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January 5, 2008

Published: January 6, 2008

Still, the events of Election Day 2007 showed just how ingrained the problems with the touch-screens were. The printed paper trails caused serious headaches all day long: at one polling place, printers on most of the machines weren’t functioning the night before the polls opened. Fortunately, one of the Election Day technicians was James Diener, a gray-haired former computer-and-mechanical engineer who opened up the printers, discovered that metal parts were bent out of shape and managed to repair them. The problem, he declared cheerfully, was that the printers were simply “cheap quality” (a complaint I heard from many election critics). “I’m an old computer nerd,” Diener said. “I can do anything with computers. Nothing’s wrong with computers. But this is the worst way to run an election.”

He also pointed out several other problems with the machines,

This is precisely the person who will disappear because young people are being discriminated against by Bill “Irish Need not Apply” Gates and John Chambers and the Silicon Valley VC betray America crowd.

John “Uriah Heep” “The Mill” Edwards has told Silicon Valley they will get every H-1B programmer from India and China they want. It sounds like that was an H-1B Paper Mill that John worked at when he was young. He learned his lesson, sell out the people and get your payoff now while you can because that money will be needed for your family when America collapses.

Links on Edwards speech to Silicon Valley moguls promising unlimited H-1B approvals here:

John Edwards H-1B Mill is also known as the U.S. Senate. All the senators are for H-1B. They know that H-1B’s from India and China gave the B-2 bomber to China according to DOJ allegations. They know we have no real security. They know we have lost control of our defense supply chain not just our electoral vote chain of custody.

More on John Edwards at following.  Skip to middle to read stories of John Edwards getting a 100,000 deposit on his house from a lobbyist on Saudi Arabia.

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