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Happy People New Year not Happy Proposition New Year

December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to those who have read this blog or commented on it elsewhere. This is a wish to the people that read this blog not to the propositions that read this blog.

I hope your and my effort have helped advance the cause of preserving the West and America not simply as ideas but the people there as well. This isn’t about saving the proposition whoever the people might happen to be. This blog is dedicated to the proposition of saving the people living and breathing and creating progeny in the West right now.

Countries that have happy proposition new years but not happy people new years are not ones to actually live in. Those are countries people are trying to leave. People are trying to get into happy people lands not lands that are hospitable to propositions.

The Soviet Union was hospitable to propositions. So are the totalitarian lands today and they know who they are. Those who believe in proposition nations not people nations might want to think about what they are actually wishing for. Its the same as buying real estate, you want it to go up in value.  Its people who make the land go up in value not propositions.

So to all the people who called into the Senate to stop amnesty and have supported this cause, Happy People New Year.

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