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Turkey: Christian Armenian Genocide Sources

December 3, 2006

=== Jan Lahmeyer Netherlands===

Netherlands based estimate: Turkey Population year by year. Note data is massaged for earlier years. Approximately 13 million 1913. (2104,8 thousands plus 10982,1.)

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1910: Asia Minor 10.9 million

1910 Armenia and Kurdistan 2.5 million (2540,7 thousands). Note for Kurdistan he has a blank, so the 2.5 million may not include any for Kurdistan. It appears counting the non-Kurdistan subdivisions he has for this category one gets close to 2.5 million. So it appears Kurdistan is not part of this 2.5 million figure.
Sometimes counted households sometimes people. Author claims a household could have 10 people.

==US Consul Horton

Ottoman Statistics Anatolia pre-1915

9.15 million total

5.596 million Muslim

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Anatolia Muslims 15 million 1914 from Ministry of Interior. The Minister of the Interior said in 1914 that Turkey was for the Turks only. This meant for the Muslims only.

Anatolia Greeks 1.6 to 1.8 million, several sources cited. The Ministry of the Interior was already behind genocide of the Christians since the 1890’s. Some of the sources indicate deliberate underestimating of Christians and overestimating of Muslims. That had been going on for over 50 years before 1914 according to at least one source.


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Turkey population Anatolia 1910

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