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Opposing the genocide of the White Race is our post

October 21, 2010

The idea that people have a post or station in life that they occupy in an active sense goes back to classical times. You man your post is your job in life. This has been mentioned at some other blog(s) over the last year or two.

Once you become part of the movement of opposing the genocide of the White Race and restoring our lands to White lands under White control, you have to keep doing it despite the risk or fear you feel. There is fear in not fighting it and there is fear in letting it happen. So its not about choosing fear or no fear.

Talking about blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews is not going to be risk free. But not talking about it risks certain destruction. This includes the loss of Social Security and Medicare. You fight for your own health care and old age pension by fighting against non-White immigration and to reverse it.

Dick Armey of Freedomworks is fighting against Medicare. The bosses don’t want to pay for the Medicare of the 3rd world immigrants they brought here to keep our wages down with. So they intend to take Medicare and Social Security from us to avoid paying the social cost of the 3rd world immigrants they brought here and by keeping our wages to the same level as 1973 for men.

Thus there is no avoiding this fight. Once you join it, it is your post. One could almost say leave fear behind the way you leave hope behind when you enter Hell. Of course, fear is always with us. Especially fear of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.

When the GOP tries to be inclusive, its really fear motivating the GOP leaders. They are afraid of the non-Whites they have brought here and empowered with affirmative action as judges and prosecutors and professors and bankers.

The elites see the non-Whites loyal to China, Pakistan, Arabia and the rest and they are afraid of them and the nations and races they are linked to while they are here. Thus there is fear in even the most powerful to the non-Whites here.

Thus there is fear of them in the non powerful. Those of us subjected to loss of jobs, schools, education, security and safety fear them every day, but so do our masters who brought them here.

Non-White immigration is systematic fear. Its a society based on fear. Multiculturalism is the use of fear to control and subjugate your own people. That is what our elites our doing. That is why we must resist it. That is why resisting it becomes our post.

So no matter what fear we may feel, or the consequences of exposure, we must shoulder on. We must take the slings and arrows of the outrageous racism of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews towards Whites and of the Libs of Hate and the CEO’s of Hate and the Oligarchs of Hate who rule us. These are the true Hatearchs. We live under hatearchy. Multiculturalism and PC are hatearchy. They are rule by hate. They are also rule by fear, phobiaarchy or feararchy.

Libarchy leads to hatearchy and feararchy. It is what happened under Red Bolshevism. It is the intended outcome of their actions. Oligarchy in its modern guise is hatearchy and feararchy applied almost as a science.

The search phobiarchy gives 6 hits.

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