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Gordon Brown: I loathe the English people

December 13, 2009

Gordon Brown speech on why to re-elect the Labour Party for more dismal years.

I am despicable but so is Cameron.  I support ethnic cleansing immigration because Labour is a party of Moscow and we despise our voters and think they should go extinct.

Cameron and the Torties (sic) do it because they are in the pocket of the City and they have no loyalty.  Just look at Cameron.  He is incapable of loyalty.  He is a smiling robot processing you into oblivion for his tuppence.

I do it because I hate you.  Cameron is indifferent to your fate, but I actually loathe you with every fiber of my being.

With me you get a real flesh and blood man who will do his all to destroy you and erase you.  With Cameron you get the same but he makes it look easy and like he doesn’t care.  And that is because it is easy and he doesn’t care.

What about the minor parties?  UKIP?  They just want out of Europe.  They are the same as Labour and the Cons pretending this is not about race.  Its all about race now.  That’s all it was ever about.

What of BNP?  They are racist bigots. They want to preserve the British race in these isles.  Forget that.  My entire life has been to fight that attitude.  I am now on the verge of success.  Will you abandon me now that I am achieving my and your dream?  What we have worked for so hard for all these years?  What you have sacrificed for?

The BNP are the only real opposition party.   They are the opposition in spirit and mind.  That is why I and all the other parts of the establishment loathe them and hate them.  We fear them.  They are telling the truth about what we have done.  Because you see dear voter, we are the real racists and bigots.   We all know that.

Its the BNP that represents the real England.  They are the British people of old come back alive to take back their country from the likes of us, Moscow’s spawn.   But thankfully, they depend on you.  And you won’t even be for you.  So you will go extinct.

You are too cowardly to speak up for your own survival.  You grumble about the small things but are afraid to say the big thing, stop immigration and send the non-British home. And that means especially the non-white.  They must go at once.  But you are cowards and I am safe.

Win or lose to the Tories, the policy is the same.  If I lose I simply go collect millions like Tony Blair.  Win or lose to the Tories and your fate is the same.  You lose.  Goodbye to all of you.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

From The Sunday Times
December 13, 2009
Gordon Brown tells Labour party to get set for snap election

Jonathan Oliver, Isabel Oakeshott and David Smith

Comment thread is very good.


Obama America and Britain only connected by language

March 4, 2009

Obama says that America and Britain are only connected by the English language and nothing else.

Mr. Brown is the first European leader to meet with Mr. Obama since the president took office in January. Some observers in Britain are concerned the new administration is not committed to the decades-long “special relationship” enjoyed by London and Washington.

Mr. Obama dismissed those concerns as “misguided,” saying the U.S. and Britain are sustained by a common language and culture.

Obama returned the Churchill bust from White House that was loaned after 9/11.

Patrick Cleburne

–Following from Patrick Cleburne

The reason why according to The Telegraph

a bust of Mr Lincoln now sits in the Oval Office where Epstein’s Churchill once ruled the roost.

is that Obama detests founding-stock Americans (and, no doubt, their cousins). Lincoln’s bust is in the Oval Office because he killed more of them than anybody else. Obama hates them partly because of his traiterous mother and partly because in Affirmative Action America that is the attitude that pays.

— end Cleburne quote

Brenda Walker

These may be the “Britons” that Obama identifies with:

Gordon Brown rules out snap election

October 6, 2007

“By Patrick Hennessy and Melissa Kite Last Updated: 12:10am BST 07/10/2007. Gordon Brown has ruled out calling a snap general election after a political fightback by the Conservatives.”;jsessionid=HT4UJHVC2HABBQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/10/07/nelection107.xml&posted=true&_requestid=761459

Brown should admit the people want different policies on the EU and immigration. Declare a moratorium on both and let the people decide those issues in referendum. Also ask if hate speech laws have gone too far and if the public wants American style freedom of speech guarantees. Be British as in US Census Code 11, not as in Political Correctness.

US Census Codes






Analysis: Gordon’s colour now will be yellow

Last Updated: 8:49pm BST 06/10/2007

Mr Brown will be presented as a man frightened of a leadership contest, an EU referendum and an election. He only has himself to blame, writes Matthew d’Ancona.

The stupidest criticism is to say he was yellow. Its stupid to call an election you

will lose. When you know the consequences are bad, you should stop. Rushing forward to failure isn’t courage, its Bushism.

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Gordon Brown ‘would win election landslide’ unless Cameron stops immigration

September 22, 2007

“The YouGov poll – the first since the High Street was plunged into turmoil – puts Labour on 39 points, the Conservatives on 33 and the Liberal Democrats on 16. It means Labour has dropped two points in the last month with the Liberal Democrats up by two points, and the Tories remaining at the same level.” from UK Daily Telegraph article By Andrew Porter, Political Editor Last Updated: 8:50am BST 22/09/2007.

Other parties in the poll get 12 percent. About 10 percent of that is likely BNP since UKIP is small and BNP got about 10 percent in a recent by election.

The way that main parties stay main is adopting a 3rd party position. If the Tories came out against all immigration and against the EU they would take the two issues of the BNP and UKIP. They should also insist on no accommodation to Islam, however they want to phrase that.

Instead David Cameron has come close to saying that the UK is a proposition country not an ethnic or national one.,,2095809,00.html

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