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“Arrogant Gringo” Kate McCann Made Suspect in Police Payback

September 7, 2007

The Portuguese police, who have been subjected for months to pressure from Kate McCann to find her daughter have declared this English mother of 3 to be the suspect in the disappearance of her child.

(Warning, Warning Will Robinson, inappropriate humor follows.)

“Blood was found” in a rental car rented a month after the disappearance. You want more proof? They can plant more evidence.

(It may only have been a dog’s reaction to scent of blood, see here and below. The car was returned to the McCann’s which would be unlikely if bloodstains were found in the car.)

She was declared an arguida (suspect) in order for police to ask her a further 22 “difficult” questions surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance.

Wasn’t that, she was made an arguida for being difficult with the police for not finding her kid?

The UK Times :

Police have told Mrs McCann – who was booed and jeered by bystanders as she returned to the police station in Portimao this morning – that traces of blood allegedly found in the boot of her and her husband’s hire car suggest that she was involved in her daughter’s death, a spokeswoman for the couple revealed today.

Mrs McCann, a 39-year-old GP, is said to have replied that the Renault Scenic hire car was rented 25 days after Madeleine went missing, and the suggestion that her blood could have been found in it was ridiculous.

“What do you mean ridiculous, I planted it myself. Actually, I oversaw my man do it. Actually, I told him to do it, and I got drunk. But look, the blood is there now (unless I made it up for fun), and you are going to pay. I am not incompetent. Think about that in jail.”

This is how Gringos (and Latinos) are treated in Hispanic cultures when they make trouble for the authorities. They should just move along instead of saying the police are incompetent to find their kid, or brother, or mothers, or whatever it is this time.

These Gringo witches like Kate McCann come down here like they owned the country. Serves them right when they cause trouble for the police. She says the police are incompetent. Well they showed her. Does she know how much work it takes to plant evidence? She could have filed her report and gone home.

But no, the Gringo Witch from England thinks the police are to stop all they do and find her brats. They think their precious little blond ones are so special. Well, the police will show her who is special in Portugal. Portugal for the Portuguese, let this teach the Anglos a lesson.

The TV and press in Anglo-land cover this 24 by 7 as they say in Gringo lands. Well, news for gringos, only fools work 24 by 7. Those who work that long are going to find their comeuppance soon. The demon has a place for those who live that way.

The mother in the Natalee Holloway case acted the same way. Of course, she was in America, so the police couldn’t charge her for taking her daughter out of a bar drunk and taking her to the beach in the islands. But this English woman, she is not so lucky.

This needs to be a lesson for the whole Anglo-world. We don’t want you on this planet. Can’t you get it? How many times do we, the indigenous people, have to say it, get off this planet now. Anglo-land, why not call it Arab-land. Now that’s an idea. Remember, Gringos, you are the real haters. Don’t you get angry or something over what happens to your little blond ones when they venture into our lands.

Some reference reading is at

Katie’s Dad

Vanishing American

==Added Sep 8, 2007

Kate’s mum Susan, 61, claimed that evidence had been planted in a desperate bid to frame Kate and Gerry.

She said: “This is a set-up. Maddie is Kate and Gerry’s world. They would never do anything to harm her.”

Asked about the reports that Madeleine’s blood was found in the hire car, Susan, 61, claimed: “If there is any evidence to implicate Kate and Gerry in any way, then it has been planted.

“I know why this is happening. The police are trying to frame them for murder.

“Portugal is part of the European community but it has performed like a third-world country.

re Portuguese CID Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral

Anonymous said… This is just a proof that british are racist people that sill believes that they rule an Empire.

Not a single word about the thousands of missing children in the UK, of which more than 25% are never found.

How many abducted by immigrants in the UK?

Miguel said…

Apart from this, Paulo Reis is absolutely right in being so outraged with the racist British media.

Yes, way too many British are in fact, racists and we are beginning to dislike them seriously here in Portugal.

List of articles in the Sun:,,2005320001,00.html,,2005320001-2007411048,00.html

Kate’s mum Susan, 61, accused Portuguese cops of planting evidence to FRAME her. She insisted: “This is a set-up. Maddie is Kate and Gerry’s world. They would never do anything to harm her.”

Susan said of reports that Maddie’s DNA was found in the car hired by the couple after the youngster vanished: “It must have been planted by the perpetrator.”

“But I know why this is happening — the police are trying to frame them for murder. If there is any evidence to implicate Kate and Gerry in any way then it has been planted. I don’t know how, what or when, but something has been put in place to bring about this bizarre line of questioning.

The following at UK Telegraph is the best analysis and summary of the case in terms of the claims of the prosecutor and the holes in the prosecutor’s case.

Kate McCann: The claims and case for defence

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter
Last Updated: 2:07am BST 08/09/2007

Most implausible of all, perhaps, is the suggestion that Mrs McCann returned to the place where she had hidden the body a month later, put it in the boot of her hire car and driven somewhere to dispose of the body.

Ever since Madeleine’s disappearance the McCanns have been surrounded by friends and family, police officers and the media – are we to believe that she somehow gave them all the slip and buried her daughter or threw her out to sea?

On a procedural level, a catalogue of blunders by the police, who failed to seal off the crime scene, would be likely to render any forensic evidence unreliable.

OA Comment at:

Blood samples were analysed in Birmingham, so don’t blame the Portuguese police anymore. After all, they are working hand in hand with the British police. I don’t know whether the parents are involved or not, but I wouldn’t defend them just for the fact they are British. This is not a case for patriotism.

Sarah, Madrid, Spain

Patriotism is when you are for your side even when the outcome is uncertain and perhaps even the rightness of your side is in doubt. If you wait for certainty to fight, your chance may be lost. We don’t have many chances for patriotism left.

Patriotism is also being for our kin at times of doubt in them. Kate McCann’s family aren’t waiting for the final proof to speak up for her. We, her larger extended family, should follow that example. We need to find the ability to be loyal.

Kate McCann needs our loyalty now, not after she is proven innocent. Not after the kidnappers are found. She needs loyalty now, and we owe her loyalty now when she is in a far-off land amidst those who say as Miguel says, “Yes, way too many British are in fact, racists and we are beginning to dislike them seriously here in Portugal.

We don’t know what loyalty is anymore. Because we don’t know what loyalty is, our elected representatives don’t know either. Nor do the MSM. Until we tell them with our votes and our purchases, and our letters, faxes, phone calls and visits, they won’t know what loyalty is.

(The search “what price loyalty” brings up many interesting hits including the case of Frank Ellis at Leeds, fired for research in genetic differences. A disloyal letter to the Independent from co-faculty here.

In 1934, St. Lawrence Starch sponsored a series of radio dramas set in Upper Canada during the United Empire Loyalist and 1812 war period, entitled What Price Loyalty?

The program was sponsored by the Hamilton based Wentworth Radio Broadcasting. The initial broadcast was so popular that the program was a regular radio feature until 1939.

More information here.


Those who believe in God might say that the West has lost its ability to have faith in itself at the same time as it lost the ability to have faith in God. What can’t be proven, the West won’t believe. Without proof the West should survive, the doubters won’t believe it. Believing your side should survive, even if you don’t have proof that its best on some cosmic scale of justice is what patriotism is. That seems to be what the West lacks. In fact, it doubts the worth of its own survival even when the proof that it is better on the cosmic scales of justice is already in.

Each person who has had an education, which can be largely self-taught, each person who can use the internet, each person who can use reason is special in this universe. Every such person is valuable and needs to use their time well. Each such person counts.

This time counts. The future of the universe is at stake. All of the sacrifice since the dawn of life is at stake. This matters.

Each act in this fight counts. Each person who makes one phone call, writes one letter, posts one blog, matters. It is still far too few who call their representative, post at MSM or other websites, write blogs, or help organize on or off line. Its not to late to make a difference. No act is too little.

Those who sacrificed in the past didn’t ask for a guarantee that future generations would screw it up. Those who died on the Somme, or the beaches of Normandy or the Pusan Pocket didn’t ask for it in writing that we would do the right thing so that their sacrifice was not in vain.

But those who die in Baghdad, Basra, or the mountains of Afghanistan do have a right to ask us to do such little things as to call our representatives and say stop all immigration. We are so pampered. We don’t have to go fight in foreign wars, but we won’t even lift our hand to call our representative to stop the war from coming here by immigration.

Those who died for our freedom in wars past or even resistance to unjust authority would doubt their sacrifice when they see how little we need to do and how we are unwilling to do even that little. As Churchill might say today: Never in human history have so many done so less than a little when only so little had to be done.

Loyalty, patriotism and faith don’t have meaning, and we and our lives and loves don’t have meaning, without making sure that Western civilization built on these values does not perish in a moment of self-doubt or self-loathing or misplaced, but unrealistic, sentiment about what it takes to keep Western Civilization alive. We all die, but what has been built by the West must not pass because the West allowed itself to pass and just hoped others would carry it on. Every act by every person no matter how small or seemingly not heard counts.

==Sep 8, 2007 12:11 PM: Scent of Blood in Trunk of Car not Blood Stains

The questioning of Mrs McCann focused on scientific tests suggesting that Madeleine’s blood was found in a car the couple hired 25 days after the child disappeared from Praia da Luz in May. The vehicle was seized a month ago and examined before being returned to the couple. Local papers claimed the child’s bloodstains had been found in the boot and on the key fob, but police refused to confirm this.

You don’t return a car when you find bloodstains in it. You put it in the police compound for the duration of the case. A car is returned in a high profile case like this only if the police think there is almost zero chance of there being any solid evidence in it or on it. They went over it thoroughly. (Also the bloodstain in the apartment according to some sources is unidentified and according to others is a man’s.)

“Scent discovery: the latest twist in the missing child story. ”
By Gibby Zobel, The First Post UK

According to the Portuguese paper Correio da Manha, quoting unnamed police sources, the scent of a corpse has been found on Kate McCann’s clothes by British sniffer dogs. The scent was also found on Madeleine’s Cuddle Cat, which her mother has carried with her ever since the four-year-old went missing.

Kate McCann said she handled cadavers before she went on vacation in her job as a doctor.

The dog, trained to pick up the scent of corpses, became ‘extremely nervous’ when shown Kate’s T-shirt and shorts, according to the paper. A second dog, trained in detecting blood and saliva, picked up a scent in the boot of the McCanns’ rented car.

This is very different than blood found in the trunk or boot as they say in British English. The dog can’t identify blood with the certainty of a DNA test and possibly may have just reacted to human blood. In addition, the scent of Madeleine could be in the car and someone else’s blood trace on clothes and the dog could react to the combination. Its not, according to this report, blood spots in the trunk, its just the scent of blood. This is a far cry from evidence the body was moved 25 days after the disappearance.

The e-mail phone intercepts rumors are described here:

== Added 1:46 PM McCanns should buy the rental car and have it examined by press.

“Sympathy and suspicion — the case so far”

Did anybody see an abduction?

Dr O’Brien and his wife Jane Tanner appear to have left the dinner table during the final hour before Madeleine was known to be missing. They went to look after their daughter. Jane Tanner told police she saw a man walking away from the McCanns’ apartment carrying a child. Reports said that she had given the time of the sighting as 9.30pm.

What has prompted the latest questionings?

At first, it was assumed that results of tests taken on traces of blood, hair and fibres found in the apartment prompted the Portuguese police to reinterview the couple. Experts at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham have spent a month analysing samples found by British sniffer dogs in Madeleine’s bedroom. Some reports now suggest that forensic tests on a car hired by the McCanns 25 days after Madeleine disappeared raise new questions. There are unconfirmed claims that blood stains, possibly linked to Madeleine, were found in the boot and on the key fob. There have been suggestions that a syringe was found in the flat, leading to rumours that the child might have been sedated.

The police would not return a car that had bloodstains in it in a high profile case, or likely any. The McCanns should buy this rental car to preserve it as evidence of innocence. They should invite the Times to do an independent analysis of the entire car.

== 5:11 PM Sep 8, 2007 (EDT US) UK Times confirms some of above.

September 9, 2007 (Posted by 5:11 Saturday evening US time)

PORTUGUESE police tried to pressurise Kate McCann into admitting killing her daughter Madeleine by repeatedly showing her video footage of sniffer dogs allegedly finding the scent of a body in the family’s hire car.


During 16 hours of interrogation she was shown the footage of the dogs clambering over the Renault Scenic car in the hope that she would break down and confess.


The dogs’ reaction was a key reason why the police suspect her of killing Madeleine. Officers told Kate they had found her daughter’s DNA in the car even though it was hired three weeks after her disappearance.

Portuguese detectives last night faced questions about the value of the evidence which they hoped would force Kate to break down. The family claim it is ambiguous and flawed.

They were supported by British forensic scientists who have also been surprised by aspects of the investigation. They said that the rental car — still in the possession of the McCanns — would have been automatically impounded as a central piece of evidence if it was a British police inquiry. The family point out that Kate has carried Cuddle Cat, Madeleine’s soft toy, since her disappearance, which could explain the presence of her DNA in the rental car. British forensic experts also said that footage of agitated dogs would be of limited value in the law courts.

A Leicestershire police official is said to have told Gerry that the sniffer dog alone was not sufficient to consider someone a suspect, but was usually used as a basis for further intelligence gathering.

Hugh White, a Home Office pathologist, said he could not understand why the car was held by the police for just two days. “In this country the car would have been stripped down into tiny pieces and the forensics team would be crawling all over it,” he said. Other forensic scientists said the information revealed so far was far from conclusive. Keith Borer, a retired forensic scientist, said: “What they seem to have found makes good questions for a police interview, but evidentially it seems pretty weak.”

==UK Lab: No blood in car, McCanns fly home to UK with permission

9:08 PM Sep 8, 2007 EDT US

The family point out Kate has carried Cuddle Cat, Madeleine’s soft toy, since her disappearance, which could explain the presence of her DNA in the rental car. Initial reports that the DNA source was blood have not been confirmed.

Sources from the Forensic Science Service Laboratory in Birmingham, which analysed swabs taken from the hire car, are reported to have dismissed as “simply wrong” speculation that blood was found.

They added that the DNA samples were so degraded only an incomplete match with Madeleine’s DNA could be made.

== 7:20 AM 10 Sep 2007 Reply to Comment

Hispanic (Spanish Hispano, Portuguese Hispânico, from Latin Hispānus, adjective from Hispānia, the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula) is a term that historically denoted relation to the ancient Hispania and its peoples.

Prior to the marriage of Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469 the four Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, Aragon, CastileLeon and Navarre were collectively referred to as Hispania. This usage, in medieval times, appears to have originated in provençal and appears to be first documented at the end of the XI Century. Indeed, in the Council of Constance the four kingsoms appear as if forming a single unity (“nación española”) and all four shared one vote.

Latino in some of the Romance languages, such as Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, literally means a person from the Lazio (ancient name: Latium) region in Italy and most notably, someone of ancient Italy’s capital, Rome, as well as a member of any of the modern European Romance-speaking nations or peoples, and Romance-speaking nations or peoples of the Americas.

Gringo (feminine, gringa) is a term in the Spanish and Portuguese languages used in some countries of Latin America to refer to foreigners from different cultures, especially from the United States, but also from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere, including in some cases other countries of Latin America itself.[1][2][3]

Gringo is also used in the domain for Portugal:


== Comment on Cement Theory

One theory of what happened on May 3, 2007 when Madeleine disappeared is as follows, pieced together from news articles and web page comments.

  1. The parents Kate and Gerry McCann consumed part of 14 bottles of wine already before 6 P.M.
  2. In this state they gave sedatives to Madeleine and possibly the two twins.
  3. They then realized sometime that they gave too many to Madeleine and that she was dead.
  4. They waited 2 hours in the apartment for it to get darker, sunset was 8:30 PM and they had daylight savings time.
  5. Kate also knew that it takes 2 hours for cadaver smell to form, at least, and they had to wait for that. Of course, they could spend the time drinking more wine laughing hysterically.
  6. So they left the apartment at 8 p.m.
  7. Note that to have given the body 2 hours to develop cadaver smell in the apartment, they had to have given Madeleine the sedative at 6 P.M. sharp and Madeleine, unlike anyone else given an overdose of sedatives had to die instantly.
  8. They had some rental car and drove it without incident to a road construction site. This car the police never bothered to check later, because why bother. Note that the Portuguese papers claim that the police found cadaver smell in the apartment in August even though it was rented to other people in-between. So why not some car they had on May 3, even if it had others rent it in-between? The car they actually tested, or reported results for was rented 25 days after May 3, 2007.
  9. They got to the construction site at 8:15 P.M.
  10. This was deserted but had poured fresh cement in ditches.
  11. The cement was still so fresh that they hoped they could put the body of their child in the cement and no one would notice, they could put the child’s body in several hour old cement and then smooth out several out old cement and the workmen wouldn’t care that the level of the cement was now 1 foot higher than the surrounding cement.
  12. Well actually, the cement was too dried. But fortunately Gerry had worked construction in summer jobs while working his way through medical school, and he always worked the cement machine. Also the Portuguese workmen left their equipment out and with the keys in the ignition of the cement truck.
  13. Or Kate hot-wired the cement truck, she can do anything, she is so cool and determined under pressure, and the effects of the slightly under 14 bottles of wine were wearing off already.
  14. So they drove the cement truck to the ditch.
  15. But Gerry was so drunk and really sort of worthless in a pinch, and he couldn’t remember how to operate the cement machine.
  16. So Kate mounted the cement machine and struck it with her broom and cement poured out covering the body of Madeleine and forming a neat even same color extension of the older cement from during the day.
  17. Then Gerry tried to level the cement out like he did in his college summer job. But he was so drunk he made a mess of it. So Kate wanded her broom over the cement to smooth it out very evenly. Actually, there was one little spot that was sticking out but Kate did that little nose thing, you know the little twitch and suddenly it was all glassy smooth. It was as good a job as workmen, hey they are doctors, despite whatever part of the 14 bottles of wine they had had.
  18. They left the cement machine in position assuming the workers wouldn’t care the next day or notice it had been hot-wired. Nor would the workers care that 3 extra feet of cement were laid as well.
  19. They got back in their car and drove without incident back to their apartment.
  20. They were back at 8:25 P.M.
  21. They checked on the twins who despite being 2 instead of just short of 4 like Madeleine were doing fine with their sedatives.
  22. Then they walked over to the Tapas bar and finished off the rest of the 14 bottles of wine with their friends so they would be calm enough to deal with the police making so much noise for the next few hours when Madeleine was discovered missing by Kate at 10 P.M.
  23. Next morning Jose and Jong showed up for work. Jong: Look man, someone been in my cement mixer truck. Jose: Maybe you had too much in your bong yesterday, man. Jong: Someone poured concrete man. Jose: It looks the same as when we do it, nice and smooth. Jong: This looks too glassy, man. This is like a witch did it. Probably she wanded it with her broom. Jose: Maybe she did the nose twitch thing, you know, like she looked at it and then twitched her nose. Jong: Something powerful was going on last night like some witches coven came down here and took over man. Jose: We better call the police man. Jong: What are we going to say, witches took over our cement mixer and used witch voodoo to make the cement glassy smooth? Jose: They might bring down bong smelling dogs and find your bong man. Jong: Let’s just pick up from where the witches left off.
  24. Then in August, 3 months later the cadaver smell was found on Kate’s clothes but not Gerry’s. This is despite a cadaver expert in the UK saying 28 days was the maximum for cadaver smell to last. Well we all know he would stand around gibbering while Kate did the dirty work.
  25. What about the dogs in the rental car rented 25 days after the disappearance? Well Kate and Gerry didn’t like the cement block that Madeleine was in, so they dug that one up and put her in another one. That was just a temporary cement block burial.
  26. If Kate and Gerry didn’t have a rental car on May 3, 2007 then they could have taken Madeleine’s body to the construction site on Kate’s broom. This is more consistent with the time limits anyhow. If they had taken a cab with Madeleine’s body, they would have had to have the cab wait while they mixed, poured and smoothed out the cement.

There is one obvious flaw with this theory. Gerry McCann is about 39 years old. So he would have been in college around 1987. But immigrants had already taken the good construction jobs and they weren’t hiring college students in the summer in those once great high paying jobs.

== 11:05 AM Comment at UK Times

Someone in a comment mentioned cement being used in road repair in Luz around that time. The McCann’s are supposed to have waited 2 hours in the apartment for cadaver smell to form from 6 to 8, then gone to a road site, got into a cement mixer, with keys conveniently left in it, mixed cement, poured it over the body, smoothed it out in a professional job, and then gone home.

They did all this after drinking part of 14 bottles of wine. Did they have a rental car on May 3? Why didn’t the police test that rental? How did they get to the road site with the body? Why didn’t the workers notice their cement mixer had been moved and fresh cement poured, which takes 24 hours to dry? Or did they just push the body into drying cement and smooth it down a bit hoping the workmen wouldn’t notice?

== Comments from UK Times

I lived in Portugal for 20 years, near Praia de Luz. I love Portugal and the Portuguese but in all my time in Portugal I found the Portuguese Police totally inept. There were four deaths in my village which should have been investigated and none were. One poor child of 9 was killed on the road walking back from the beach. The driver was not interrogated or breathalised – it was likely he was drunk -and no skid marks were taken. When I made enquiries, I was told the child should not have been on the road. This was ludicrous as there were no footpaths, only steep overgrown hedges. Whenever someone died suddenly, it was always, ‘Heart Attack’. The Portuguese Police need to send staff abroad to France, Germany, Britain or USA to learn how to run a police force. This latest accusation is typical of their amatuer ineptitude – it is pure guesswork. The Shame of the world is on them. John Stanbridge.

john stanbridge, baldock, herts

More at thread on police in Portugal and bribery in Eastern Europe of police.

Luckily Mcans had high profile, otherwise confession would have been obtained by these tactics. A person is innocent until proved guilty does not apply in portugual. Innocent until confession obtained by all means.

Ash, Coventry, UK

In hungary the police beat the young men with telephone directories because it doesnt leave a mark , but they class it as a good way of keeping teenagers in line.

madbob, marsport,


Praia da Luz is a seaside town, with lots of boats and not far from North Africa. Why would anyone think the little girl would still be in Portugal?

Paula, Newcastle,


Ash, Coventry, UK

== Police Conducting Smear Campaign Aug 9, 2007 UK Times

“The Police are Conducting a Smear Campaign against Kate McCann says friend” Aug 9, 2007

A close friend of Madeleine McCann’s parents said yesterday that a “hurtful and ludicrous” smear campaign was being conducted against the family.



Notice how the police fixate on Kate McCann.

More comments:

Articles w/o comments

Forensics Focus:

==1:39 PM 10 Sep 2007

Town where disappearance happened on May 3, 2007:

Above has webcam as well.

Blood found in car boot claim

Local Suspicion

Blood from car DNA match is about 80 percent, which can be other family members or DNA transfer from objects Madeleine touched. This is the car rented 25 days after the disappearance.

By Nick Fagge

Sources at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, which carried out the tests on swabs taken from the hire car, are understood to have dismissed as “simply wrong” some of the speculation surrounding the nature of the DNA evidence.

The DNA samples were so small and degraded that only an incomplete match could be made with Madeleine’s genetic profile, the sources have claimed.

Only 15 out of the 20 genetic markers usually used for such analysis could be identified, raising doubts about the value of the evidence. Only by obtaining 19 matches is a result regarded as conclusive. Independent experts also questioned the quality of the forensic evidence.

And if the match is less than perfect it is more likely that the DNA is not Madeleine’s but that of her brother, sister or parents.

Madeleine’s DNA could also have been transferred from anything she had touched in the days before she went missing.

See link for some pro and con comments.’t%20know



07.09.2007, 5:10pm

Of all the newspapers in the U.K. the Express has consistently been the one to print every piece of lurid gossip, slur and smear coming from the Portugese media. It has been lagging behind other newspapers in reporting actual news. Your newspaper has had lurid headline after lurid headline day after day after day. This was not out of compassion for Madeleine and as we hear that is the name she preferred, let’s call her that … it was all about filling your coffers. Me thinks you protest too much Geoff
• Posted by: elaineReport Comment

Click see all comments button to see more and Geoff’s reply. There are some very snarky comments against the McCanns on this thread and some other Daily Express threads.

There may be some class resentment going on here as well. This may illustrate the loss of patriotism from immigration as well as the feeling of many people of being left out or even pushed down by the toff elite.

==Photos Crime Scene and Town

==3:09 PM 10 Sep 2007,,2005320001-2007411020,00.html

Speaking this morning, Gerry McCann’s sister, Philomena McCann, told GMTV the couple were “emotionally exhausted” but remained strong. “All I can suggest is the Portuguese police are clutching at straws, they want to get this case cleared up.

“Kate and Gerry have been a thorn in their sides for a long time, what better than to cast them as the villains.”

“The police said they are not looking for a live child. We want Madeleine to be actively looked for.

== 3:25 PM 10 Sep 2007 Link with more inappropriate humor

Timeline as of Sep 7, 2007:,,2080070,00.html

May 8, 2007 Heavy criticism of Portuguese Police already:,,2074964,00.html

“Portuguese media clamour for conviction”
By Amol Rajan in Praia da Luz Published:

10 September 2007

Many newspapers have been accused of running a smear campaign against the McCanns, and several of yesterday’s headlines appeared to be clamouring for a conviction.

The newspaper said she then “got nervous”, “gave way”, and that the interrogator “took advantage of this moment of weakness” and confronted her with news that forensic scientists had found traces of blood in the back of their hire car with a 78.9 per cent match to Madeleine’s. At this point, Diario reported, Mrs McCann “refused to answer any more questions” and “broke down”. The police allegedly took Mrs McCann’s refusal to answer any further questions as evidence in the case.

== 5:41 PM 10 Sep 2007 Claim blood identified apartment and late rental

“Madeleine McCann DNA accurate match”

By Gordon Rayner, Caroline Gammell and Nick Britten
Last Updated: 10:10pm BST 10/09/2007

DNA samples that are a “100 per cent match” to Madeleine McCann have been found in her parents’ hire car and holiday apartment, it has been claimed.

Some experts have said that a 25 day old dead body wouldn’t transfer blood to a car. The rental car was rented 25 days after the disappearance. The alleged movement of the body would have to come after that. Didn’t the McCann’s leave on their trip shortly after renting this car?

Did they have a car on May 3, 2007? Why has there been no discussion of that car? The tests of the late rental came in August. So any rental the McCanns had on May 3, 2007 could have still been tested, even if returned. If they had no rental on May 3, 2007, how did they hide the body to move it later?

They would have had to hide it in town if they had no rental on May 3, 2007? If they had a rental then, then that is the car that should be tested. How could they hide the body in town and avoid discovery?

The McCanns met with the Pope on Wed May 30, 2007.

It was already announced on Sunday, May 27, 2007 that they would meet the Pope:

The car was rented Monday May 28, 2007, 25 days after the disappearance on May 3, 2007.

They met with the Pope on the Morning of May 30, 2007.

So from before they had the late rental, they were sufficiently in the news for people to know they were going to see the Pope.,,91210-1267797,00.html

Day by day list of news articles on McCann’s.

This seems to indicate they had constant activity from before May 28, 2007 onwards. How could they have transported Madeleine’s body in the late rental car on one of these days?

Top team behind Madeleine campaign

By Fiona Govan in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 3:13am BST 31/05/2007

Since the abduction of their daughter 27 days ago, Kate and Gerry McCann have surrounded themselves with a high-powered team of legal and press advisers to ensure every effort is made to keep the search for four-year-old Madeleine in the public eye.

Yesterday they embarked on the first of a series of trips across Europe to raise awareness of their daughter’s disappearance, accompanied by the man who is spearheading what has become a slick operation to promote the search for Madeleine.

The above was filed on May 30, and “yesterday” meant May 29? The 27 days ago makes sense if intended to refer to May 30?

They went to various European countries.

If they didn’t move the body the week of the car rental, then it would have been well over a month or more before they could have moved it. Their massive and much criticized campaign seems to leave little time to have ever moved the body.

Sniffer dogs were used on May 4, 2007:

These were to find Madeleine.

If they had no rental car on May 3, 2007, how could they hide her body?

== 7:13 PM 10 Sep 2007 DNA Match stories

Older report of no match:

PORTMAO, Portugal (AFP) — It is not certain that traces of blood found in a car rented by Kate and Gerry McCann matches that of their missing daughter Madeleine, the director of the Portuguese judicial police said Monday.

“None of the results of the analyses allows one to say with certainty that the blood comes from X or Y,” said Alipio Ribeiro on the Portuguese public television station RTP.

“Not with mathematical precision,” he said, in reference to claims by some British media outlets that the results were a perfect match with Madeleine’s DNA.

The blood traces were found in a car rented by Kate and Gerry McCann 25 days after their daughter, then three years old, disappeared from the family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3.

Recent reports of matches.

Police sources revealed they had obtained a full DNA profile match with the four-year-old from a previously undisclosed sample.

They said the presence of the full profile was the strongest evidence so far that Madeleine had been in the car. They also disclosed it was one of three DNA profiles matching Madeleine’s – two full and one partial – recovered by forensic investigators.

It followed earlier revelations that scientists had found Madeleine’s DNA “underneath the upholstery” in the family’s hire car.

Aerial photo showing how easy to kidnap the child:,,2080741,00.html

The car was seldom in the hands of the McCann’s from 25 days after the disappearance, when it was rented, for some time. They were out and about in Europe.

The kidnapper could have planted the evidence in their car if he could gain access to it and entrance to it. Whose idea was it to check the rental in August 2007? Did that come from a tip? Who was the tipster? Where were the McCanns before the tip?

It is more likely for someone local to have had control of the body and even the live girl to get blood than the McCanns. Evidence has to be considered in light of probability. What is more likely, that someone kidnapped the child and had the child or the body and then planted blood, or that the parents could hide the child the night of May 3, 2007 so that it stayed hidden for not just 25 days but likely much longer.

The more moves of the body in a theory, the less likely it is. The first night counts as one move. The second move in the car, and any other moves all are less likely. Where did they put the body in the second move? That is assumed to be no problem. But its still a problem to dispose of a body.

Multiple moves of a body are rare in crime. That should be considered unlikely from the start. This is a very rare event, particularly where both moves are at times the suspects are under close observation and have limited means and time. The first move its not even established they had a car.

That would be true for a kidnapper too. Its more likely a kidnapper hid the body and had control over its blood, or kept the child than it is that the parents had control over the body for 25 days to 2 or more months after the disappearance.

For someone in the town who was involved, putting suspicion on the parents is the best way to be safe. If the police turn on the parents, the kidnapper is as close to home free as its possible to be. That is worth running risks. A rental car is also a car that has duplicate keys. Who had access to the keys at the rental agency?

Someone in the police? Others? It is not unknown for someone in the police to be involved with kidnapping or crime. They can also be bribed. Someone could get the keys. A car rental agency employee can also be bribed. It might be a journalist or someone the person thought had a valid reason. The rental agency employee may have resented the McCanns and wanted to help someone trying to get something from their car to expose them. But actually the person wanted to put something there.

==7:40 pm 10 sep 2007

Despite the recent furore surrounding Kate and Gerry McCann being made suspects in their daughter’s disappearance, Goncalo Amaral – head of the Policia Judiciara’s investigation – has himself been charged over the alleged assault of a woman whose daughter disappeared in similar circumstances to Madeleine three years ago.

Earlier this year, Mr Amaral and four colleagues were made suspects ( arguidos) in the beating of Leonor Cipriano during an interrogation following the disappearance of her daughter Joana, who vanished from a village seven miles from Praia da Luz.

This is someone who needed money from before May 3, 2007. The last year case the body was never found? How sure was it dismembered?

== 746 PM Skepticism in UK Times

Other papers had even more stuff concerning sniffer dogs and blood traces, all of which were essentially being adduced to support the following insinuated proposition: that Mrs McCann, a mad anaesthetist, had got drunk, oversedated her daughter, accidentally killing her, and along with her husband had covered up the death and, despite being watched continuously, spirited the body away.

Caution in UK Telegraph

Police Mistakes:

Friends alibis night of disappearance, May 3, 2007:

Jane Tanner, 36: The mother-of-two believes she saw Madeleine’s kidnapper carrying her away from the apartment wrapped in a blanket at 9.15pm. She thought nothing of it until the alarm was raised an hour later.

She said the man was 5ft 10in tall and aged about 35. Her description of the child’s clothing matched Madeleine’s pyjamas. Miss Tanner has never publicly discussed what she saw.

Above link covers many problems with police. Its very good, read it all.

The McCanns’ friends believe the 130-day investigation has been politically driven, with a determination to make the couple scapegoats in order to protect the Algarve’s all-important tourist industry.

Jane Tanner, one of seven adult friends holidaying with the McCanns, had gone to check on her child at 9.15pm on the night Madeleine went missing, and saw a man carrying a child wrapped in a blanket on the street corner by the McCanns’ apartment.

Yet it took until May 25 for a description of the man to be released, raising further doubts about the police’s motives.

Weighing and interpreting evidence is about probability. Where the police are biased as here, and ignore what leads away from their theory and push to the extreme what is in the direction of their theory, that has to be taken account.

==Confusion Last Hours 8:54 PM


9:05pm Gerry McCann left the table to check on his children, who were all sleeping soundly, he says. Returning, he bumped into another British tourist, Jeremy Wilkins, with whom he had played tennis.

They chatted for several minutes, as Mr Wilkins has confirmed.

9:15pm Jane Tanner told police that at this time she went to check on her daughter, who was ill, and recalled seeing Mr McCann talking to Mr Wilkins. As she went into the apartment, she saw a man aged around 35 carrying a little girl wrapped in a blanket.

She thought nothing of it but is now convinced this was the kidnapper. The child’s pyjamas matched the description of those Madeleine was wearing. Mr Wilkins apparently saw no such man, and does not remember seeing Miss Tanner. He has told police: “It was a very narrow path and I think it would have been almost impossible for anyone to walk by without me noticing.”

9:30pm Dr Matthew Oldfield left the table and offered to check the McCann children. In his first police statement he said he merely listened at the door of apartment 5a but later said he had gone in and noticed that the room seemed lighter than the others, as if the shutters had been opened. He cannot be certain whether Madeleine was there.

Unless lying, people tend to more reliable witnesses of what they did or said than others.


==8:28 PM 10 Sep 2007’under+carpet+in+car+boot’/


Detectives trying to prove that Kate McCann killed her daughter have launched an astonishing smear campaign against her.

They painted the 39-year-old doctor as a violent mother prone to “hysterical reactions” and losing control.

Above problems with forensic evidence.

Its probability and interpretation.





== Car was rented for use by many drivers.

The friend said the car, believed to have been rented from Eurocar at Faro airport, had been hired on May 28 –25 days after Madeleine vanished.

And she revealed that “a variety of other named drivers” had access to it over the 72 days before it was taken in to be swabbed on August 7.

The car was hired the day before the McCanns travelled to Rome to be blessed by the Pope, at a time when they would not personally need a vehicle.

But the family friend explained that the car was always intended for use by a number of people around the couple in Praia da Luz, especially while the McCanns were away on their tour to gain publicity for the Find Maddie campaign.

==More flaws and pitfalls in DNA tests:

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