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Huckabee conspired to violate immigration laws?

December 12, 2007

Common Sense Junction

I’ve posted on this before but I’ll repeat that Huckabee facilitated a scam that has now become the norm for hiring illegal immigrants. To avoid getting dirty hands, large corporations “out source” functions like buildings and grounds maintenance, stocking shelves, freight handling, farm labor, and fruit and vegetable harvesting and so forth. The companies pretend to ignore the reality that the small service companies that win the “out source” contracts are staffed with illegal immigrants. The scam generates a flood of profits for the companies because they get cheap labor and don’t have to pay health care insurance premiums or Social Security taxes.

Huckabee used the North Carolina model and helped bus in illegals and he made sure they obtained driver’s licenses as soon as they crossed the state line. That made them desirable employees AND, because the federal motor-voter law prohibits asking about immigration status, the new arrivals were registered to vote. Now he’s lobbying to extend that largesse by offering in-state tuition for job re-training and higher education. All in all, during his tenure as governor and beyond, Huckabee made sure that illegal aliens were treated better than American citizens.

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