist.

==Jared Taylor

Results 1100 of about 35,200 for “Jared Taylorracist.

“Jared Taylor” nativist

Results 1100 of about 643 for “Jared Taylornativist.

“Jared Taylor” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 11,200 for “Jared Taylor” “white nationalist

“Jared Taylor” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 11,200 for “Jared Taylor” “white supremacist.

==Lawrence Auster

Results 1100 of about 28,500 for Lawrence Auster” racist.

“Lawrence Auster” nativist

Results 1100 of about 677 for Lawrence Auster” nativist.

“Lawrence Auster” “white nationalist”

Results 163 of 63 for Lawrence Auster” “white nationalist.

“Lawrence Auster” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 807 for Lawrence Auster” “white supremacist.

==James Watson

“James Watson” bigot

Results 1100 of about 22,600 for James Watsonbigot.

Results 1100 of about 152,000 for James Watsonracist.

“James Watson” “white nationalist”

Results 162 of 62 for James Watson” “white nationalist.

“James Watson” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 820 for James Watson” “white supremacist.

==Peter Brimelow

Results 1100 of about 27,500 for Peter Brimelow” racist.

Results 1100 of about 9,590 for Peter Brimelow” nativist.

“Peter Brimelow “white supremacist”
Results 1100 of about 995 for Peter Brimelow “white supremacist.

A quote mark was left out after Brimelow, so we can repeat this:

“Peter Brimelow” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 611 for Peter Brimelow” “white supremacist.
Results 1100 of about 41,000 for Peter Brimelow “white nationalist.

==Steve Sailer

Results 1100 of about 108,000 for “Steve Sailer” racist.

Results 1100 of about 25,800 for “Steve Sailer” bigot

Results 1100 of about 745 for “Steve Sailer” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 821 for “Steve Sailer” “white supremacist.

==Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode said stop Muslim immigration. He said nothing about whites or anything about race. But Goode did say stop something. What was he called?

Results 1100 of about 41,800 for Virgil Goode” racist

bigot “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 20,400 for bigotVirgil Goode”

Islamophobe “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 972 for Islamophobe “Virgil Goode”.
“white supremacist” “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 661 for white supremacist” “Virgil Goode”.

“white nationalist” “Virgil Goode”

Results 119 of 19 for white nationalist” “Virgil Goode”.

==Senator George Allen

Results 1100 of about 168,000 for George Allenracist.

Results 1100 of about 71,000 for George Allenbigot.

Results 1100 of about 15,100 for George Allennativist

Results 1100 of about 606 for George Allen” “White nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 15,300 for George Allen” “White supremacist.

George Allen just used the word macaca.

Results 1100 of about 164,000 for George Allen” macaca.

Results 1100 of about 783 for George Allen” macaca “white supremacist

The hate against George Allen and Virgil Goode was a national obsession. The instant association of both with white supremacism and white nationalism is extreme. The searches could be repeated with -ism instead of -ist. Both Allen and Goode are from Virginia.


Results 1100 of about 157,000 for Vdare racist.

Vdare nativist

Results 1100 of about 9,320 for Vdare nativist.

“white nationalist” Vdare

Results 1100 of about 10,100 for white nationalist” Vdare.

Vdare “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 12,300 for Vdare “white supremacist.

Vdare has used the word white, said what is happening to whites using the word white, said to stop it and proposed specific action. They are called white supremacist more than white nationalist.

==Lou Dobbs

Results 1100 of about 379,000 for “Lou Dobbs” racist.

nativist “Lou Dobbs”

Results 1100 of about 52,300 for nativist “Lou Dobbs”.

Lou Dobbs does not describe his victims as white and does not propose remedies for preserving whites qua whites. He emphasizes amnesty but also discusses guest worker programs as harming Americans, independent of being white or not.

“Lou Dobbs” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 734 for “Lou Dobbs” “white nationalist.

“Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 32,200 for “Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist.

“Lou Dobbs” Nazi

Results 133 of 33 from for “Lou Dobbs” Nazi.

Results 124 of 24 from for “Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist”.
Some results talk about guests on Lou Dobbs show. But it seems that we are seeing the emergence of support for a hypothesis that they don’t stop at calling someone white nationalist but move right up to white supremacist.

== Pat Buchanan

Results 1100 of about 262,000 for Pat Buchananracist.

“Pat Buchanan” nativist

Results 1100 of about 42,500 for Pat Buchanannativist

“Pat Buchanan” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 10,400 for Pat Buchanan” “white nationalist.

“Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 24,400 for Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist.

Results 154 of 54 from for “Pat Buchanan” Nazi.

Results 135 of 35 from for “Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist”.
Pat Buchanan has explicitly talked about what is happening to whites and the West and said it should stop. The results in his case are that he is called white supremacist more than white nationalist. So this supports the hypothesis.

==Tom Tancredo

Results 1100 of about 530,000 for Tom Tancredo” racist.

Results 1100 of about 83,900 for Tom Tancredo” bigot.

Results 1100 of about 45,800 for Tom Tancredo” nativist.

Results 1100 of about 808 for Tom Tancredo” “white nationalist.

“Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 33,300 for Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist.

Results 113 of 13 from for “Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist”.

Results 139 of 39 from for “Tom Tancredo” Nazi.

==Brussels Journal

Results 1100 of about 182,000 for Brussels Journalracist.

Results 1100 of about 30,300 for Brussels Journalbigot.

Results 1100 of about 801 for Brussels Journalnativist.

Results 1100 of about 21,400 for Brussels Journalindigenous.

Results 175 of 75 for Brussels Journal” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 793 for Brussels Journal” “white supremacist.

We see that there is almost immediate escalation from white nationalist to white supremacist.


Results 1100 of about 702,000 for BNP racist.

Results 1100 of about 17,800 for BNP “white supremacist.

Results 1100 of about 24,300 for BNP “white nationalist.

Results 129 of 29 for BNP Ballerinawhite nationalist

Results 162 of 62 for BNP Ballerinawhite supremacist.

==Ron Paul

Results 1100 of about 234,000 for “Ron Paulbigot.

Results 1100 of about 37,600 for “Ron Paulnativist.

Results 1100 of about 1,550,000 for “Ron Paulracist.

“Ron Paul” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 51,100 for “Ron Paul” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 58,200 for “Ron Paul” “white supremacist.

How did Ron Paul get labeled with over 1 million hits on racist and over 50,000 hits on White Supremacist? He is not even a particularly strong advocate for immigration restriction relative to the other Republican candidates. He is against amnesty, but has supported H-1B and legal immigration. The most he has done is be against anchor baby.

Hypothesis: The enormous number of hits on Ron Paul shows its being white and not part of the establishment that gets you labeled. It doesn’t matter what you really say or do. White, non-“mainstream” and you are racist and white supremacist to them.

“Ron Paul”

One of the hits:

Extremist Group Announces Speech by Congressman | Hatewatch

Ron Paul is not necessarily a racist for one speech with this group, The SPLC should come to a Ron Paul New York meetup group meeting or listen to those
Hypothesis: This is smear by association. Ron Paul will talk to anyone as a person and not call them names but say what he thinks without telling them what they want to hear. This makes him racist and “white supremacist”. The failure to condemn those he should condemn, and treating everyone with civility and talking to them on an equal level using logic and facts is all that it takes to be named racist and white supremacist.

“Ron Paul” Nazi

Results 14 of 4 from for “Ron Paul” Nazi.


Results 1100 of about 627 from for Christian Nazi. Christian Identity

Christian Meeting Turns Into Attack on Gays. BRIEFS. NSM Attack Sparks Rift · KKK Suit Ends With Award to Victims · Neo-Nazi Financier Arrested – 40k – CachedSimilar pages
Christian Nazi

Results 1100 of about 306 from for Christian “white supremacist”. The Big Lie

Murder victim Channon Christian was the focus of a rally by white parroting the key white supremacist talking point, characterizing the Christian-Newsom – 51k – CachedSimilar pages

One of the hypotheses was that just to know the truth and speak the truth would get you attacked.


Results 161 of 61 from for Jesus “white supremacist”.

Results 183 of 83 from for Jesus Nazi.


God Nazi

Results 1100 of about 143 from for God “white supremacist”.

Results 1100 of about 290 from for God Nazi.


Results 1100 of about 813 from for “white Supremacist”.

Thus a little more than 1 in 6 times that “white supremacist” is used by SPLC on their website, God is associated with it.

Results 1100 of about 1,720 from for nazi.

Thus a little more than 1 in 6 times that Nazi is used by SPLC on their website, God is associated with it.


God, then Christian and Jesus were searched at SPLC after the Ron Paul results were found and then others checked at SPLC for Nazi and “White Supremacist”.


The original hypothesis has some support but is clearly only partly valid. The main problem is that the left in general and SPLC in particular want to ramp up to Nazi and white supremacist rather quickly. The term racist is still the preferred term for any comment from the right on the topic of immigration, crime, etc. The Delaware State and Washington public school programs that teach all whites are racist also prefers that term to saying say that all whites are Nazi or all whites are white supremacists.

Despite the randomness in the use of these words, there is still some tendency to escalate in rhetoric in the way the original hypothesis outlined. If you talk about what is happening, say its happening to whites, say it should stop, and say the white race deserves to live and to continue, and that its appropriate to act to do so, you are almost certain to be called a bigot or nativist, and have a good chance of being called a white nationalist or white supremacist. Distinguishing between white nationalist and white supremacist may be something only specialists do. It seems once they go for “white nationalist” they immediately go to “white supremacist”.
Those who call for ending the white race are usually cheered. Its very rare they are criticized. Nor is any term like white ethnocide or racecide, whitecide or white zeroist used to describe this in any standard way. Even though its openly advocated, planned, and announced by the EU as draft policy.

Bill Clinton also cheered it and in effect admitted that it is the policy of the U.S. government to make whites a minority in the U.S. Since the US engages in affirmative action and other acts, this amounts to making whitecide US government policy. This is because the cumulative effect of this policy is to reduce European white fertility to below replacement, which it is now world wide in almost every country if not every country.

If you listen to what they say about whitecide, repeat it, say you disagree with that policy, say you want to oppose the policy and propose specific action to stop whitecide, then they say you are a white nationalist or white supremacist with a good probability. It would be interesting to check what SPLC and ADL use for these individuals on their websites. This can be done by adding site: and the name of the website.

Basically, if you speak up, say what is happening, say its happening to whites, say whites have a right to survive and propose specific measures to stop it, then they are going to go after you as a white supremacist. They also will go quickly from nativist and bigot right through white nationalist to white supremacist without pausing. They are ready to pounce on anything a party or well-known person says to immediately push them all the way to white supremacist. Bottom line, if you speak up and out they are going to target you and they want to escalate to white supremacist. Other searches would be on Nazi, which likely has similar results.


Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The island model with stochastically variable migration rate and immigrant gene frequency is investigated. It is supposed that the migration rate and the immigrant gene frequency are independent of each other in each generation, and each of them is independently and identically distributed in every generation. The treatment is confined to a single diallelic locus without mutation. If the diploid population is infinite, selection is absent and the immigrant gene frequency is fixed, then the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency, and the logarithm of the absolute value of its deviation from it is asymptotically normally distributed.

The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, that under one way migration that frequency becomes the frequency on the island.

From PDF, conclusion:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


If the EU bothered to read science articles on the internet, they would find out the end result of their actions is not a new race of white and non-white, its just elimination of whites. That is what the math says. Its a theorem.

== Random, Emotion, Civility, Failure to Condemn Hypotheses

The above analysis and searches leads to some new hypotheses to consider.

Hypothesis: Racist is the preferred term for attacking whites who talk about any subject involving race, immigration, etc. If the person says something like macaca, stop Muslim immigration, don’t use the Koran for oaths, etc. they will be deluged with racist.

Hypothesis: The use of the words white nationalist, white supremacist is almost random and independent of what the person said. Instead, these terms reflect the emotion of the leftist.

Hypothesis: Nazi is also a word that just means the leftist is too angry (or full of hate) to stop at racist and has to say more.

Hypothesis: The attack on Ron Paul and association with racist and white supremacist shows intent to smear. Ron Paul is a very mild mannered man. His main issue is smaller government. He is also anti war. He is for immigration restriction. He is anti big government in all forms. He treats everyone with civility. He will, if he has time, talk to anyone about anything, listen to them, and treat them with civility and as serious whatever the person says. He does not condemn people. Ron Paul then says what he thinks and tries to use reason and facts to persuade those he disagrees with instead of calling them names. This whole set of attributes produces an extreme reaction of what might be called hate but definitely fear. His civility and rationality, fairness and openness to everyone threatens the whole rule by smear and fear official information complex.

Hypothesis: There is no strategy to keep from being called white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi, racist, bigot, nativist, etc. if you want to say anything that is non-establishment or if you will treat anyone with civility and not condemn them as a person for what they say. If you adopt civility towards all, are willing to listen to anyone, and will respond with civility and reason, they will go ballistic and start calling you racist, Nazi, white nationalist and white supremacist.

Hypothesis: There are funded groups that try to organize attacks on leaders like Lou Dobbs, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, as well as Lawrence Auster, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, the BNP Ballerina, etc. These attacks follow a script and the script ends up calling them Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist. The script doesn’t call for waiting at white nationalist, but as the numbers indicate, once they use white nationalist, they go to white supremacist. Racist is used without any compunction as an entry level word.

Hypothesis: Attacks using Nazi, white nationalist and white supremacist may be used partly to get attention from search engines. The use of the word racist doesn’t get enough identification. SPLC has a high revenue stream. Just using words like racist or bigot isn’t going to get as much attention in search engines as Nazi and white supremacist. They may want to use stronger terms to get more attention and then more funding. This also may be why God and Nazi go together so much at the SPLC website.

This is draft and preliminary. All statements should be restated as questions or hypotheses. This is subject to revision. All comments welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


On May 14 Call Senator John Warner VA to vote against Amnesty

May 11, 2007

It is urgent to get Senator John Warner of Virginia to vote against amnesty. The Senate may reach a compromise early the week of May 14, 2007. You need to call Monday May 14, 2007. If you live in Virginia call Senator Warner to vote against amnesty. Senator Warner is a fence sitter who voted for S. 2611 last year, for amnesty.

Advice from NumbersUSA:

“Always be polite but firm. You can make a very successful call by simply stating your name, where you are calling from, and a couple of brief talking points. Then, free up the line so the next caller can get through.”

We want Warner to vote against whatever bill comes up and to vote against cloture, i.e. vote against cutting off debate. Mention Lou Dobbs and that Lou Dobbs is against the bill. Say you trust and have faith in Lou Dobbs.

Warner has a D from Americans for Better Immigration.

Warner voted for amnesty last year S. 2611:

Warner’s current statement on comprehensive immigration:

John Warner is the 21st wealthiest Senator.

Net Worth: From $4,858,197 to $7,186,148 Ranks 21st among all members of the Senate”

List of All Senators wealth

Vote for final passage on S. 2611, Amnesty i.e. Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

A Nation of Lou Dobbs Democrats


“NEW DATA SHOW EXTRAORDINARY JUMP IN INCOME CONCENTRATION IN 2004″ By Aviva Aron-Dine and Isaac Shapiro for a graph of income share of top 1 percent from 1913 to 2004.

Income Inequality U Shape Timeline

7 of the top 8 wealthiest Senators voted for S. 2611, amnesty, affirmative action, non-deportable crime, and a pathway for the top 1 percent of households to continue to enjoy 20 percent of each year’s income, compared to 10 percent before Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act. The only 1 of the top 8 who didn’t vote for S. 2611 didn’t vote, Jay Rockefeller. McCain is 7th and Kennedy 8th in wealth.

Open Secrets

Rank Name Minimum Net Worth Maximum Net Worth

1 Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $219,098,029 to $234,549,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

2 John Kerry (D-Mass) $165,741,511 to $235,262,100 Voted Yes S. 2611

3 Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $78,150,023 to $101,579,003 Not Voting S. 2611

4 Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) $43,343,464 to $98,660,021 Voted Yes S. 2611

5 Lincoln D. Chafee (R-RI) $41,153,105 to $64,096,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

6 Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) $38,198,170 to $90,733,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

7 John McCain (R-Ariz) $25,071,142 to $38,043,014 Voted Yes S. 2611

8 Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) $19,189,049 to $93,043,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

More data here

Free fax to Congress on hot immigration bills:


Immigration doesn’t help the middle class. Men’s median wages are lower than in 1973.

Income, Poverty, and
Health Insurance Coverage in
the United States: 2005

US Census Report on wages By
Carmen DeNavas-Walt
Bernadette D. Proctor
Cheryl Hill Lee

Graph page 18 shows men’s median wages peaked in 1973, they are lower now. Women’s median wages are lower than men’s, which means they are lower than men earned in 1973. Black median wages are lower than all men, which means black wages are lower than what all men made in 1973.

1973 is 35 years ago. When they push immigration after the US government reports wages are stagnant for 35 years it shows they are voting their stock portfolio.

Immigration keeps wages to the 1973 level. That boosts up stock prices, because productivity has gone up since 1973. So the money is going to profits which pushes up stock prices. The leading Senators pushing immigration, McCain and Kennedy are worth 10’s of millions of dollars. They are i the top 1 percent that get 20 percent of the income.

The top 1 percent got 20 percent of income before the 1920’s restriction, 10 percent after, and now get 20 percent with 1965 legal immigration. Kennedy pushed that act and he is now wealthier because his stocks went up.


Senate trades our lives and security so that they get 20 dollars of every 100 dollars we create at work instead of the 10 dollars they got before the 1965 Immigration Act.

Worker Productivity Graph and info

Productivity never stopped growing, except possibly during some recessions or odd years from 1947 to present.

1947 to 1973 worker productivity up 2.7 percent per year.

1973 to early 1990’s 1.4 percent per year

1995 to 2004 2.9 percent per year increase in worker productivity.

Yet men’s median wages are lower than in 1973, and the other groups, women, blacks, etc. are lower than all men in 1973.

The workers became more productive, but wages stayed at or below the level of men in 1973.

What changed is that the top 1 percent get 20 percent of every 100 dollars we make now but only got 10 dollars per every 100 before the 1965 Immigration Act.

Scroll down for graph below:

U Shaped Income Inequality Timeline

Stocks boomed. Senator’s wealth boomed.

They are trading off our lives for their stock portfolio.


Lower wages, shorter lifetimes data

“Mortality, Education, Income, and Inequality among American Cohorts”

Angus Deaton
Christina Paxson

“People whose family income was less than $5,000 in 1980 could expect to live about 25 percent fewer years than people whose family income was greater than $50,000.”

The Senate is in jihad against middle class wages. The Senate jihad against wages by immigration has also lowered our lifespan. The Senate jihad on wages by immigration kills more Americans than the Senate’s jihad against Americans by importing Muslim jihadis to kill us directly. The indirect killing by lower lifespans kills far more than the Fort Dix type, at least for now.


Did immigration cause productivity to go up? No. Productivity was going up from 1947 onwards. If you draw a straight line from 1947 to 2004 its close to the graph anyhow.

The slowdown in productivity growth started in 1973, 8 years after the 1965 Immigration Act.

“The consensus among most economists is that there is no one factor that accounts for that productivity slowdown, but rather that it was the result of a series of different influences that each made a modest contribution and happened to occur at about the same time.”

“Among the factors that are likely to have played some role are increased safety and environmental regulation, reduced investment in productive equipment, and demographic changes , along with a number of other developments.”

Demographic changes is code words for immigration. They are not even allowed to say it.


Productivity Graph and analysis

So we had 2.7 percent productivity growth before immigration. Immigration brought down productivity growth, it didn’t increase it. Moreover, before the 1965 Immigration Act, wages went up with productivity. We got all our increased productivity. That’s our work. After the 1965 Immigration Act, the rich Senator’s got our productivity increases in their stock portfolio.

Men’s median wages stopped growing completely in 1973. Zero growth in wages while productivity goes up substantially shows that markets are undercutting workers.

The income inequality graph proves this as well. The top 1 percent got 20 percent before immigration restriction in the 1920’s, they got 10 percent during restriction up to the 1965 Immigration Act, and now they are back to 20 percent. This shows its immigration that is driving this redistribution from those who create income to those who control income distribution by controlling immigration. Wealth inequality has become even worse than income inequality.

==Two Virginia Beach Teens killed by drunk illegal

Virginia Beach Teens Killed at Intersection [Brenda Walker]

Click on above to see their photo together. For some systems you can use the mouse to put the cursor over the link above and you can see the photo.

Below, Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, were killed late Friday.”

Alfredo Ramos, who was born in Mexico of Guatemalan parents, has been in the United States for about seven years.
[Suspect in crash that killed 2 had alcohol-related convictions, Hampton Roads Pilot 4/3/07]

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome” By Brenda Walker

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico”
By Brenda Walker

== U Md Econ major killed by drunk illegal who fled scene.

A Son, Brother and “Friend with Everyone” Is Killed
[Brenda Walker] @ 7:32 am [Email author] [Email This Article] [Print This Article]

Another bright young person has had his life snuffed out by a drunk-driving illegal alien. Matthew Watson, 20, a sophomore economics major at the University of Maryland, was killed May 5 at 3 am when the Jeep Cherokee in which he was a passenger was struck by a truck driven by Never Leopoldo Navarro-Montoya. The Cherokee driver and two other passengers were hospitalized with injuries considered not life threatening.

The Mexican fled the scene and was found unconscious a third of a mile away on the median strip. Police said Navarro-Montoya possessed a permanent resident card and a Social Security card with his name, which he said were forged and bought in Texas.

The death by illegal alien was the second of a Howard County resident during the last six months. Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews survived a tour of duty in Iraq, but was killed on Thanksgiving night along with his date.

The family has organized two scholarships to honor Matt’s memory — one for a football player to attend summer training camp and the other for a student who participates in music and sports to attend the University of Maryland. The website also has photos and memories of Matt, including the article ‘He was friends with everyone’.

==Also covered here:

=Islam at GMU

search Northern Virginiastan

Friday, May 11, 2007

GMU – worse than I initially reported

A follow-up to my post Muslim spacehogs at GMU:

UPDATE May 11, 2007: From Snapped Shot via LGF, Brian C. Ledbetter clears up some misperceptions about George Mason U and the Muslim Student Association: for example, not all bathrooms in the Johnson Center have ritual foot-washing basins, but every bathroom in the northeastern half of the building has foot-washing basins. Still doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy.

The original article from Snapped Shot was titled “Some are more equal.” This statement is adapted from the proclamation “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” made by the ruling pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A fitting extension of our porcine metaphor.

As noted in a previous article Muslim accomodations on college campuses:

The [Muslim Accomodations Task Force, a project of the Muslim Student Association] isn’t operated by overly enthusiastic college students. Its professional staff, based in the Washington, D.C., area, includes coordinators who provide legal advice, teach students to lobby, write letters on their behalf, and help them overcome “obstacles” such as college administrators’ concerns about violating the separation of church and state.

To learn how local colleges and universities are “accomodating” Muslim demands, visit Muslim Accomodations (East Zone USA) on the MSA National web site.


Gates of Vienna Monday, October 10, 2005
Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Virginia, Part 1
by Baron Bodissey

During the Beltway Sniper crisis, back in the fall of 2002, a series of articles in The Washington Times described John Allen Muhammad’s conversion to Islam, and his later break with the Nation of Islam (the articles are no longer available, but extracts have been preserved here). Apparently the NOI was not militant enough for Mr. Muhammad, and he left it to become involved with a group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra (Arabic for “community of the impoverished”), a terrorist organization founded by a notorious Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani.

What drew my eye in the article was the mention of a Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Red House, Virginia. Red House?! I know Red House — a small village in rural Charlotte County.

But first: some background on Jamaat ul-Fuqra. The group was founded in New York by Sheikh Gilani in New York in 1980. Its current headquarters is in Hancock, New York, and it has various compounds, or Jamaats, scattered throughout the United States and Canada, notably in Colorado, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Most of the adherents are reported to be American-born Black Muslims who follow a strict Islamist ideology.

Sheikh Gilani, you may remember, is the cleric with whom Daniel Pearl had arranged an interview back in January of 2002. Unfortunately, Mr. Pearl was betrayed by his sources, and then abducted and beheaded. Sheikh Gilani was arrested later that month and languishes in Pakistani custody.

Virginia Part 2

Virginia Part 3

==Islamberg branches Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia, Hyattsville, Maryland

Islamberg, New York: “You can hear gunfire up there. I can’t understand why the FBI won’t shut it down” from Jihad Watch
Paul Williams report in Canada Free Press: Islamberg is a branch of Muslims of the Americas Inc., a tax-exempt organization formed in 1980 by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who refers to himself as “the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr,” Gilani, has been directly linked by court documents to Jamaat ul-Fuqra or “community of the impoverished,” an organization that seeks to “purify” Islam through violence.

Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Additional hamaats have been established in Hyattsville, Maryland; Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. Others are being built, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania.

Some 9-11 terrorists used Maryland and Virginia for their final staging.


Look up your state impact statement at


Numbers USA lets you fax your Congressman and Senator for free on stopping the amnesty bill for illegals and reducing legal immigration.


You can register without paying money. You click on buttons to send faxes once you enter your personal info. You can send faxes to each Senator and your rep by clicking buttons. They have them already written out.

You can stop chain migration which lets jihadis come through arranged marriage. You can stop illegal amnesty which will help other jihadis.

“NumbersUSA’s 314,000 activist members are contacting their Senators and asking them to honor the pro-worker spirit of the Commission, chaired by the late Barbara Jordan (D-Texas). Click here to see what actions are available for you to take today!”

Join up and make a difference. Its easier to click buttons to fax now, then fight a civil war later.

“In Shift, Allen Launches Harsher Critique of Iraq”

October 22, 2006

“Incumbent Says U.S. ‘Must Adjust’ Tactics”

By Tim Craig and Michael D. Shear
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, October 22, 2006; Page C06

“Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) has been changing his tone on the war in Iraq in recent days as he tries to fend off a challenge from Democrat James Webb, who opposed the invasion even before it started.”

Why does Allen flip flop on Iraq but not on H1B and Skil Bill? Because Allen has 1 million dollars in options in Commonwealth Biotechnologies, and CB has to have H1B visa workers to squeeze out its profits. Allen’s options become worthless if the company can’t squeeze its workers.

Allen didn’t report his options and at the same time pushed Skil Bill and H1B legislation to profit himself, potentially for a payoff of many millions if his options go deep into the money. He won’t do anything to stop that. He wants to be rich, and for us to be poor and that is the choice he has made on H1B and Skil Bill.

Allen will flip flop on Iraq, on our security, on anything except his options and the H1B thralls he counts on to make him rich. Allen thinks he can say the word macaca, wrap himself in the Confederate Flag, and vote for Skil Bill and H1B to impoverish us and enrich himself and we are too dumb to notice.

Allen has contempt for his base. He thinks they can’t see beyond the Confederate Flag to what he really does in the fine print. He voted for the Hutchison Amendment to S .2611 to have unlimited guest worker along with his unlimited H1B Skil Bill, for those educated at US graduate schools, to enrich himself by his own, at the time, undisclosed options.

These are out of the money options, i.e. the stock price is less than the strike. What that means is that if they go deep in the money, they pay off with huge leverage of 10 to 50 to 1. So Allen could get 150 thousand dollars if this Commonwealth Biotechnologies pan out to be worth 17.50 from a current stock price of 2 to 3 dollars.

Their business plan, which he knows from being on their board between being Governor and Senator, is completely dependent on getting H1B workers and squeezing them. Allen knows from the business plan he has to keep the supply of H1B’s coming.

So he doesn’t care if the H1B’s commit a 9-11 terrorist incident on the side, or steal our secrets, or spy for China. Thats incidental to their main job of squeezing our wages and taking away our bargaining power. He needs that to get money owed him in his mind. He will chisel us to keep his chance at the money he feels he lost if the options go deep into the money. So he will do what he can to keep the H1B gates wide open without limit.

==Info on Allen options

Allen has 15,000 options with a strike of 7.50 and the stock price is now under 3 dollars. Allen’s options were extended to 2009 because he became a Senator and the company expected him to help their business plan, i.e. get them more H1B workers.

Options on 15,000 shares when the share price was 10 dollars have to be less than the value of the shares, which would have been 150,000 dollars. Allen has an upside conceivably on these options of 150,000 dollars or more if the stock price goes to 17.50 or more from the 2 to 3 dollars currently.

Allen may also feel that he lost money on these options and has to make it up anyway he can, e.g. by pushing uncapped H1B though his Skil Bill that he pushed in May 2006. If he wants to be president in 2008, he doesn’t have a way to earn money in the private sector until 2012 or 2016, and so he may want money from the options.

Allen became a more serious contender for the Republican nomination for President in 2005 and early 2006, and this is when he became a cosponsor of the Skil Bill. So he may have seen this as a way to push the value of his options.

Since Allen says companies like CBI can’t succeed if they depend on dumb and lazy Americans, we can infer that he desperately wanted a mass of H1B’s from his spring 2006 Skil Bill to save the value of his options and get him the value of these options lost when the stock price went from a high of 9 or 10 dollars to the current 2 to 3 dollars.

Allen blames the stupid and lazy Americans for losing this money and making the options “worthless” and so he will punish them and also profit himself by bringing in millions of H1B’s over the next few years with his Skil Bill. This will get him back the money that the American programmers and scientists “stole” from him by being stupid and lazy.

This is the rhetoric that Allen constantly pumps out and is consistent with his use of words like macaca and his incidents in his early youth. He regards other people as just objects, and if they “lose” him money, its because they are stupid, lazy, and shiftless. So he needs to get other people to replace them.

A person with these resentments is unsafe as a Senator or President. Allen likely blamed Sidarth for his options not being worth as much as well. This is another reason he likely called him macaca. Why aren’t my options back to what they were he was saying. He holds Sidarth responsible, because in Allen’s mind, Indians like Sidarth are smart and hard working, unlike Americans who are dumb and lazy and spend their time talking back to their natural superiors, i.e. Senators.

Reference on Allen options here and at his webpage.

An earlier version of this article and the post at WaPo contained errors because of a misunderstanding of press reports of Allen’s option holdings. The clarification reduces substantially Allen’s potential profits from his options.

==Correction Comment posted at WaPo

Allen stands to gain a smaller sum than conjectured earlier from his current option holdings.  Allen only has options on 15,000 shares of CBI today.  The 1.1 million references other options he held as well in the past.  So Allen’s potential gain from his current option holdings is more like 150,000 dollars if the share price went from 2 dollars
to say 17.50 since the strike price is 7.50.  Allen was given these options in the past and may get more in the future from high tech companies that are benefiting from his Skil Bill and H1B.  So the principle of Allen’s past and future option gains coming from his Skil Bill and H1B as a return favor is valid.  More discussion on this at Old Atlantic Lighthouse


This post represents opinion, hypotheses and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.

“Allen, Webb Are Not Spotlighting Their Positions on Immigration”

October 21, 2006

Washington Post, welcome to covering the immigration issue in the Allen Webb race for Senate. Why don’t you follow up by asking Sidarth what his position is?

You interviewed him but didn’t ask. Sidarth is an engineering student at UVA who is born in the US and hurt by H1B and Skil Bill that Allen supports. Sidarth joined the Webb campaign before Allen called him Macaca. Webb took anti H1B votes to win the June 2006 primary by only 12,000 votes over Harris Miller a lobbyist for H1B with positions like Allen.

Young adults need a window of 25 years to form stable families and have children. Both Allen and Webb are against them on that issue, as you point out. Why don’t you ask them how young adults can have job security for 25 years in advance to have children with their policies?

Why don’t you ask Webb how illegal immigration will be stopped by legalization? Why don’t you ask Allen how can Sidarth have the economic security as an engineer to get married young and have a big family under Allen’s programs?

Ask Allen if Sidarth isn’t thinking of switching out of engineering because of this. If every American goes to law school to avoid immigration what will happen?

By OldAtlantic | Oct 21, 2006 5:39:35 PM
—Further Comments
Why don’t they ask Tim Russert at Meet the Press why he didn’t ask them any questions on this? What about the other debates? What about the list of questions Old Atlantic posted on the Washington Post website for the last Allen Webb debate? Why couldn’t the Post mail those to the candidates to get answers?

Sidarth can’t have joined the Webb campaign because Allen called Sidarth Macaca. Sidarth joined the Webb campaign before Allen called Sidarth Macaca. So why did Sidarth join the Webb campaign?

Sidarth is a UVA engineering student, who is hurt by Allen’s support of H1B and Skil Bill, while Webb won the June 2006 after calling Harris Miller, “the anti-Christ of outsourcing”. Webb took anti H1B votes, and Miller is an H1B lobbyist. So it would seem that Sidarth joined Webb because Webb was against H1B and Allen is for it.

Why didn’t the Post think about that when they interviewed Sidarth? Maybe the Post couldn’t comprehend that Sidarth couldn’t have joined the Webb campaign because Allen called Sidarth Macaca, since the latter came after the former. Maybe the Post wasn’t covering immigration in the Allen Webb campaign. Maybe the Post just wanted to get Allen, and couldn’t think of Sidarth as a person who had reasons for supporting Webb?

OldAtlantic | Oct 21, 2006 5:58:44 PM
–Allen’s Commonwealth Biotechnology Options and H1B
This was an extremely well written article and well researched on the positions of the candidates. My comments above are relative to the Post editors, not writers.

Webb and Allen filled out answers to 5 questions for a group in Fairfax according to one website, and Webb said he was against H1B and guest worker.

Allen has out of the money Commonwealth Biotechnology options on 15,000 shares with a strike of 7.50. Allen was on the board and knows that its business plan depends on H1B workers. That is why Allen supported the Skil Bill as a cosponsor and the Hutchison Amendment to S. 2611.

Because of leverage, if the stock price goes up, Allen’s out of the money options can become 150,000 dollars or more of in the money options. Allen knows as a former board member that this can’t happen without the H1B workers from the Skil Bill he cosponsored.

Allen wraps himself in the Confederate Flag and calls Sidarth Macaca because he thinks his base will be fooled into thinking he is for them while he is really selling them out with his Skil Bill for what he hopes will be 150 thousand dollars.

(Note an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Allen’s upside due to a misunderstanding of press reports and blogs on Allen’s options.)

OldAtlantic | Oct 22, 2006 1:26:45 PM
–Correction Posted at WaPo Comments
Allen stands to gain a smaller sum than conjectured earlier from his current option holdings.  Allen only has options on 15,000 shares of CBI today.  The 1.1 million references other options he held as well in the past.  So Allen’s potential gain from his current option holdings is more like 150,000 dollars if the share price went from 2 dollars
to say 17.50 since the strike price is 7.50.  Allen was given these options in the past and may get more in the future from high tech companies that are benefiting from his Skil Bill and H1B.  So the principle of Allen’s past and future option gains coming from his Skil Bill and H1B as a return favor is valid.  More discussion on this at Old Atlantic Lighthouse⊂=AR

“Allen, Webb Are Not Spotlighting Their Positions on Immigration”
“They Differ on Guest-Worker Program and Limited Legalization”

By Karin Brulliard
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, October 21, 2006; Page B05

This post is opinion, speculation and hypotheses. All other disclaimers apply.

Washington Post Comments Oct 2006

October 21, 2006

The Sibel Edmonds case shows similar information retention policies by FBI. Her case was frozen by Judge Reggie Walton who has the Libby case now. She was the FBI translator, see The 9-11 Commission and the Joint Intelligence Committee review of 9-11 both complained of lack of cooperation and being blocked. The Jersey Girls had to pressure the 9-11 Commission to be formed. That Commission didn’t disclose the July 10, 2001 briefing of Rice, who didn’t disclose it to the 9-11 Commission.⊂=AR

===Questions for George Allen Jim Webb Senate Debate
Questions: 1. Does Jim Webb oppose H1B? Is that why Sidarth joined his campaign? 2. Do they believe that Pakistan has supported the Taliban against US troops at any time from Sep 11, 2001 to date? 3. NATO’s commander in Afghanistan flew to meet with Musharraf to get him to stop this support. What should we do with Pakistan? 4. Can we allow Pakistan to have nuclear warheads on missiles on subs? 5. To sell those to other countries? 6. Do you believe Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or UAE may have had prior knowledge of 9-11? 7. Should we allow Chinese graduate students to come to the US and get know how when China has used that know how to develop a laser to block our satellites? 8. AQ Khan got his Ph.D. in Belgium and his know how for nukes in Pakistan. What is the cost of this? 9. Doesn’t this show that we lose money by giving away our know-how? 10. We invaded Iraq for WMD, that costs us 300 billion to 2 trillion if you use the Stiglitz economic cost. Doesn’t that have to be counted as cost from loss of know how? Same for Iran if we attack it. 11. Should we do a ground invasion of Iran to prevent them getting nukes? 12. Did Pakistan use its May 98 nuke test to start a program of terrorism against us and attacks on India that they pretended were terrorism? 13. Isn’t that why Iran wants the bomb? 14. Did Pakistan engage in its program of supporting terror after May 98 nuke in order to get money?

addl questions

Kunduz. Do you believe it was appropriate to let Pakistan evacuate its generals and advisers to the Taliban in Nov 2001 from Kunduz as reported by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker?


Bush has refused to negotiate while North Korea built nukes. Bush did nothing in that time, no blockade, no strike on their position. North Korea got stronger during the no negotiation period, and the US position went nowhere. This shows the North Koreans had the better strategy during the last few years than Bush. One issue is whether to strike North Korea’s processing plants so they can’t build more weapons. This will freeze them at their current levels. A second issue is to impose a complete blockade. A third issue is to cut China’s exports to the US by one-half and stop all Chinese immigration to the US. Do this first and if China applies pressure to North Korea, then they will be taken off. We need to be the one whose position gets stronger as talks drag on. We do this by taking away China’s knowledge transfer from the US up front and half their exports. Then they have to earn their way back to getting their exports. China and NoKo despise us as bought and paid for by Chinese lobbyists and kompromat.


Increasing the US military’s size substantially to the level it was in the first Gulf War, an all volunteer force, would help us with North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia all at the same time. Just having the bigger stick would send that message. This means rolling back part of the Bush tax cuts. Is that why Bush didn’t do it after 9-11?Is there any mistake Bush hasn’t made?


More Questions: Seymour Hersh reported in the New Yorker that the Bush admin let Pakistan airlift 2 Pakistani generals from Kunduz in Nov 2001 as well as advisers to the Taliban and even “former” Pakistani soldiers and ISI men. Do you believe that report? Others have confirmed it. Do you think this means Pakistan was fighting us after 9-11? What does that imply if true? Musharraf lied about the tribal chiefs making the truce and no Taliban involved according to Frontline’s the return of the Taliban. Is Pakistan against us? Should we let them put warheads on missiles on subs and sell those to Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc? What should we do about Pakistan?


Does this show a basic concept problem by Bush & Co?Where have they been? What do they think about? How do they spend their time? This was true from the day they took office and brushed off Richard Clarke. What is wrong with them? Why are they unable to improve any situation? Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia’s spreading extremism, China building up know how and hollowing out our industry, immigration that takes our job and physical security and they predict future terrorism from it, an Iraq war whose stated purpose is to impose an Islamic Republic and uphold religious law and courts, and the same in Afghanistan, deficits, torture, etc. Where do all these concept failures come from? A hollowed out military as well.


More questions: Should immigration be halted for a time? Do young adults have a 25 year window of job security to have children? Does job insecurity prevent marriage formation by young adults? Does job insecurity cause marriages to fail? Can teenagers, minorities, etc. get starter jobs while we have immigration? Can teenagers and college students in summer get good jobs in construction today like they could in the 1960’s? Do Americans have the lifetime job security, health insurance, work place dignity and respect from management they had before the 1965 Immigration Act? Should that Act and all subsequent versions be repealed? Did the 1965 Immigration Act undo the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Borjas of Harvard has released a study that it does in effect. See Steve Sailer, Borjas at Vdare. Do the people of any country support immigration into their country? Which countries that we have immigration from, take in as many Ameicans to that country? That take immigration of the same scale into that country? Isn’t immigration to benefit them, Jim Webb and George Allen personally and hurt us the voters? Why wasn’t immigration stopped after WTC 93 attack? Why not have WTC 2001 attack? Why should Americans die for immigration from terrorists or in street crime? Should the constitution be changed to have a national referendum so that immigration, abortion, etc. can be decided by the people and not by them?


More Questions: For each of the following countries, describe what is the main threat or problem to the US, what Bush has done, what he should have done, and what he should do now: North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Russia, Mexico, Cuba. Should we have a master strategy in the Middle East and Central Asia and make decisions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. based on how it helps the master plan, or should we have isolated separate plans with each country as if they didn’t fit together? Are we at war? With what or whom? Is it the same thing that attacked the Eastern Roman Empire in 633? Related to it? Do Middle East countries view their population as unproductive, so they don’t care if they die? Does that mean Mutual Assured Destruction can’t work with Iran, Pakistan, etc? Same on North Korea?


Because we let China do anything it wants when it wants it doesn’t respect us. We have given China our know-how and so they have contempt and disdain for us. We have given them our industries, so they have contempt and disdain for us. China is infiltrating the US and looking for academic kompromat on professors who write letters of recommendation or take jobs in government. China looks for dirt on profs to influence CFIUS decisions. The US has lost control of its math, physics, engineering, econ depts and b schools. China and Russia are fighting over who controls them.


North Korea isn’t a small child that is hungry, its a large teenager that has guns and drugs and is a member of a dangerous gang. The main parent, China, ignores it, and the people in the community are afraid of it. It is building weapons to threaten the police station, America, so that its guns can’t be taken away from it. It has sold guns to other similar troubled teens.


and its sibling rival is afraid of it.

time to hold its parent responsible for its behavior.

It should have condemned itself for inaction for the last 4 years, and then Bush for starting this and then going off and fighting a war in Iraq. To get North Korea to act as we want, we have to combine a situation that gets worse for it as negotiations go on with an opportunity to gain something by giving up its nukes. Since it gains by nukes now, it sees that its policies are working. Blockade it, make China blockade it by land or lose its trade and know-how transfer from us, find its offshore bank accounts and confiscate them, and do the same to countries that have bought its missile technology like Pakistan.⊂=AR


Fieldmice good comments. We make China blockade N. Korea by taking away 1/2 their exports to the US and their know-how transfer through grad students here and H1B here. We do that up front and then if they blockade N. Korea, and NoKo gives up its nukes and nuclear processing plants and reactors, then China gets its exports restorted, but not its know how transfer.⊂=AR


We can take steps that pressure China without saying so. Rather than end China’s H1B, end the entire H1B. Same with foreign grad students in science and math. End all such allowances. This way it pressures China but looks equal. The same on imports to US. Cut them across the board. Also end all foreign take overs of US, i.e. anything CFIUS would approve the answer is no. End family reunification, this again is not directed at China. Have a halt in all immigration, this again is not directed at China specifically. All of these will make China respect us and have to talk to us. Now China gets everything for nothing. It thinks it has bribed Congress and has kompromat on the Bush team. By taking these measures on a fair and equal basis and not singling out China it sends them the message that Congress is loyal to the American people instead of China’s money.⊂=AR


China is the billion pound gorilla, but the US still has substantial leverage. Taking these steps would remind them of that, but not direct it at China. They would lose their know-how transfer by our cutting off H1B and our current policy of excluding Americans in physics, math, econ, business, etc. Ph.D. programs and educating China instead of our own people. By making that universal, we don’t single out China, but it has a huge message effect. Same with cutting back low cost imports and the transfer of our companies to others. They give us very little, and we give them a lot. Right now they think they have bribed Congress into giving them what they want against the interests of the American people. Until that perception is changed, that they control Congress with money to act in China’s interests against the American people, they won’t do anything. That’s what has happened the last 4 years.


Bottomline: China needs to pay a big price for letting this happen. It has also stalled talks on Iran. Its time it paid a price.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 9, 2006 2:33:49 PM .


An arms embargo and minor trade sanctions are designed to have too little impact. This is classic Bush, a strategy that if you succeed, will fail. These sanctions if adopted are pretend sanctions to fool the US public. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to set up Islamic Republics and uphold religious law and religious court rulings. We aren’t fighting for our values in Iraq or Afghanistan, so we are guaranteed to fail. The source countries against us are Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. Like North Korea, Bush gives them a pass. China’s war against us using grad students, H1B and family reunification to get our know-how and kompromat is ignored. The Bush team always design a policy response in advance that even if it “succeed” will fail. This is what they did before 9-11. Bush’s response to Tenet was to ask for the August 6 2001 PDB. As Bush said, he didn’t want policy choices for acting, just a historical document. Bush’s mind anticipates what could succeed and he instinctively avoids it for something that even if it “succeeds” will fail.⊂=AR


As Bush begins to realize a policy choice that could succeed, an immune response takes over to twist it and water it in a way that can’t possibly succeed. Bush’s “solution” is always one guaranteed to look like he is doing something, but only generates cost, death, and a worse position at the end.⊂=AR


Paul Klebnikov was also murdered. Boris Berezovsky earlier sued him for linking Berezovsky to Chechnya. This goes back to Russian politics in the 1990’s. There was an enormous amount of kompromat they had on the West from decades. Much of it was on academia, international agencies like IMF and World Bank, etc. Russia got billions in low interest rate loans in the 1990’s. There was a case US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay related to this. For a time, Chubais was on the payroll of HIID, Jan 96, after the big IMF package started in May 95 and then the loans for shares to oligarchs in fall 95. This entire era was better understood by profs and those with close links to academia, including PNAC. Janine Wedel, Tainted Transactions, on line, and David Warsh at Economic Principals covered some of it. The above is, of course, just speculation, not an asssertion of knowledge or affirmation of a conclusion.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 9, 2006 4:09:38 PM |⊂=AR


RE hankomatic1, I think you are right. From Asia Times online, Aug 31, 2006 SPEAKING FREELY
Why Pyongyang is going nuclear
By Kim Myong-chol. quote: Scene I of the first stage is the declaration of nuclear-weapons status. Scene II is to show beyond doubt that North Korea has the nuclear capability to settle the old scores with the US. quote 2: Why did Israel lose to Hezbollah? There are three critical factors: the first is mental, the spirit of martyrdom and discipline; the second intellectual, the art of war; and the third physical, weapons. The third is ineffective in the absence of the first two. This guy is a pseudo spokes person for NoKo according to Bush will ignore this just like he ignored bin Laden determined to attack in the United States.

China is the rogue state against us in NoKo and Iran. Pakistan is a Psychopathic state and NoKo is as well. Saudi Arabia and Iran are close behind. China is trying to undermine our efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, missiles and submarines. They want them to spread. In China’s mind, the US is the “main enemy”. Bush has consistently shown approach avoidance to deal with NoKo, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and China. Russia too is stirring the pot, a useful idiot to powerful forces against them as well. Search on North Korea “War Is Coming To American Soil” for another article from NoKo spokesman saying NoKO determined to attack in the US.


Republicans in the House have only now woken up to the idea that they had to have a record to run on. They thought it was all decided by gerrymandering. They weren’t helped by the Senate or Bush, both of whom wanted to run on a pro immigration platform, which the country as a whole hates, and Republicans in particular do. Now they are realizing that Republicans can stay home, or just vote ballot initiatives and local races. They also have had a foreign policy that makes no sense to anyone, fight periphery wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that bring back memories of Korea, while letting Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China attack us or harm us through proxies. They are letting China get our technology by H1B, grad students who displace Americans, know-how transfer, outsourcing, Microsoft locating in China, etc. They really need to look at the consequences of their being on China and Saudi Arabia’s payroll, because its not an attractive platform for the party of national security.⊂=AR


Good point dopestar. The best way to end illegal immigration is to end all immigration. That sends a message of no amnesty ever. Illegal immigration is about expectations of amnesty. Ending all immigration sends the message of no amnesty. Combined with a fence all around the border and employer sanctions it will work. But 40 percent or more of illegals are those who overstay student or H1B or other guest worker visas. Ending all these visa programs together with family reunification, which is a path to welfare as Edwin Rubinstein at Vdare has pointed out, is the way to send the signal that there will be no amnesty, ever. We have to send that signal more heavily because the 1980’s amnesty and Bush McCain Kennedy Specter and S. 2611 undermined that signal.⊂=AR


How could Allen change the debate from the Post trying to undermine Allen to issues? Because that’s how voters saw it. Voters are not for the Post’s attack on Allen. They do want issues. Voters have job insecurity from immigration, something the Post promotes. The Post doesn’t understand voters, because its against them on immigration, the main driver of economic insecurity for young adults. This delays marriage, breaks up marriages, limits having children, and undermines our schools and communities. The Financial Times reports a Harvard prof whose research shows diversity creates extreme distrust of everyone, even the people in your own ethnic group. See Vdare blog.This has happened. Allen is for no amnesty, which is about restoring trust by stopping diversity getting worse. That’s what the Harvard research shows. Allen is on the right side of Harvard’s research and the Post is not.


Bush hasn’t met a problem whose solution he can’t avoid. We are attacked on 9-11 by al Qaeda which is supported by the Taliban which is supported and funded by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. Bush leaves all 3 of these alone and fights a war in Afghanistan, which history shows is unwinnable, instead of with these 3, which history shows is winnable. Bush starts NoKo off with his speech, and invades another periphery country, Iraq, instead of a main enemy like Iran. Bush lets China fund North Korea’s economy which is building a nuke, and lets China send H1B, grad students, etc. here to get our know how and use it for lasers to blind our satellites. We invade Iraq and spend 300 billion dollars for WMD. Yet we train future scientists for China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, etc. We are attacked by immigrants at WTC in 93 and 2001 and at Pentagon in 2001 and Bush brings in more immigrants, and says they will cause more terrorism. In the meantime they cause street crime, take jobs, create physical and job insecurity, and increase distrust as Robert Putnam’s of Harvard’s study of diversity shows, see Vdare’s Athena Kerry for a column. Bush has proposed non-sanction sanctions on NoKo that China is already ducking.


tucanofulano gets it right, “illegals strike again”. This is part of the cost of illegals, throwing out all this fruit, plus people dying. Also restaurant ice is unclean. If you feel a little sick after lunch or that fountain sode or ice tea or water, it may be that the ice is contaminated by the bus boys’ not washing properly after the rest room. Most bus boys are illegal, so this is another illegal problem. In both cases, they don’t care about cleanliness of our food, just like they don’t care about violating our laws.


Athena Kerry at Vdare reports on another Harvard study by Robert Putnam. Putnam showed that diversity increases distrust, including of your own affinity groups. This is what is shown in the campaign, distrust is up. Maybe Congress will read this study and wake up that the reason politics is so angry is what this Harvard diversity study shows, diversity causes distrust. The 1965 Immigration Act was the distrust act. After 40 years its destroyed the bonds of trust in our society that Martin Luther King hoped to heal. This society doesn’t have anything like the trust that existed before the 1965 Immigration Act. Time to repeal it and everything since it and go to no immigration like we did in 1924. That is what led to civil rights 40 years later, the end of immigration in 1924. That built the trust that led to civil rights and the Harvard study proves it.


This is the same sort of alienation that has been building hatred of the West in the Middle East, Pakistan, and in immigrant communities in Europe and increasingly the US and Canada. Some say the US is different, but WTC 93 attack and 9-11 show there is terrorism by immigrants here from the Middle East and Central Asia. This builds and gets worse. After WTC 93 the reaction was to say the Republicans were bigots to want to stop immigration in 1996, esp against Buchanan. That produced 9-11 with immigrants who came after 1996. The MSM pre-emptively warned us on 9-11 not to hold them accountable for that immigration or be called bigot. Now they say there is no alienation here, even as the cases build up. Its time to stop immigration. A study by Robert Putnam of Harvard shows diversity causes distrust. This video game builds on that effect. See Athena Kerry at Vdare.


1NationIndivisible is right: quote: If Jim Webb wants my vote, all he has to do is make a few strong, clear statements of illegal transients, controlling visas, eliminating pac rim currency manipulation, etc. end quote. Some questions not asked are: If a person is born in China, grows up there, goes to college there, and is the child of Communist Party officials and is chosen to come to grad school in the US, is that person loyal to their parents and the Communist party or loyal to you, or to Senators like Teddy Kennedy and John McCain? Do you feel it strengthens America and diversity when children of Chinese profs who came to the West in 40’s were trained in physics and returned to build China’s bomb come here and become professors? Do you think they are loyal to their father who built the bomb, or loyal to you? Robert Putnam of Harvard did a study showing diversity creates distrust even in your own ethnic group, see Athena Kerry at Vdare. Do you distrust this study or will you act on it to end immigration?⊂=AR


There are many good comments above. Bush has said he wants minor pseudo sanctions that won’t have much effect or work. Most of Korea’s trade goes through China so searching ships won’t work. There are two articles at Asia Times from a sort of spokesperson for North Korea. search on “War Is Coming To American Soil” or go to and go to Korea. Is China letting this happen on purpose? Does China have a super Afghanistan plan of letting NoKo and Iran and other states get the bomb and fighting us, by nuclear means, terrorism and immigration until we collapse and they pick up the pieces?


From quote Kim’s message: War is coming to US soil
By Kim Myong Chol (“Unofficial” spokesman of Kim Jong-il and North Korea.) end quote. Also quote Why Pyongyang is going nuclear
By Kim Myong-chol
. These two articles give North Korea’s view, which is that they are going to use the nukes against us in the US. Its like bin Laden. When he declared war, the MSM and US admin asked, what does he really want? On 9-11, he answered them. Its the same message and the same response by Bush. He has non-sanction sanctions, which if he gets them he knows in advance will fail. That is Bush’s inner need.


The ones who have met the Wall of Doubt are those
who doubt the need of a wall, along with ending immigration. Robert Putnam of Harvard has done a study showing that diversity creates extreme distrust, even within ethnic groups. The doubters of the Wall are showing this? See Athena Kerry at for a review of the Robert Putnam piece and a link to a FT article on it.⊂=AR


ajsmith quote Its been three months and Im STILL waiting for someone from the Webb team to get back to me with their views about illegal immigration. end quote. quote Allen has been prompt and honest whenever I asked a question. Sometimes he told me things I did not want to hear but he was honest and more importantly, he felt I was important enough to address my questions. end quote. This is exactly right. Allen is for H1B and Skil Bill which will vastly increase immigration and take away job security from engineering students like Sidarth at UVA who is for Webb and against Allen. But Webb won’t tell us or Sidarth if Webb is really aginst H1B. Webb won by 12,000 votes in June 2006 over Harris Miller an H1B lobbyist. Webb won by votes in Northern Virginia against H1B. But besides calling Miller the anti-Christ of outsourcing, Webb has not told us or Sidarth his position on H1B.


By letting the Axis of Evil arm itself with nukes, Bush is part of it. He has let Pakistan keep its nukes after 9-11 and after its advisers have been helping the Taliban for the last 5 years. He let Pakistan airlift two generals from Kunduz in Afghanistan in Nov 2001. Nato’s general has gone to Pakistan to complain about their training Taliban against our troops today. Bush let NoKo build nukes or get closer while he pursued his obsession Iraq. Bush has let Saudi Arabia and UAE fund terrorism world wide and fund textbooks that teach hate that are used in Saudi Arabia and in America. Bush by his inaction and pretending to act when he didn’t is part of the Axis of Evil himself. This has been his pattern from before 9-11 to now.


couldn’t post there.

Bush conf school violence.

Its immigration. Its diversity, Robert Putnam study see Vdare Athena

one reason people resegment by race when they can is because of the
diversity effect. People don’t want to live with people of other groups,
because it has this effect of distrust.


Bush is proposing meaningless sanctions and China wants no sanctions. They will split the difference at .5 times meaningless sanctions. This is the Bush pattern on Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, North Korea, immigration, hollowed out military, etc. This all comes from his father’s “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge. After 9-11, Bush needed to restore the military to its 1991 level. That meant no tax cuts. Bush jr was convinced this is what lost his father’s election in 1992, so Bush decided to forget it. So he decided to let NoKo rearm in 2002. He decided to let Pakistan keep its nukes and support the Taliban against our troops. See Seymour Hersh on Kunduz airlift in Nov 2001, Pakistan got advisers and generals out of Afghanistan who advised the Taliban against us. This is still going on and the NATO commander went to Pakistan to talk about it. Instead of invading Saudi Arabia for its role in fomenting terrorism and extremism, Bush made a torture pact with it according to Woodward at the White House with Prince Bandar. This is who Bush is. FBI agent Deep Throat said “follow the money”, the 9-11 politician commission said, “Don’t follow the money.”⊂=AR


rpotter quote: Why does it take so long for Europe to reach the same valid conclusion with respect to N. Korea and Iran? And then act on it like a grown up! end quote. This is right. However, Bush didn’t act on it either. He let NoKo develop and he likely will give Iran a pass as well. After 9-11 he had to rescind his tax cut to deal with Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. But he remembered that is what lost Bush sr the 92 election, so Bush jr decided to ignore the role of Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. In Nov 01, he let Pakistan airlift generals out of Kunduz who were advising the Taliban against us. NoKo saw that in the New Yorker article by Seymour Hersh. That told them they could get away with arming. Bush signalled by letting Pakistan get away with this airlift and fighting us even after 9-11, that he was a paper tiger. He had already violated his “you are with us or against us” pledge. Bush opened the door to NoKo by the Saudi airlift from the US after 9-11. Bush let Saudi, UAE, Pakistan get away with all this and NoKo figured, why not me?


What Webb needed to do to win was to be for a moratorium on immigration, legal and amnesties. He should have pledged that in all procedural votes, and all amendments he would vote against immigration even if his party leaders wanted him to give them support on procedural votes. If he had done this, he could have created a real populist movement. All our problems flow out of immigration, job insecurity, the top 1/5 get 1/2 the income, young adults lack economic security for marriage and families, and to keep those marriages stable, etc.


The US should consider slowing down action on Chinese visa requests of all kinds, and also inspecting a higher percentage of containers from China so as to slow down its exports to the US. The President can determine based on his personal conversations with Chinese leaders that he finds them deceptive or hostile. This can be based on demeanor, tone of voice, etc. A judge has no authority to revisit as finder of fact such a finding by the president. The president can also make such choices on 3rd countries like Mexico that he thinks might be used for transshipment of goods from China, inspecting more containers. This can be done to slow down Chinese exports. Japan and other western countries can do the same.⊂=AR


Because of the loss of job security from immigration, as well as physical security, voters can’t choose based on character, but on which candidate will stop the deterioration of their job and physical security. Allen is against legalization, and Webb is for it. Estimates of illegals go up to 20 million by a financial service firm. See blog at Vdare. Immigration takes away job security because employers can fire and hire the new people. It takes away starter jobs from teenagers and minorities. It takes away safety jobs from older workers. It uses up land and other resources, so that laid off managers have less opportunity to start businesses. It transfers security and bargaining power to employers. This has gone on since the 1965 Immigration Act. Americans don’t have the luxury of being offended anymore. The loss of job security and 9-11 show that its not our nose we have to worry about, its the lack of a firm place to plant our feet.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 11, 2006 8:41:57 AM


Aid supports dictators. That is what aid from South Korea, China, and the US to North Korea have done, support a dictator. The total suffering and death is increased. Aid disturbs equilibrium mechanisms within a society. It destroys the middle class and reduces restraints on the ruling class. The result is more bad behavior from the rulers, who no longer are dependent on their own people for production. To some extent, oil wealth does that as well. The only way to restore the control of the Korean people on the rulers is to stop all aid. Then the rulers have to relax their controls on the people. This has been learned over the years in our experiences with aid to the third world. The same applies to the West Bank and Gaza. We have to take steps that make the NoKo rulers react in ways that advance democracy and restraints on them.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 11, 2006 8:52:30 AM


135ABC quote: JOHN MCCAIN HAS BECOME A POLITICAL HACK end quote. This is correct. The other postings have reviewed the many mistakes made by Bush. The biggest is that NoKo benefits from the status quo of no sanctions. Bush never realized that. China has to be held accountable by a slow down on visas and inspecting more of the containers from there. This can bring their exports down to equal their imports from the US. They use such tactics already in approving US firms in China.


lazuras169 is correct, quote This is going to be funny when he wins. end quote. The Post with their secure jobs and health benefits don’t understand the real world of losing job security and bargaining power with employers. Allen is for doing something about that, no legalization. The Post and Webb are for making it worse. Estimates of illegals are up to 20mm. Voters can’t afford to be offended if they don’t have secure jobs.


The loss of downtown’s great department stores and the loss of the great local names is part of the deterioration of the Washington area. Immigration has been a major part of this. As it fragments the area, the connections are destroyed. Putnam of Harvard has done a study showing diversity creates distrust. Immigration has also created sprawl that puts people too far out to come in. The great names in local retailing were supported by loyalty. Loyalty is destroyed by distrust and as Putnam’s Harvard study shows, immigration destroys distrust.


BrainyDragon comments are very good. The clock on China’s bad behavior doesn’t start today, it started many years ago. They contributed to North Korea’s bad behavior by aid starting over a decade ago. They have intentionally undermined arms control in Korea and in the Middle East and Central Asia. The clock on their bad behavior started a long time ago. This is the marker to impose penalties. A silent slow down on visa approvals of all kinds, just don’t respond at all to the requests for student and H1B and family reunification, and more container inspection will work. They do this to US business in China already.


capitolhillstay quote And Allen helps the working man? end quote. Legalization will hurt the working man. Restoring limits on labor supply is what will help the working man. Total immigration should be zero. This will restore bargaining power the working man, including teens and minorities. It also will help middle aged and older workers who are discriminated against. Employers want young immigrants who they can control.


If Dewine had been against legalization, instead of for it, it would have helped with the Republican base for Dewine and Blackwell. McCain, Bush and Frist don’t respect the Republican base. Their lasting legacy is to be disloyal to their base.


Aid is an alternative source of supply to the leaders of Kora from their people. Aid undermines the bargaining power of the people. That is what Korea is, a country where the people’s bargaining power has been reduced down. Its just like immigration undermines worker bargaining power in the US. With zero immigration, management has to keep its current workers satisfied. This means wages, benefits, scheduling, etc. With high immigration, management can ignore workers wants and reduce wages, benefits, and working conditions. Its the same with aid in Korea. As aid goes up, worker bargaining power goes down. Its a seesaw. So by pushing aid down to zero, the bargaining power of the people will go up. Eventually that produces a new regime. That is history.⊂=AR


Putnam of Harvard did a study showing diversity creates distrust. See Athena Kerry at Vdare. America’s schools have emphasized diversity over all other goals. This has resulted from immigration from the Kennedy supported 1965 Immigration Act. Guns are a marker of extreme distrust. Distrust comes from somewhere. Why is there more distrust today in schools? Diversity is the only answer that fits.


To explain the aid freedom seesaw more clearly we can look at it from Bush’s point of view. Bush wants immigration to aid management to stick it to workers. The more immigration the more outside aid to management to stick it to workers. To give workers more power, you have less immigration, and management sticks it to them less. Which to Bush is bad. But for North Korea its good. All aid, whether outside workers, which they don’t get, or the product of outside workers, food, medicine, etc. aids management, the govt of NoKo. This then undermines the bargaining power of the people. So to stick it to management in Korea, we have to end all aid, even the products of outside workers in the form of food and medicine.


Immigration takes up public resources far in excess of return. This is especially true of illegals and family reunification immigrants. Legalization is a path to welfare. See Edwin Rubinstein of Vdare for this idea. Social Security and Medicare are imperiled because family reunification immigration and the 1965 Immigration Acts other categories have brought in low skill workers. They consume more in total from all 3 levels of govt than they contribute. They also have overburdened the schools and contributed to the violence and distrust that are the norm now in our schools. This undermines skill development and education for all.

=== Axis of Micro Nuclear Powers
An axis of micro nuclear powers will have subs off our shores and ask for 1 trillion a year in tribute. NoKo and Pakistan want to spread nuclear technology.How do we know? They’ve already done it.Pakistan has a shipyard for subs the French built for it. They have spread technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. The micro nuclear powers are too small for one to take on the US. They see strength in numbers. They want NoKo, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Turkey, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Lebanon, etc. to have subs with nuclear missiles off the coasts of US, Europe, Japan, China, India, Australia, Canada, etc. They are willing to actually launch to make a point and because the US wouldn’t know who launched. Their people are not productive, so if we kill their people, they don’t have to split their protection money from us with them. Their concept of war is not mutual assured destruction, because their leaders are not loyal to their people, even less than ours.⊂=AR


11kap quote: ONCE ANY COUNTRY GETS A NUKE, THATS STALEMATE. end quote. CSIS had a discussion this morning, see their website. This came to a similar type conclusion. The Democrat response to Bush by Senators Durbin and Schummer also accepted NoKo’s nuke. They blamed Bush not China. Well, countries have given up nukes, Ukraine, etc. So it can happen. This is also a reason for a ground invasion of Iran this winter. That positions us to surround Pakistan and then we can put pressure on Pakistan. We can bomb their processing plants and blockade them. We want to set up alternative supply to Afghanistan first through occupied Iran.Nukes decay. So without processing ability, they will become inert.


Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynetnews Israel has many good points. So does Jonas, Stockholm, Sweden.

We need to invade Iran and leave Iraq. Battle phase deaths in Iraq were 200 total. Occupation deats are 70 per month. The two drivers of occupation deaths are foreign Sunni Arab fighters, that Iranians won’t take into their homes, and Sunni Shiite historic conflict in Iraq, which is not part of Iran’s history.

Pentagon is projecting staying until 2010. At 70 per month killed, we are looking at 840 killed per year or over 3000 in 4 years. For what?

Invading Iran removes their nuclear program and also puts our army on the Pakistan border and opens supply lines to Afghanistan. We then surround Pakistan. We can then put pressure on them, including naval blockade to give up their nukes, subs, and missiles and bin Laden.

Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, etc. would like to have nuclear warheads on missiles on subs. Pakistan has all 3 of these but not all put together yet. The French built Pakistan a shipyard to make subs.

Pakistan, Iran and NoKo can sell such subs with missiles with nukes to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, new Iraq, UAE, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Egypt, etc.

They can form an alliance of micro nuclear powers. They can form a flotilla of subs off the shores of US, Europe, Japan, India, etc. They can charge us 1 trillion a year in protection. If we don’t pay they can make an example. Their people are not productive, they are a burden to them. So if we kill their people in return, it means lower cost to their rulers.

Mutual assured destruction doesn’t work with rulers who see their people as a burden not a benefit. Their concept of war is not the same as ours. Their concept of history is not the same. Charging protection money is something the Arabs have done for centuries and have tried it in every century for a long time.


MikeB’s comments on foreign grad students are right on. It sometimes happens that foreign grad students duplicate parts of published work as their own in their theses, without full disclosure by the profs or school. Here duplicate is neutral on prior knowledge by the student or immediate supervisors. This can happen even when it can be shown some profs at the school have already known of the prior work. The school is supposed to be responsible for a thesis citing prior work, even if the student or supervising prof didn’t know about it.

These situations often become well known. The hiring school also knows of the partial duplication issue it and uses these papers as references for immigration applications. They likely don’t notify immigration of this possible complication. This has been going on for decades. Those involved often cite the students subsequent publication over the prior work for decades and even in textbooks, well after its known there was a prior art work.

Russia, China, and other countries track this. Sometimes those involved get to high level posts in US government or IMF and World Bank. These are often profs who went along with it at the Ph.D. granting institution or the hiring institution. Even high level appointees at DOJ may be aware of this complicated situation. Whether this is honest coincidence the reader can consider themselves.

last two not posted.


Ignatius is right. Also chfergservice is right on Bush as a locust who has eaten our opportunities with false rhetoric. He is doing that now. We need to give China a window, but then start putting silent sanctions on it. These include inspecting so many containers from it, that its exports fall to the level of our exports to it. It also includes slowing down visa processing to the level that equals Americans going to China in each category, e.g. grad students in physics. We need to invade Iran and position our army on the Pakistan border. We need to squeeze Pakistan and North Korea to give up their nukes, subs and missiles. We need to do this before Pakistan has warheads on missiles on subs and sells them to Iran and Saudi Arabia and UAE.⊂=AR


halifar59 quote Ask for tribute as opposed to just demanding, or snatching it? Someone needs to tell King W that reasonable folk around the globe consider he and his cronnies to be at least as large a Terror as all those listed above combined. They are greedy robbers, who will resort to all forms of treachery and violence to make their corporations richer end quote. True, unfortunately. We are going to watch the tribute scenario unfold before our eyes as Bush, Blair, etc. lie into our ears. Senators Durbin and Schummer were even worse in their response to Bush, not supporting the US at all, or blaming NoKo or China at all, or Iran. Their message was surrender and submission.⊂=AR


Unpleasant Immigration Arithmetic: Suppose population was stable at 300mm and we continued to have 2mm immigrants per year? People live 75 years, so 4mm die per year. Subtract 2mm immigrants, one has 2mm births. Take 2mm births/4mm deaths, one gets a genetic survival ratio of 1/2 per generation.A generation is 25 years for this purpose. So in 2 generations, one has 1/4 of the starting genes. In 3 generations, 1/8. This applies to each year’s cohort of immigratns as well as remnants of prior year cohorts. This is immigration as a pure substitution effect. Immigration’s direct effect is to increase population, its substitution effect is to substitute for genes here. Population is bounded from above, so eventually all immigration shows up as substitution effect. Thus all genes here, and all those that come here go extinct after a period of time. America is a genetic graveyard.⊂=AR


Nuclear Tribute Flotilla. This is the idea that NoKo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Iran, Saudi, Hezbollah, etc. the expanded axis of evil, will have a flotilla of subs from Pakistan’s shipyard the French built with nuclear warheads on missiles off the coasts of US, Japan, Europe, India, China, etc. They will demand tribute. Mutual Assured Destruction only works between rich countries. Between rich and poor dictatorships it doesn’t work. The dictator benefits if his people are killed, because in these countries the excess population is a burden to the government and leads to revolts and attempts on the leader’s life. So exchanging a couple rounds with the West by the micro nuclear powers of the poor actually benefits them twice, get rid of their poor and force the West to pay. Some countries will see this as Jizyah tax, and this as the Jizyah tax nuclear sub flotillia.


joanharlin good points. This is another form of the substitution effect. We are substituting immigrants for wild life in the US. Because the US is a major source of carbon dioxide and other strains on the global environment, we are substituting short term immigrants here, for long term dire consequences to life on earth. To have a few more immigrants now, which McCain and Kennedy and Bush want to vote for them as Great Men of History, the consequence is a risk of global climate change, which could see Florida under water for example.


joanharlin quote Future generations will have to go to zoos to see the wonderful creatures that we enjoyed seeing as kids playing in natural settings. end quote. The current generation can’t imagine the Tom Sawyer Huck Finn childhoods we had back before the 1965 Immigration Act started having an impact. That’s why the play violent video games instead. They don’t know that companies were once family like. That America is gone. They don’t know what job security felt like, and never will. Young adults don’t have the 25 year window of job security to look forward to form stable families while young. Instead they drift, never knowing the America that Kennedy, McCain and Bush grew up in and stole from them.


Jeeter2 quote No President has addressed the fact that China and Russia 24 hours a day 7 days a week work against us, and still believe the cold war is in full swing. end quote. Correct. Why is this? During 1990’s Russia got billions in low interest rate IMF loans. They had detailed knowledge on the Clinton profs at IMF and US govt distributing the loans and decades of interaction with them including requesting they nomination Kantorovich for the 1975 Nobel Prize at a conference in Warsaw in 1972. Jacob Wolfowitz knew of this history from 1952 onwards. The neocons got the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 during Clinton impeachment hearings and hearings on loans to Russia. This info was also available to use during Bush v. Gore. Porter Goss, Chris Cox, etc called Gore, Talbott and Summers a Troika running away with US policy. Was there kompromat? This is just speculation. Was something used during Bush v. Gore? Did they try to influence the court or Gore? This is just a hypothesis.


jrush18 quote North Korea is an unwilling partner with China and would love to become independent from China but can not because of the sanctions placed on it by the West. end quote. This is an interesting hypothesis. tnusaira has a similar comment. In the case of NoKo, we’ve pushed 6 party talks that China has undermined. NoKo and China do have friction. China has indicated it won’t support meaningful sanctions. The only reason to have the multiparty talks is if we have already decided we want sanctions or war and want to get others to join us. As to Iran, now is clearly the time to invade them with the army in Iraq. Battle phase deaths in Iraq were 200, occupation deaths are 70 per month. We should hit and run on Iran. We should reduce Chinese exports and immigration to the US to the levels that go in the reverse direction. This can be done informally.


shaboobiastuff quote would bush jr. be blaming bush sr. for everything? end quote. He blamed Bush Sr. for not going to Baghdad. This blinded Bush jr to thinking about Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia on 9-12 or North Korea. It also blinded him to warnings before 9-11. Because the small army we had on 9-12 was enough for Iraq, Bush didn’t have to think about increasing it and giving up his tax cuts.


cynthiaandrews | Oct 12, 2006 12:43:35 AM quote Also, I have a problem with an increase in H1B visas. My children are making career training decisions based on this, instead of choosing what they would like to do. end quote. This is another form of the substitution effect discussed under Unpleasant Immigration Arithmetic. Young adults need a 25 year window of job security to get married, have families, and stay married. Job insecurity is the number one limit on family formation and stability. Young adults need to be able to learn math, science, engineering, business, etc. The only profession not H1Bed in large numbers is law. So what happens? Americans flood law school, and the substitution effect is transferred into the depression of lawyer job security. Many J.D.’s end up in a gray temp market that does shadow legal work at extremely low rates.


The integrity and independence of the legal profession is also stressed by this.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 12, 2006 2:42:25 PM


Possible answer to joetran9373 question. Bush is seeking meaningless sanctions. By getting the UN to agree to them, Bush gets the imprimatur of the UN to pretend he is doing something when he isn’t. This covers up that he caused this to get worse by his axis of evil speech. Bush can’t go to war with Korea, because then people would blame all the deaths on Bush for his axis of evil speech. NoKo, China and Russia understand that. So they prevent the Security Council and the 6 party talks from doing anything. They want NoKo and Iran to have nukes. They are providing nuclear technology to Iran, and probably have provided some intermediate technology to NoKo. They want the US to be inundated by an axis of micro nuclear powers, and for one of those to turn into a nuclear war with the US and that power that lowers what’s left of us down below them as a great power. They want revenge.


To finish thought on why Bush goes along with a weak UN resolution. Russia and China know that Bush needs a security council resolution to pretend he is doing something when he isn’t. They know he has to have a pretend UN resolution to cover up that he can’t do anything because any deaths would be blamed on his axis of evil speech. They use this entire logic to bargain Bush down further on the UN resolution. Bush has to take any UN resolution, because Bush needs a shambolic resolution from the UN for public relations. So they use that to bargain him down further. China is laughing at us. This is what they wanted. Same on Iran. Russia is laughing at us too.


The US and West have to set things up so that the tendency is for things to get better for them. They do the opposite. We educate China’s youth in physics, not ours. This opens up ways for things to go bad for us, and good for them. We have immigration, they don’t. This gives them spies here, our know-how, academic kompromat, and the ability to prevent our children, including children of FBI agents, judges, etc. from getting into physics Ph.D. programs where they can find out what is going on. We give them aid to pump up their population size and support dictators. We do everything that increases the number of ways things can go bad for us, and reduces the number of ways it can go good for us. We have soft profileration of reactors, technology, know-how. We wait too long to react. We fight ourselves instead of them. We don’t educate ourselves on foreign ideologies. We call ourselves bigots and miss that leaders and people in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia hate us. We are fools. Our leaders are disloyal and think of self enrichment or the pages dorm or junkets paid for by Chinese law firms to Asia. China writes segments of our laws and gives them to lobbyist firms who put them in the US code to govern buying our technology, our H1B and Skil Bill, etc.


The US and West have to set things up so that the tendency is for things to get better for China, NoKo, Saudis, Pakistan, Iran, etc. They do the opposite. We educate China’s youth in physics, not ours. This opens up ways for things to go bad for us, and good for them. We have immigration, they don’t. This gives them spies here, our know-how, academic kompromat, and the ability to prevent our children, including children of FBI agents, judges, etc. from getting into physics Ph.D. programs where they can find out what is going on. We give them aid to pump up their population size and support dictators. We do everything that increases the number of ways things can go bad for us, and reduces the number of ways it can go good for us. We have soft profileration of reactors, technology, know-how. We wait too long to react. We fight ourselves instead of them. We don’t educate ourselves on foreign ideologies. We call ourselves bigots and miss that leaders and people in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia hate us. We are fools. Our leaders are disloyal and think of self enrichment or the pages dorm or junkets paid for by Chinese law firms to Asia. China writes segments of our laws and gives them to lobbyist firms who put them in the US code to govern buying our technology, our H1B and Skil Bill, etc.⊂=AR

Last post was garbled. We need to set things up so they tend to get better for us and not for China, etc. That means our physics phd programs are 100 percent American, etc.

By OldAtlantic | Oct 12, 2006 4:47:24 PM

===This is just a holding action to prevent things getting worse at a fast speed. It doesn’t really put much pressure on North Korea. Its to give Bush a way to say he has done something. Bush won’t do anything military because the deaths would be blamed on his axis of evil speech. Russia and China know that and use that to bargain him down. They know he just needs a public relations stunt from the Security Council to cover up his inaction.


I agree with Jeebie. quote Negative population growth will profit all American citizens in more ways than then just the environment. end quote. quote A moratorium on all immigration is also needed. end quote. quote A little pain now will stop the horror of 500 million people living here if SPP happens. end quote. All are exactly right. Bush, Kennedy and McCain need to be asked on these repeatedly along with Unpleasant Immigration Arithemetic and the substitution effect, and all its manifestations discussed above.


New strategy: Hit and Run. Battle phase deaths in Iraq were under 200. Occupation deaths are 70 per month. Iraq is not a threat. They can’t come here and kill us if they can’t come here, i.e. stop immigration. Invade Iran while we have Iraq as a base. 2 drivers of deaths in occupation in Iraq were foreign Sunni Arab fighters, that Iranians won’t take in, and Sunni Shiite rivalry in Iraq, not a factor for civil war in Iran. In Iraq, secular govt was in place and bad, in Iran its a theocratic govt that is bad and in power. So people will want a secular republic, unless Bush insists on Islamic Republic a third time. Leave army around this time, take the theocratic leaders to Gitmo. Invading Iran may help Iraq more than sitting in Iraq and dying. Position our army on Pakistan border to make them denuke and deLaden. Don’t worry about occupying Iran if it gets ugly.⊂=AR

Caricature is good. Also GOP, group of pharisees. Allen is that. He uses the Confederate Flag to send a message to his base that he is with them, while he supports Skil Bill and Amendments to S. 2611, path to legalization and welfare, that made it worse, knowing it would pass and he would pretend to vote against the final version.⊂=AR


Johathan75 is completely right. This is the pressure that keeps people out or makes them go back. There is pressure to come in from outside. There has to be greater pressure from inside to push them out. Estimates are 1 to 2mm a year or more cross the border or overstay student visas a year. Bush is bringing in 15,000 Saudi males as part of this. 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi males. Vdare has reported a financial firm has estimated that total US population is 327 million not 300mm, and that means 27 mm more illegals, for a total somewhere in the 40 to 50 million range. Not enforcing the laws, even without amnesty, makes this worse.⊂=AR


Clinton is smart and articulate as the above point out. But he also let Pakistan and India do nuclear tests in spring 1998. His administration gave billions in low interest rate loans to Russia in the 1990’s while Russia had detailed information on the professors at IMF and Treasury in control of it. Jacob Wolfowitz, Paul’s father knew of that history from 1952 to 1981 when he died. Clinton agreed to the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 while US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, LTCM bailout hearings, loans to Russia, and Clinton impeachment hearings were all under way. The above is a hypothesis and speculative interpretation.


Bush’s answer to 9-11’s 15 Saudi hijackers is 15,000 male Saudi students. Bush wonders why he is losing at the polls. Pakistan was allowed to airlift its generals out of Afghanistan in Nov 2001 while advising the Taleban against our troops. This is according to Seymour Hersh. Bus wonders why he is losing at the polls. Bush and Congress allowed Pakistani immigration to continue, even as the FBI was sending the message these people are dangerous and the legal system can’t protect us. Bush said a terrorist incident again was a certainty, duh, because he keeps on bringing in the same terrorists all over again. terrorist immigrants attacked WTC 93, reaction bring in more terrorist immigrants, WTC 01 and Pentagon, reaction, bring in more terrorist immigrants. Now Congress and Bush are in trouble.

Bush and McCain call us bigots to want to stop immigration. Well maybe even bigots don’t like being killed by the bin Laden ideology of peace.


There is an article, The War Against White Trash
By John Derbyshire at Vdare. Its about a case in the UK but similar things happen here. A 14 year old was arrested because she was assigned to a study group of 5 Pakistanis who talked in Urdu and wouldn’t talk with her, and she asked to be put in another study group. The teacher had her taken out of class. The principal, Antony Edkins, who is possible Pakistani, had the girl arrested. The reason that Bush, Kennedy and McCain want illegal immigrants is the War against White Trash. These are people they call bigots. They want to take their jobs and economic and physical security. That is why they continued immigration after 9-11. That’s why Blair keeps it going in the UK. Its the elite alliance against White Trash. And anyone who lives in America, is automatically included in White Trash, regardless of race in the Bush, Kennedy, McCain world.


Lurker37 is right. Moreover, as the article on the UK case shows, if we don’t speak up now, the MSM and the Senate and Democrats will take away our right to live in our own land. That is what is happening in the UK. That is what is happening here. The religion of the elite is immigration. Its a religion that, strangely, harms the non-elite in every way possible and makes us afraid and insecure in our jobs and in our speech. The time to speak up is now, while we can. If you want immigration stopped, you have to ask. Write your Senators. Resarch their votes at Americans for Better Immigration and others sites by searching on immigration votes Senator Allen, etc.


Now my comment on Fisher: quote from Fisher the extent of the rage that flowed back from readers seemed a bit of an overreaction. end quote. The Post needs to be less thin skinned when it exposes its own ridicule within for people who vote for Allen and don’t want their jobs, lives, and speech taken by immigration, and want America to stay the way it is, not the suicide mission the MSM want.

seamonsters_5 is right. Moreover, her wearing the veil was meant covertly to convert Christian children in a Christian school. This shows that the West won’t survive because its leaders don’t want it to. If people want to keep their freedom and security they have to ask for it. This veil case isn’t about this woman’s freedom. Her movement is about taking ours. The Pakistani principal who put Codie Stott in jail because she complained that 5 Pakistani boys in her study group were talking in Urdu with each other, probably about her, and wouldn’t talk to her in English. This isn’t just odd things happening, this is a real war to take us over and get rid of us. Its not just odd incidents of bureacracy. Use of the legal system as a tool is deliberate on the part of the groups that funded this case in the UK where legal action is expensive.


mattyj | Oct 20, 2006 9:17:28 AM, jkoch | Oct 20, 2006 11:26:44 AM, and others along similar lines are right. The high probability of good results due to continued American presence is not a known known in Rumsfeld speak. However, Iran is a known known problem, which can be solved by a ground invasion using the army in Iraq. Battle phase deaths in Iraq were 200 and occupation deaths are 70 per month. We can solve the known known Iran nuclear problem at lower cost than continuing occupation of Iraq. This is a known known win win. We also get our army in Iraq to the Pakistan border where the known known problem of Pakistan’s nukes and support of terrorism could then be solved.


The Asia Times reports that S. Korea has rebuffed Rice on sanctions on North Korea. These would include stopping aid and trade. The US may be left with nothing but the military option. Since S. Korea has failed to help us on the economic option, they have only themselves to blame if we are forced to use the military option. America can’t let S. Korea have nukes that can hit us. The leader of NoKo will fire his missiles when he gets old or feels his grip on power fading. He has personally decided to launch his weapons on the US, Japan, South Korea and possibly China just before he dies. The US has to attack before then. South Korea has only itself to blame for its casualties by its decision to block the non-military path to denuking NoKo.


Borjas of Harvard has done a study showing that the 1965 Immigration Act took away economic opportunities from marginal workers in the US. Borjas shows this led to higher crime. This is discussed at This murder is part of the cost of immigration. It doesn’t show up in government statistics that way. McCain and Kennedy and Bush call those who want to stop immigration bigots. They think Americans are bigots who don’t deserve to be able to walk their streets safely or fly on planes safely, or sit in buildings safely. We have to speak up and ask for our job, physical and speech security. The Founding Father said we have to fight for those in every generation.

(in McCain speak, ,this was the death of a bigot, since all Americans
killed by crime are bigots in his mind, who deserved it.)


South Korea is intentionally undermining the economic option. By implication, S. Korea is intentionally leaving us only the military option. S. Korea knows NoKo will build nukes that can hit the US. S. Korea knows they will do this. S. Korea knows that NoKo’s leadership is insane and wants to go out with a blaze of glory that will live in history. So all this is intentional on South Korea’s part.⊂=AR

(S. Korea is also intentionally undermining US efforts to get
China to put sanctions on North Korea.)


Macacagate has run out of steam, along with Mailboxgate, etc. Allen’s stock options are a sleeper issue, because in combination with his cosponsorship of Skil Bill and H1B raise an additional issue. The company Allen has stock options in Commonwealth Biotechnologies likely benefits from Allen’s H1B and Skil Bill actions.
These programs take jobs from Americans to give lower wage jobs to foreigners. It also lets companies have greater bargaining power over intellectual property rights of employees. Thus Allen was benefiting himself in insider legislating.⊂=AR


Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen ‘Macacawitz’

October 5, 2006

Politicians in office can inflict any harm against us, including immigration that results in real crime, job loss and loss of economic insecurity, but words by a staffer get them fired. The Pols take money from China through lobbyists, give away our future, let our educational institutions become permanent bases of Russia and China, let Pakistan support terrorism, invade a country that didn’t attack us, give the one that possibly did over 4 billion in aid and refinance its 38 billion in foreign debt, and none of that matters compared to a staffer’s slip up.

The reason the staffer is fired for this is to hide the harm that politicians do in real life. They are pretending they are for us and can’t have a person around them who would write this, while they do all the harm above and bring down our civilization and end our economic and physical security.

Jim Webb supports legalization, a pathway to welfare and crime as Edwin Rubinstein at Vdare has called it in part. George Allen supports H1B and Skil Bill, which would end Americans getting job in any technical field. Which is worse for our country? That’s hard to tell. But because each of them is so bad for us, they have to fire staffers who do something that isn’t PC. Why is taking our jobs, our educational opportunity and giving it to others acceptable and saying to stop is “Nightly Nativism” as Daphne Eviatar at the Nation calls it.

The real message is not that they are so pure they can’t have this person around them who would think this is funny, which over 18,000 hits on it shows many do, its because they are plotting against us. They don’t want us to think they make racist jokes about us when they pass H1B or Skil Bill or more immigration or give our money to defense contractors or invade the wrong country. They do have disdain for us. They are hiding the real contempt they feel.

They are disloyal to their staff because they are disloyal to anyone below their level. The real message in firing the staffer is that they are disloyal, not that they are pure. They fire someone for a witticism because they are disloyal to them and to us. That’s the takeaway message. When they vote for immigration, its because they really are against us.

There are over 3 million hits on Macaca. This is because people see Allen as a phony who isn’t for us. The Senate has been disloyal to the people of this country and the people know it. Allen pretends to be for us with the Confederate Flag even as he works against us with H1B and made the Senate’s immigration bill worse with amendments and then pretended to be against it by voting against it on final passage, knowing others would pass it. This is the real crime. Both sides do it. We have to hold them to it each time. We need to get term limits and a national referendum added to the Constitutionwith all hot button issues turned over to us. Let Congress work on what requires inside information, let us decide what is based on pure preferences. They should stop firing staffers who make jokes to pretend they aren’t against us when they are.

—Comment 2

I agree with shcartwright_jr.  Jim Webb has to realize this campaign is Washington Post v. George Allen.  When people get to the voting booth, they will see Allen’s name on the ballot and someone else who has been AWOL in letting people know where he is on the issues.

Webb is going to lose this campaign because he is letting the Post fight his battle and its now a battle between the Post and Allen.  Allen will win that in Virginia in 2006 and in America in 2008 for President.  Webb will be back to writing books.  Good books to be sure.

“Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen ‘Macacawitz'”

Thursday, October 5, 2006; Page B02

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