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Advancing standard of racism case of Trump and birthers

April 28, 2011

Trump is the new racist as birtherism is the new racism. Evolving standards of decency strike again.

Now it is time for Romney, etc. to prove their decency by denouncing Trump and implicitly the birthers and implicitly the GOP base and implicitly the White Race. Because that is where evolving standards of racism have gotten us. This is where cowardice gets you, with your back to a wall and a simple decision. Do you want to die standing and fighting or be knocked down and have the diversity kick you in the head until you are brain damaged.

They have decided to make an example of Donald Trump. They have decided to treat Trump as the new George Wallace. Even while Obama lies and is not a natural born citizen. He was adopted into a foreign country by a non-citizen father ending any nbc status he could ever have had, which was none, because NBC is two citizen parents at birth with no allegiance to a foreign country and born in the US.

The denounce Trump even while Obama has multiple birth certificates with different names. They are denouncing Trump because they are liars for Obama. They are calling us racist, because they have been partly caught in their lies for Obama and their betrayal of the Constitution and the White Race which has given them everything and which they have returned with ethnic cleansing and the denial of the safe and good life they have from us. That they deny in return to us. And call us racist while and because they do it.

We don’t get anything from them by agreeing we are guilty of racism and thus deserve what they do to us. On the contrary, that seals our fate. We must turn and denounce them as the race betrayers they are. We must denounce them not just for the little things, but the big thing, their betrayal of the White Race. That is the great issue of our time. That is the great genocide of our time. That is what we have an obligation to ourselves and our posterity as well as basic human morality to oppose and denounce with every fiber of our beings and every chance we get.

Bob Schieffer as the policy of CBS News and the Liberal elite are now kicking Donald Trump, birthers and the White Race in the head. This is what they learned from the McDonald’s video and the other videos of their chosen replacements for us. This is what their people do to us, the people they hate. The physical kicks are just the embodiment of the hate of Whites that Bob Schieffer and CBS are expressing.

The head kicking in the McDonald’s video is the hate of Bob Schieffer.

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