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Call Senator John Warner, Jim Webb: Allison Kunhardt, Tessa Tranchant

May 24, 2007

I made more calls to my senators and other to stop amnesty and guestworker. I called again to Senator Jim Webb and thanked him for opposing guest worker and to vote against the final bill because it still has guest worker, and thus honor his campaign pledge to vote against guest worker.

I also did a couple other suggested calls. I’ve called my state Republican office and they told me to call the Republican National Committee, RNC, which I did. But I’m going to call them again too. They said they didn’t deal with that, but they have to deal with it if they lose people from the Republican party. That impacts them too.

Keep calling even if you’ve called. Find out the amendments each day at Numbers USA and Fairus. Call on the amendments and call to them thank when they vote our way on amendments. Keep this up. Get family and friends to call. Also fax and do personal faxes and emails in addition to faxing services.

Bush may be taking his revenge on Buchanan Perot voters for voting against his father in 1992. This is discussed at the link below.

This is no time to let up. If you haven’t called, call. If you’ve called, call again. Find out the new amendments and call about them.

Statistics on median wages, flat since 1973 for men, etc below:

The labor force participation rates of black, Hispanic, Asian and white men are all projected by the government to fall from 2004 to 2014 even without this bill.

That means an increase in every type of crime and family breakup. This means your kids won’t have job security, so they can’t get married, have kids, stay married and have more kids. That’s the revenge Bush wants on Buchanan Perot voters for not supporting his dad in 1992. He got Saddam Hussein, now he wants us.

Below is a thread at Free Republic

“Parents of crash victims attend event targeting illegal immigration
The Virginian-Pilot ^ | May 19, 2007 | GILLIAN GAYNAIR”

“Call Webb, Warner and Drake, and tell them in a nice way that their jobs depend on their vote on immigration,” said Bill Buchanan of the American Council for Immigration Reform in Arlington. “Do nothing, and things will get worse. You must direct your efforts to make this state less attractive to immigrants.”

About 50 people attended the event – all of whom had to show identification to enter – which was designed to encourage people to join Help Save Virginia. The group grew from Help Save Herndon, a group that came together over concerns about day laborers in their town.

The meeting was sponsored by the Virginia chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

“The event was scheduled before the March 30 car crash that killed Virginia Beach teenagers Allison Kunhardt (also spelled Alison Kunhardt in some webpages) and Tessa Tranchant. Alfredo Ramos, an illegal immigrant, has been charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter.

Alison’s father, David Kunhardt, and Tessa’s mother, Colette Tranchant, attended Friday’s gathering.”

Look at the photo of the two teens killed by the illegal drunk driver who had a prior record and wasn’t deported. This case is getting to Senator Warner. If you live in Virginia call Webb and Warner about it. This is working. Find out about
cases like this at other sites like Vdare. When you look at the photo of these two teens you will get the energy to call again. This is a fight and these two are martyrs.


teens Brenda Walker


Pat Buchanan. H. Ross Perot. Ralph Nader. Reform Party. George H. W. Bush. George W. Bush. John McCain. Teddy Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy. Shamnesty. McAmnesty. McKennedy. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act 2007. Bush Senate Amnesty.


By voting for amnesty, Senator John Warner and Senator Jim Webb take ownership of these deaths. Ask them if they take ownership of these deaths by voting for amnesty. Remind them they take ownership of these deaths by voting for amnesty.

Senator Lieberman spoke of protecting asylum today on the Senate floor. He takes ownership of current, past and future deaths from asylum grantees and refugees. Remind him he takes ownership of past deaths and remind him of them by name.


Senator Warner is the 21 st wealthiest Senator. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, but productivity has gone up. That mostly went into profits and thus stock prices. Senator Warner didn’t trade the lives of the two teens for us to have higher wages.

Senator Warner traded their lives and our having lower wages so he could have higher stock prices. He takes ownership of their deaths by his stock profits. Senator Warner profited from their deaths by keeping our wages down while productivity went up, so all the productivity gains were channeled away from us to his stock portfolio.

Open Secrets Wealth of Senators, Warner is 21st in 2005

Senator Warner traded the lives of Allison Kunhardt, Tessa Tranchant for his stock portfolio. He took ownership in their deaths. Remind him of that.



Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Virginia

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Virginia

SPLC Center is also making hay of the group sponsoring the event for the parents of Allison Kunhardt and Tessa Tranchant. Do they take ownership of the two teens deaths by their constant support of illegal immigration? By their attacks on Lou Dobbs and the Minutemen? When “public interest” law firms target teens by taking ownership in what kills them, what should we do? Call our senators. Call Jim Webb and John Warner.

(Final Note for SPLC: Cite your sources. If you use Colorado Media Matters work then cite them. CMM is also on the left, but doesn’t have a huge fancy HQ like SPLC does. Maybe people on the left would rather give their money to CMM which did the hard work on the Leprosy sources. CMM also cited and linked the US government graph that said Indochina refugees, legal immigration, were responsible for the Leprosy bulge in the 1970’s. CMM had the integrity to link to a graph that went against their main claim, by showing that legal immigration does cause Leprosy. SPLC as a public interest law firm has at least a double obligation to list references that teach away from its positions. Also SPLC owed equity to CMM and to tell the whole story when it set out to correct Lou Dobbs. They didn’t do that by not linking to the CMM page or the graph from the US government that said Indochina refugees, legal immigration, caused the 1970’s Big Bulge in Leprosy.)

Also see CMM here on this story.

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