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Britain can’t forgive Ian Smith for its betrayal

November 23, 2007

Britain’s establishment still can’t forgive whites in Rhodesia and South Africa for having betrayed them.  When will Britain’s establishment forgive the white British people for betraying them by immigration?

When will Enoch Powell’s name not get a candidate for Parliament sacked by the Conservative Party?  What is conservative about the CP?  Doesn’t it have the same immigration policy for Britain as the Communist Party?

Lawrence Auster on Ian Smith:

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail gets it right, Ian Smith was right at the time, when it mattered.

I realised then that, whatever might be said against Rhodesia, it had a sophisticated civilisation that was worth preserving.

Where he was undoubtedly at fault, however, was in not encouraging the growth of a moderate, educated, black middle-class with democratic values.

Actually Mugabe was educated in Rhodesia at college to be the moderate middle class.  But the Soviet Union offered them power and they took it.  The way you get a middle class is paying people for their work and having a safe society.  Its then up to the people to respond to the incentives.   Rhodesia and other colonial powers educated black leaders at college and what they got was Soviet sponsored revolutionaries.

Auster is right now when it matters and was right in 1990 when it mattered on immigration.   If Bush Sr. and the Republicans had listened then, we wouldn’t have lost the 3000 lives in 9-11 from the 19 Muslim immigrants who came after the WTC 1993 attack by Muslim immigrants.


Liberals blame Zimbabwe Mugabe on Ian Smith

November 21, 2007

Belfast Telegraph blames Robert Mugabe’s misrule on Ian Smith.

Zimbabwe’s last white ruler: The man who defied the world
Ian Smith, who died yesterday, established a style of obdurate rule in Rhodesia which made him a role model for his greatest rival and successor, Robert Mugabe. By Raymond Whitaker

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Actually, millions of people are starving in Zimbabwe today. None were starving under Ian Smith. Millions of blacks have fled Zimbabwe today. Millions didn’t flee when Ian Smith ran Rhodesia.

One of his first acts was to imprison Mugabe for 10 years, calling him a ” terrorist” intent on turning the country into a one-party dictatorship.

He was right on that one. Those 10 years are far short of the 10 million years Mugabe should spend in prison. Smith’s mistake was not putting Mugabe in prison, but letting him out.

UK Daily Telegraph says same thing.

The formal obit, i.e. “balanced piece”, by David Blair:;jsessionid=1TS5J0L3AEMMFQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/20/wsmith120.xml

The opinion piece:

Ian Smith: Man whose folly unleashed Mugabe

By David Blair
Last Updated: 2:30am GMT 21/11/2007

Something about newspapers with the name Telegraph.

Smith earned his place in history by leading the first revolt against Britain by white settlers since America’s declaration of independence in 1776.

As prime minister of Southern Rhodesia, he caused one of the great post-war crises by unilaterally declaring independence – known as UDI – on Nov 11, 1965.

At a stroke, Rhodesia severed all ties with Britain and became a renegade republic, led by a treasonable regime, recognised by no-one save apartheid South Africa.

Is this Rhodesia or America they are talking about?  The British superior liberal establishment has always hated white settlers, whether they lived in Rhodesia, Boston or Birmingham.  Their current plan is for ethnocide of British in the countryside.  In the US, they use asylum settlements to make inroads into Maine and other “too white” areas.  Any whiteness is too white for the superior liberal elites.  Talk about hate, one of the few parallels in history is the Turk ethnocide of Europeans in Anatolia.

Even at the time, few outsiders grasped why Smith of all people – a wartime Spitfire pilot and Empire loyalist – had declared independence and committed treason.

Escaping the plan for destruction of whites, or putting it off, seems to really get these liberals angry. This is why they get so upset when their immigration plans for white ethnocide are objected to by BNP. Daily Telegraph would not list Nick Griffin in the 100 most influential conservatives.

He was convinced that only a handful of western-educated and Communist-sponsored Africans genuinely wanted independence.

The liberals have a Zimbabwe Plan for Britain. The BNP oppose it. That is why they hate BNP and all British.{5CDC64E6-5FFF-4FC8-8C25-59C1491C43C0}

When Mugabe studied there, Fort Hare, which was paid for by apartheid South Africa‘s white taxpayers, was the premier black university of all English-speaking Africa, producing a number of famous African leaders. At that institution Mugabe became radicalized, as did such future “freedom presidents” as Tanzania‘s Julius Nyerere and Zambia‘s Kenneth Kaunda and future rivals over absolute power in Rhodesia like Herbert Chitep. Ghana, which at the time was under the rule of American-educated Kwame Nkrumah, was also a center of anti-Western, “anti-imperialist” propaganda. By the time Mugabe returned to Rhodesia in 1960, he was a committed Leninist.


From the start, Mugabe was against the whites. He began by changing laws so as to deny citizenship to whites (always less than 5 percent of the population) such as the Salisbury-born former commander of Rhodesia’s military, Gen. Peter Walls. Whites’ guaranteed parliamentary seats were taken away, and their remaining MPs, including most prominently Ian Smith, were harassed, isolated, and sometimes denied passports. Following an interview with Ian Smith, in fact, this author (Michael Radu) was briefly detained in Harare in 1984 and expelled to South Africa. No credible explanations were given.

Search Zimbabwe white farms,,2214393,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

WaPo comments has some real discussion:

Liberal shrieks of glee:

Smith was born in Rhodesia in accordance with the law then in force, but the above liberal says Smith was an illegal “white alien” anyhow. This is presumably because they view the land as belonging to others and that those who come there and their descendants can all be forced out. An interesting view from the left. Leftists often say this about whites everywhere, they can all be forced out or displaced by population pressure and have no human rights or dignity or civilization.

Opinions from Africa

Whilst many would see his time as one of the worst in racial oppression, he also said, “We had the highest standard of health and education and housing for our black people than any other country on the African continent; that was what Rhodesians did. I wonder if we shouldn’t be given credit for doing that.”

I do not see Robert Mugabe – The Grand Despot of Africa – being able to boast in that manner and many there are very few African leaders that have measured up to the quality of leadership, organisation and governance of the worst of the people they replaced.

Akin Akintayo


Only one white politician stuck with Zanu-PF throughout the turbulence of the period: Timothy Stamps now works in Mugabe’s office as an adviser on health.

There are no other whites in Mugabe’s government .

Bill Saidi

“We offered him the hand of reconciliation which he never accepted. Good riddance,” Matonga told AFP.

What hand of reconciliation would that be? Violating every agreement made? Forcing out the white minority members in guaranteed in the peace agreement? Taking white farms by force? Those are the “hand of reconciliation”.

Tribute to Ian Smith on You Tube

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