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MSM Death Spiral: Shrink the Whites Shrink the Audience

December 23, 2007

MSM has a white audience, and advocates succesfully
for below replacement fertility for whites by the immigration
substitution effect.  The MSM audience shrinks because
non-whites don’t watch the MSM.  So the MSM dies.

The Des Moines Register is an example.  They forbid any discussion of immigration in their debate. They like to shrink the audience because their other rival newspapers died first.  But regional papers are dying just the same, even the large ones. They have higher costs.  So by shrinking the audience, they kill off their rivals, but only as part of their own death

David Warsh of Economic Principals has written about the Boston Globe’s decline and takeover by the NYT.

 The Des Moines Register is the daily morning newspaper of Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States. A separate edition of the Register is sold throughout much of Iowa.

Tim Russert Speaking fee from Arianna Huffington at Huffington Post:

But, according to the Washington Speakers Bureau, which exclusively handles Russert’s speaking engagements, his standard speaking fee is $60,000 plus first class travel for two for west coast appearances, and $50,000 and first class travel for two for east coast locales — although, they say, private planes are strongly preferred.

Other Meet the Press speaking fee rates at above post.

But NBC News has layoffs.  PoliPundit quotes the following:

NEW YORK (AP) – NBC Universal plans to cut US$750 million in operating expenses by the end of 2007 by eliminating employees, cutting back on scripted shows, and slashing its news budget, according to a report Thursday in the Wall Street Journal.

The moves come as more and more viewers and advertisers gravitate toward new media, NBC Universal chairman Bob Wright told the newspaper.

NBC’s cost-saving plan involves laying off people from the company’s 11 news divisions, including on-air talent.


search MSM “shrinking audience”


John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei left The Washington Post to become The Politico’s editor-in-chief and executive editor, respectively. The Politico is financed by Robert Allbritton, chairman and chief executive of Allbritton Communications, which owns television stations in Washington and elsewhere.

The newspaper has a circulation of approximately 25,000, distributed for free on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in Washington, D.C.[1] The newspaper prints three issues a week while Congress is in session, and sometimes publishes one issue a week when Congress is in recess. [4]

The Politico is a partner with several news outlets who co-report and distribute its video, print, and audio content. Partners include CBS News,[5] Allbritton Communications’s ABC stations WJLA and KTUL,[6], and radio station WTOP.[7]

Politico journalists covering political campaigns plan to carry a video camera with them to every assignment,[6] and journalists are encouraged to promote their work elsewhere.[7] Though The Politico seeks to break the traditional journalism mold, it expects to initially make much of its money from Washington D.C.-focused newspaper advertising.[8]

Michael Moore carried around a video camera and became rich and famous.  This is the route for those opposing the MSM.   We can actually become real journalists.  We can cover events, ask questions, call sources and publish it.  They don’t have a monopoly over video.  We can do the visuals as well.


CBS News layoffs

They want us to lose our jobs from H-1B.  They call us bigots and racists when we say stop H-1B.  When Virgil Goode says stop Muslim immigration.  They broadcast Begala saying Goode and we are bigots.   Peter Jennings said that on ABC on 9-11, in effect.

The person who wouldn’t stop Atta because it was racist was programmed by CBS All in the Family and CBS News and ABC and so on to let Atta through.  That is what immigration is. We let them through and then we go extinct.

==Repetition from previous posts:

==Wright Island Model Sustained Immigration is genetic replacement immigration.

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

As pointed out in a previous post:

The theorem doesn’t say you get a mixture of old and new. The theorem says you get complete replacement of the old by the new. The old goes extinct. This is pure genetic replacement. It doesn’t matter if there is an intermediate mixture or not. Over time, the initial stock is replaced completely. Promises of a mixture are false.


The same equations have the same solutions is a popular phrase in physics and math.  Maybe Feynman said it, but maybe that is the Robert K. Merton Matthew Effect.

The same applies in journalism. Shrink the audience, shrink themselves.  They lose their jobs by making us lose ours or our wages go down.  We watch Lou Dobbs because Lou Dobbs wants us to keep our jobs and fights for our jobs.  The MSM fight for the CEO bosses to get rich by taking away our jobs.  The MSM are simply Henry Kravis Dolls.

Tim Russert is the ultimate Henry Kravis Doll.  He will speak for 50,000 dollars and a trip on the corporate job.  He tells corporate audiences that their jobs will be replaced by H-1B’s and if they speak up they are racist.


KKR China Poisoned Toys R Us

December 5, 2007

DETROIT – Tests on more than 1,200 children’s products, most of them still on store shelves, found that 35 percent contain lead — many with levels far above the federal recall standard used for lead paint.

The Henry Kravis Doll it eats good paying jobs and outputs poisoned toys for tots. How about we recall those jobs from China and restock Detroit with those old good paying American jobs? Let’s send the Chinese Chocolate Boxes back to China. (To paraphrase Forest Gump, Henry Kravis stores are like a box of chocolates, you never know what poison you are going to get.)

Toys r us lead

Results 1100 of about 483,000 for Toys r us lead.

Toys r us lead KKR

Results 1100 of about 4,120 for Toys r us lead kkr.

Toys r us lead kkr Barbarians

Toys r us lead kkr “Barbarians in the playroom”

Video below is very good:

The Henry Kravis Doll rules over the playroom like the Sauron doll or a Stars War Emperor doll. Someone should check such dolls or action figures and see if they are toxic.

Toy poisoning works the reverse of portfolio diversification. With stocks, if you own many good ones it overcomes holding one bad one. KKR has portfolio diversification.

But tots and parents have the opposite. One poisoned toy is one too many. If a child has 100 toys, only one need be bad. KKR now know that 35 percent of toys contain lead. So they know that if a child own 100 toys it is almost certain to have several poisoned ones. So KKR now know that every child in America is being poisoned.

KKR may see this from their own portfolio diversification lens, i.e. they own a portfolio of stocks. Toys R Us may have a loss, but the KKR portfolio does well. But parents are on the reverse end of the risk spectrum, one bad toy getting through exposes their child.

Mitt Romney and Rudi Giuliani have taken the side of China and been advocates for China. John Edwards told Silicon Valley they get what they want on H-1B’s and Edwards wants a venture capital partnership like Al Gore as reward.

Edwards already got money from Wall Street. Romney got a 250 million dollar fortune at Bain by sending good American jobs to China and getting back poisoned toys for Americans. We need a Mitt Romney Doll as well as the Henry Kravis Doll.

Wall Street is trying to use diversification to get the benefit of trade with China for itself and give us the downside. We lose our good jobs to Chinese factories or Chinese or Indian H-1B’s and get poisoned toys in return. H-1B’s depress the fertility rate of American workers who have lost job security. The poisoned toys are meant to finish the job for those who managed to have kids despite Mitt Romney Rudi Giuliani John Edwards KKR H-1B’s.

Wall Street knows with certainty that every American child is being exposed to poison from China in toys and other products. They are still going to make money on their companies that employ H-1B’s from India and China or sell other products, even if they suffer lawsuits for the toys. Wall Street is diversified so that no legal harm will hurt them because of Wall Street’s China policy. But American workers and kids and parents are certain to be harmed by Wall Street’s China policy.

We need to vote for candidates like Tom Tancredo who are on our side. We need to stop all H-1B, stop giving know-how to China, stop student visas, and rebuild the factories here in America. We need to vote out the tools of KKR, Bush Clinton, Edwards Obama, Rudi Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and others.

Wall Street and KKR know the mathematics of portfolio diversification. They know the math of risk to parents and children works the opposite, the more toys the eventual certainty of exposure of almost every child in America. They know they enjoy the profits of Chinese and Indian H-1B’s, and of giving our grad schools over to China and India and our know how to China and India. They know even if they are sued on the toys they can’t be touched on the other ways they make profits from China and India.

KKR and Wall Street have diversified their toy risk away. They are immune to whatever happens to Toys R Us because of the rest of their India China stock portfolio. KKR and Wall Street have made the perfect play with India and China and know that by doing that they have given us certain losses in jobs, wages, schooling, toys, food, and our future.

Wall Street also knows that some Indian and Chinese H-1B’s are spies. They know that some of our DoD software and chips are coded by China and India. They know that we have lost control of our supply chain for the Department of Defense. They know China has subs that can get close to our aircraft carriers without detection. They know China shot down a satellite. They know all that. They know China got the secrets to the B-2 from an engineer from India.

The Mitt Romney Chinese Doll like the Henry Kravis Doll eats good paying jobs and gives them to Indian and Chinese H-1B’s or sends them to India or China. Unlike the Henry Kravis Doll, the Mitt Romney Chinese Doll grins idiotically while it does it. When questioned about its actions, the Chinese Romney Doll will grin back and call you a racist and suggest you must own a Confederate Flag. The Mitt Romney Doll also employs illegal aliens at its mansion.
The above is speculation or hypotheses or satire. All other disclaimers apply.

Black Friday Made in China

November 23, 2007

Chairman Mao:

The former capitalist will buy poisoned toys for his own child.

How to find American made toys:

Can buy direct

Internet search “American made toys

No knowledge or recommendation, just a search result:

Following seems very good with quality traditional makers of US toys that go back generations in some cases:

search “made in America”

Search Toys R Us KKR

Look for the Henry Kravis Doll, it destroys good jobs for Americans and outputs poisoned covered beads to sell to kids.

If retailers owned by Wall Street don’t want to sell made in America toys, then buy them on the internet. The internet is still made in America, even if AEI neocons say its racist not to have it programmed by Chinese and Indian H-1B’s.

The Henry Kravis Doll and the saying attributed to Chairman Mao are satire, and neither should be attributed to the other.

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