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Gordon Peterson immigration traitor betrays workers

December 19, 2008

Gordon Peterson on Inside Washington celebrated immigrants at an immigration ceremony.  This was a swearing in of 636 new citizens, 636 immigrants taking citizenship.  He implied the usual stuff that Auster, Vanishing American, Vdare and others point out about the MSM, that they celebrate immigrants as the authentic Americans.  This is the basis of having them genocide us in the MSM mind.

Immigration causes genetic replacement.  Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, see p60-235.pdf graph page 19.  Gordon Peterson is disloyal to his viewers and his extended family and to Americans.  These people are causing our genetic extinction.  It follows that our institutions, jobs, etc. are substituted out to force us out of existence.  The new people are not loyal to our institutions, contrary to what Gordon Peterson said.

They are loyal to their own ethnic groups. Steven Chu has helped China build its networks in the US and gain our know-how.  China deliberately spreads nuclear know and has an EZ nuke design for Muslim states so they can spread it and use it.  This was pointed out by Thomas C. Reed. He has a new book coming out.

The truth is the opposite of what Gordon Peterson said.  What is true is that Peterson is not loyal to America or Americans.  Peterson has no loyalty to the actual people in America.  That means he has no loyal to anything, not culture or institutions either.  He is a bloviating idiot, but who still knows he is advocating the loss of jobs of Americans in this time of trouble.

Peterson like the MSM on 9/11 is covering up that he caused the job loss.  People are in trouble now because Peterson pushed immigration for his entire career.  The subprime crisis was caused by the people Peterson brought.

Peter Jennings and the MSM pushed immigration on 9/11 because they knew they brought the killers here.  Peterson knows now he brought the job takers, and also the killers and rapists here.  Peterson is to blame for the subprime mess more than AIG or FNMA.  He knows that.  That is why he has this swearing in ceremony for immigrations film on Inside Washington.  Its also why the other traitors also praise it.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Peterson lies worse than the oligarchs before the French Revolution or the Tsar and Rasputin before the Russian Revolution.  Peterson is a fraud because he pretends to be for us and he pretends to tell the truth.  Both are false.

Peterson is engaged in justifying his own role in genocide.  Peterson is trying to cow his victims into silence.  Peterson is preemptively calling his victims bigots to silence them by his immigration film.  Peterson knows he has been disloyal and has harmed his fans and viewers, his customers, and continues to do it.  He then calls them bigots to hide his own harm to them.  That makes him equivalent to Bernie Madoff and other financial fraudsters.

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