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Hollywood stealth propaganda, Communists and unnatural citizens

September 18, 2010

Vanishing American in a brilliantly written and meticulously researched column traces the growth of propaganda in Hollywood films in the 1940’s and 1950’s. This lightly touches on the communist role in these and the deeper trends going back in time.

VA covers several movies that fit into this propaganda paradigm. Some additional ones I have noticed recently are listed here.

None But the Lonely Heart is a Cary Grant movie made in 1944 (see below). The movie is about a man, Cary Grant, who is not settling down. He is involved in a gang. They steal. It ends up promoting members of the tribe as the good ones in a way that is somewhat contrived and artificially inserted.

If your nose is sensitive to these issues you realize to check who wrote it and then look them up. It was not surprising what the result of that search was.

None But the Lonely Heart (1944)

Director Clifford Odets


Richard Llewellyn (novel)
Clifford Odets (written by)

Ethel Barrymore and Carry Grant.


Odets was born in Philadelphia to Romanian and Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, Lou Odets (born Gorodetsky) and Esther Geisinger, and raised in the Bronx, New York.[1] He dropped out of high school to pursue acting. He helped found the Group Theatre, a highly influential theatre company in the U.S. that utilized a new acting technique, closely associated with the thinking of the Russian master Constantin Stanislavski.

In 1952, Odets was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). He disavowed his communist affiliations and cooperated by “naming names”; as a result, he did not share the fate of many of his colleagues who were blacklisted. Odets didn’t provide the names of anyone who hadn’t already been mentioned to the committee, but he later expressed guilt and “revulsion” over his testimony. Odets was reportedly tormented by his testimony until his death in 1963, and he wrote relatively little for stage or screen after his 1952 subcommittee appearance.[6]


Perhaps if he couldn’t write anti-White and anti-Christian communist propaganda he had nothing to say.

Another propaganda movie from 1942 is All Through the Night. It has Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt, and Peter Lorre.

Release Date 2 December 1941

It presents Nazis as having infiltrated America with a plan to take over. When watching it you realize it would make sense if it was about communists having infiltrated America and trying to take it over. The timing of the release date is interesting.

Information on the writers.

“Spigelgass’ sister, Beulah Roth, was a political speechwriter for Franklin Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson, and was married to photographer Sanford H. Roth.

Rosten was born into a Yiddish-speaking family in what is now Poland, but emigrated to the U.S. with his family in 1911 at age three. His parents were Samuel C. Rosten and Ida Freundlich Rosten, both trade unionists. They opened a knitting shop in the Greater Lawndale area of Chicago, where Rosten and his younger sister grew up among other working-class Jewish families. Like their neighbors, the children spoke both English and Yiddish. Rosten showed an interest in books and language very early, and began writing stories when he was only nine. He put himself through school and earned degrees from both the University of Chicago, where he obtained his doctorate, and the London School of Economics.

According to Alex Abella’s Soldiers of Reason, Rosten was influential in forming the Social Sciences division of RAND Corporation.


Some of the Foyle War episodes also lurched into this propaganda. This includes one about a negro suspected of crime. It also includes some other themes especially in the few post war episodes. The episodes of this type lead one to the Internet and a quick find of what the trouble is.


Anthony Horowitz was born in 1956 in Stanmore, Middlesex, into a rich family.[1] Raised in “a Jewish enclave”,[2] Horowitz lived an upper-class lifestyle.[3] His father acted as a “fixer” for prime minister Harold Wilson. Facing bankruptcy, Horowitz’s father removed his wealth from his bank accounts and hid it away under a pseudonym. He then died and the family was never able to track down the missing money despite years of trying. As an overweight and unhappy child, Horowitz enjoyed reading books from his father’s library. At the age of eight, Horowitz was sent to the boarding school Orley Farm in Harrow, London. There, he entertained his peers by telling them the stories he had read.[3] Horowitz described his time in the school as “a brutal experience”, recalling that he was often whipped by the headmaster.[2]


“He then died and the family was never able to track down the missing money despite years of trying. ” Interesting that Wiki should know this with such authority.

Horowitz’s war never ends, which is true of most of the tribe. In one episode, Horowitz reverses the facts of his father’s situation and has the tribe member cheated and the English patrician be the fraudster. I believe in the episode, the patrician family did find the money but did not turn it over to the debtors.

The tribe blames the race not the individual. So the English must be mixed. The same applies to English everywhere.

The tribe also blames the English for supporting the Arabs. This is something they hold against Sir John Glubb. Or rather, they hold Sir John Glubb against the English, against the English everywhere even though Sir John has passed away.


Comment I left at Vanishing American

This is well done VA. It took a lot of work to look up those movies and put in the links. The message industry has become more blatant and self-confident. When the message is hate, the contents start to spoil.

When people lapped up the earlier product, the industry became more disdainful and contemptuous of the consumers. They regarded them as dogs who would watch what the critics told them to. So the entertainment wrapper became less and less and the hate became more and more evident.


The constant praise of the communist subversives who were blacklisted by a healthy nation is another marker of their self confident disdain and contempt for White Middle America, what they call now the Tea Klan Party.

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