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Obama wins Hillary becomes Muslim spoof

January 4, 2008

Hillary: I’ve always been Muslim.  Since I went to Wellesley and was trained in Islamic theology.  There were lots of engineers from MIT who wanted to date me, but I held out for Bill, who really does practice what Muhammad preached.

Heckler: But Obama isn’t Muslim.

Hillary: What does that have to do with it? I’m not converting because Obama is Muslim, which I know he isn’t, I’m announcing I was always Muslim, just like Tony Blair.

Heckler: But why now?

Hillary: I think the American people should know who is the real promoter of Islam in this race, and its me.  If I am elected there will be a thousand 9-11’s.

Heckler: You’re going to just let Muslims in the country to commit a 1000 9-11’s?

Hillary: Why not, are you a racist?

Heckler: You won’t do anything to stop it?

Hillary: I’ll have Al Gore arrested.

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