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re Inverted World on Humility and the West

December 2, 2007

Comment re Realist article on Humility and the West at Inverted World. The article and comments are good. Note that Inverted World like Vanishing American, and unlike this blogger, carefully edits what he writes before posting. This is really good writing and thinking. You can also Digg Inverted World articles. The Realist, the name he uses, is going to be a major writer in this movement. He should get every encouragement.

“By DP111 on 11/27/07 at 9:27 pm”

Good comments. Yes most patents are trivial. But looked at in the right way, every discovery is trivial.

\begin{align}t' &= \gamma \left( t - \frac{v x}{c^{2}} \right)  \\  x' &= \gamma \left( x - v t \right)\\ y' &= y \\  z' &= z \end{align}

where \gamma = { 1 \over \sqrt{1 - v^2/c^2} },


The above are cut and paste from Wiki.

These are the Lorentz transformations actually discovered first by Larmor. They are linear equations as far as x and t are concerned.

For a scientist who discovers them, he oscillates between thinking its trivial and thinking its genius. He doesn’t really know. Has he proved he is a genius or proved everyone else isn’t?

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