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The Problem with Neocons

October 7, 2007

Is that they are leftists. They are not really loyal to any country or people and that includes America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, and New Zeeland. The neocons advocate demographic policies guaranteed to cause complete genetic replacement in every one of those lands. The figures on below replacement fertility show that. Neocons should be better called Neoites as in Trotskyites or Shachtmanites.

They could be called Wolfowitzites after Paul Wolfowitz but that would be unfair to Jacob Wolfowitz who was a good mathematician and statistician. In the long run, Jacob’s work will be remembered but not Paul’s. (Only if we preserve the West from the demographic destruction that Paul Wolfowitz advocates will Jacob Wolfowitz’s work be remembered or even used.)

Perlites might be a name. It sounds like something you buy on TV. It doesn’t require an electric cord and you can use it to light up your patio at night. In this case, Perlites don’t work and are not worth the money. Send them back and insist on a refund.

Another possibility would be Kristolites. These sound like something that grows in a cave, possibly upside down from the ceiling of the cave. If you don’t watch where you are going, one will stick in your back.

Fouad Ajami is another regular in the neocon circuit. Whether he counts as a neocon or not is hard to say. He presumably supports replacement immigration in all Western lands, which is one of the keys. He is profiled as the Native Informant by the Nation. Ajamites sounds like some sect from the desert. What they believe, no one is sure, but its not exactly the same as any orthodox faith. He is a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Another name would be after Podhoretz. The possiblities that suggest themselves here are endless. Children of a lesser Pod suggests itself as a possible movie title. However, sticking with our ite them, we come to Podites. These sound like some sort of evil plant stinger that will stick into you if you get near it.

We then move up to up to Condi Rice. Here we can use either name, since Condi is one of those know them by their first name people. She isn’t really much of a neocon, but her name does lend well to the ite theme. Condite. This sounds like something from French history. Sounds like Dumas vaguely. The Condites are threatening the king. The other possibility are Ricites. This sounds like some sort of disease where you don’t get enough of something in your diet.

Giuliani fits the literal meaning of neocon. Giuliani was not and never will be conservative but would like to run the Republican party. Giuliani is not loyal to the demos (people) of America. This is why Giuliani is most popular with the neocons. He hates the people but loves the power. Giuliani is for replacement immigration in all Western lands just like neocons. Giuliani pretends to be against “radical” Islam while promoting the spread of Islam everywhere. Giulianites and neocons agree on everything.

Giulianites also sound like some faction in Florence in the Renaissance. No one knows what they were for but they funded good art. Unfortunately, that part they don’t do anymore.

Giuliani like the neocons pretends to have responded to 9-11, but actually advocated the policy that brought it in, immigration, and continue to do so. They both hate Virgil Goode who wants to stop Muslim immigration, and in fact hate him more than bin Laden. Hating Goode is almost a real emotion for them both, but ambition is their real emotion and loyalty.

They both are fine to let Pakistan have and sell nukes. They both are fine with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s support of terrorism before and after 9-11. Neither Giuliani nor the neocons ever criticize Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has money. Pakistan they just don’t care what it does.

Neocons hate spontaneously all people everywhere connected to other people. This is why they hate Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode, Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, etc. These are all leaders connected organically to people. Neocons prefer the false goods of George W. Bush, Rudi Giuliani, and the Clintons. Like a fungus they are attaching themselves to candidates everywhere.

Finally, there are the neocons in jail or convicted or indicted or being investigated. Scooter Libby falls into this group. Libbyites. This sounds like something from the 1960’s. Its close to Lobbyites. Which may sum up the neocons best of all.

Neocons are not an organic part of any group. They are an inorganic group. They are connected to think tanks, speaking fees, private jets, corporate, especially defense interests, or corrupt universities but are not linked to any people on earth. They are connected to offshore bank accounts more than to any onshore people, whom they think of as rubes everywhere.

Lobbyites don’t know where people come from. They don’t understand that human bonds, civilization, culture and identity are all connected to land and people. They don’t care if they are in Riyadh shelling sheikhs for shekels or in Washington dialing donors for dollars. That is all they are loyal to, or even comprehend. The original monument to Lobbyites is a buried plot next to that of a forgotten pharaoh’s pyramid.

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