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LBJ J Robert Oppenheimer JFK KGB CIA

November 13, 2017

Did the CIA hire the KGB to kill JFK? Was part of the payoff that LBJ then honored J Robert Oppenheimer?

“- Remarks Upon Presenting the Fermi Award to Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer
December 2, 1963″

JFK was shot Nov 22, 1963, while LBJ was ducking in his car, before the shots were fired. Then 10 days later, LBJ gives an award to J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Recall that JRO concealed from the FBI in the investigation of Edward Corson that in 1947 Russia made Corson retract any originality in a paper where Corson plagiarized Fock in 1946. Corson was at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton and JRO came in as director at the tail end of this incident, so he had to know.

During the Oppenheimer Security Clearance Hearings in 1954, Oppenheimer and other witnesses including Fermi were concealing from the FBI that Corson plagiarized a Russian prof and the Russians made him retract originality.

Edward Corson

29 results

[PDF]Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

having had any communication with Corson, records at the BowStreet Jail verify the ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

Dr. Hubbard feels Edward Corson is violently .-. -_ opposed to Communismand socialism. Dr. Hubbard said that Edward Carson “Y was patriotic and loyal to the …


Edward Corson Fock

“Your search – edward corson fock – did not match any documents.”

edward corson oppenheimer

Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

Edward,lgifchaeil_Co;s9§ … Corson also told Oppenheimer that his nits was missing ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

been interviewed by the Bureau regarding J. RobertOppenheimer, and itvill. = also be …… Edward Corson was born June 27, 1921 at Long Island, New. York,.

[PDF]bae_Q I5AY 13. __ y – FBI — The Vault

Edward Anato. '00:-son …. Fuchs was not capable of betraying any trust. – personal

or national. Corson also … On April l2, 1950, Br. J; Robert Oppenheimer.



So Oppenheimer told the FBI nothing of the Fock Letter.

“Statement by the President on the Death of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. February 20, 1967″

Oppenheimer was a traitor and honored by LBJ. Does that imply LBJ was a traitor too? And working for the same people, ie the Soviets?

Did elements of the American establishment hire the KGB to kill JFK? Part of the price was to continue the cover-up of Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets? And its ongoing use to penetrate deeply into the American economics and business school establishment? From there into the IMF, World Bank, central banks like the Fed and Wall Street?

This is how they controlled IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s. They controlled Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers through such means. If this had been exposed in the 1960s, they could not have done so.

Russia needed to infiltrate the IMF and World Bank in order to contest the third world with America.

What else did Russia get? The US stopped building ICBMs and the Soviets leaped ahead. The US did not do missile defense. It would take a two decade change in leadership cadres until Reagan reversed these betrayals.

Was the reason because McNamara, LBJ, James Jesus Angleton, etc. were in on the hit on JFK? They hired the KGB and had to pay the piper.

It took a full generation to reverse their acts of treason on ICBMs and missile defense. A new generation of leaders had to take power, who were not involved in the JFK assassination, what Nixon called the Bay of Pigs matter.

Was Vietnam lost on purpose as part of this deal?  America has won every war in the 3rd world easily since then. Did McNamara and LBJ lose on purpose because they had hired the KGB to kill JFK?

Robert McNamara did what after losing Vietnam and stopping America’s missile defense? He went directly to president of the World Bank.

Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers and the other MIT econ academics would all serve in high level positions in the World Bank and IMF. That is where they gave the loans to Russia in the 1990s that were promptly looted and the loan conditions not adhered to.

robert mcnamara reagan missile defense sdi

“In the United States, McNamara provided one of the strongest institutional voices against strategic missile defense, arguing that it would inevitably amplify the expensive, destabilizing arms race between the United States and the USSR.”

Robert McNamara violently opposed the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. This is what the Soviets feared and Reagan’s SDI is part of what helped lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union when they could not keep up in the arms race. SDI was destabilizing, it destabilized the Soviet Union and in fact the entire Warsaw Pact. America won without firing a shot, freeing Eastern Europe and the captive nations inside the USSR including Ukraine.  Robert McNamara was opposed every step of the way.

In fact, McNamara was always opposed to American victory. From the Bay of Pigs to the souks of Saigon to Hanoi Jane prancing around to SDI bringing down the Soviet Empire and freeing Eastern Europe.

The American establishment needed the KGB to kill JFK for the cover-up.  The trail of the JFK assassination leads to the KGB in Mexico City and then disappears. If the US had done JFK by itself, it would have had a much harder time to cover it up.  By outsourcing, the KGB would have the records not the CIA or FBI. But that would then make them beholden to the KGB. That seems to be what happened for a generation of treason.

From JFK’s death on November 22, 1963 to Reagan’s inaugural on January 20, 1981, America went from defeat to defeat. But then within 10 years of a new generation of leaders in America, the Soviet Union collapsed completely including the Warsaw Pact and the liberation of Europe.  Doesn’t this prove something was rotten in the previous 20 years?


Karl Shell Darrell Duffie Stanley Fischer Moodys Senate Banking Committee

April 5, 2014

The nomination of Stanley Fischer to be vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve has a very serious problem.  If the Senate goes ahead and confirms it faces the problem that not only did Stanley Fischer plagiarize Nils Hakansson in 1969 based on the Hakansson thesis available at MIT from Karl Shell in 1966, but Darrell Duffie used a paper provided by a 3rd party to Karl Shell in the Jun Liu thesis at Stanford in 2000.

Duffie it appears knew of the earlier situation with Karl Shell and Stanley Fischer.  Moreover, Franklin Fisher was suitemate with Karl Shell at MIT in the 1960s and Franklin Fisher was chairman of the Stanley Fischer Ph.D. thesis at MIT and on the Robert C. Merton committee and was the chief editor of Econometrica in 1969 and 1970 when the Hakansson paper was published after delay and likely a referee who was involved.  That referees name should be obtained by investigators.

Duffie then used that information as leverage over Karl Shell possibly to then use the 3rd party paper to insert into the Jun Liu thesis at Stanford in 2000.  That paper was an improvement over the Hakansson Fischer Merton Samuelson papers in the 1960s and early 1970s.

If the Senate confirms Fischer, then it faces this entangled situation.  Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Univ Calif San Diego, U Cal Berkeley and other universities and Elsevier and other journals are involved.  It only takes one of them to do an investigation and conclude that there was plagiarism in either case to unravel the entire thread.  There are other cases and other universities and other professors and other witnesses.

Duffie is head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s and has extensively interacted with federal agencies on a large variety of matters and testified to Congress. He too is a public person.  Moreover, Russia has posted the document, “Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory” “Provisional Manuscript” on webpages in Russia. China, India and Iran have all done so as well.

Duffie “Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory” “Provisional Manuscript” 

If the Senate proceeds to confirm the Stanley Fischer nomination it then faces multiple investigations by universities and journals. Some of these are not in the US.  Other countries governments may also decide to investigate since these are linked to Russia’s activities in their countries from before World War II.  Also to China’s activities.

There are many Russians and Chinese at universities in the US and UK and other allied countries including Canada and Australia.  So if the Senate proceeds to confirm Stanley Fischer they face having the investigation continue in the US and in other countries.

Fischer’s time at the IMF can be investigated by other countries that have witnesses inside their borders.  Thus the Senate would be foolish to confirm Stanley Fischer.  This needs to be explained to them by the FBI and DOJ as well as other agencies such as CIA and NSA.

Nor does it stop there.  There are multiple other cases and individuals they have not even heard of and more universities and journals, many in other countries to investigate them too.  It is impossible to contain it.  Moreover, Russia and China both know this.  Putin is determined to use it or lose it. So he will go big and go soon.

The above is draft and preliminary.  Comments and corrections welcome.  Please restate as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.


Hostage Taking Scenario at Harvard or MIT during Sochi

January 31, 2014

This post explores a hypothetical scenario of a hostage taking at Harvard or MIT during the Sochi Winter Olympics.  This would be done by Chechen or Muslim groups who wanted to make a spectacular statement linking Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF funding of the Second Chechen War that Chechens and Muslims blame for the genocide of Chechens.

In addition to providing such a linkage, it would also expose the FBI as inept and corrupt in the background checks of Larry Summers in 2009 and again earlier in 2013 and for Stanley Fischer for Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

From the point of view of Chechens or Muslims taking hostages at the MIT or Harvard Economics Department, business schools or a dorm or library would create a spectacular propaganda event.  This would be better than a hostage taking of athletes in Sochi because it would tie the responsibility of Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF to IMF loans funding the Second Chechen War and genocide of the Chechens.

Moreover, to these groups, the CIA was responsible for fomenting conflict in Chechnya that led to the war.  They also believe the CIA’s motive was at least partly to get oil and pipelines from that region.  This can create a fever of revenge in their minds as they consider that Chechens died so that CIA linked investors could become millionaires or even billionaires.  Secondary targets could be various companies or investment groups linked to this activity.

Anyone with information on these subjects should report it.  See the bottom of the following post on this subject.

IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn case questions

May 18, 2011

Some questions.

1. What times can they fix for entering and leaving the room from a) any record kept from opening the door b) records on electronic key cards c) hall cameras d) minibar being used e) checkout of hotel f) logs on chambermaid g) logs from person who allegedly told her the room was clear.

2. Did some man tell the chambermaid the room was empty?

3. Where did this conversation happen?

4. Who was he and why did he say this to her?

5. Was he arranging someone for DSK?

6. Did he pick a different woman?

7. Or not communicate fully with the chambermaid?

8. Was there any payment between any of these parties now or in the past?

9. How did this woman get to the US?

10. Where is she from?

11. Does she have resentments against France, US, Whites, Christians or the IMF?

12. Did DSK verbally abuse this man who is said to have told her the room was clear?

13. Did the maid go back to this man after the incident?

14. Was he her pimp?

15. Was there an exchange of money?

16. Was it the pimp who came up with the story?

17. Or this man, pimp or not?

18. Did this man then contact hotel security or 911?

19.Why did the maid enter the room before checkout?

20. Is there not a fixed rule not to?

21. Does the maid enter a room because some random hotel employee tells her to?

22. Why would this man have entered the room before the checkout?

23. Is there a record of when this man entered the room, if he did?

24. Why would this man tell the maid he had entered the room if he hadn’t? (See above for hypotheses and questions.)

25. Is the sequence the chambermaid described really credible?

26. Even if the encounter was arranged by this other man with DSK for a fee, would the scenario play out on the short time frame as described by the chambermaid?

27. Does she go to a mosque?

28. What about her family?

29. Who is the imam?

30. What is their past from before 9/11/2001 to the present?

31. The scenario described as it ever happened in America where a White man did this to a black chambermaid in a hotel?

32. Has it happened in Africa?

33. Was it done to her in Africa by some black?

34. Who is her the father of her child? Did something like this happen?

35. Was the scene in a movie that this mysterious hotel employee man saw?

Why is Geithner so hot to take the lead to dump DSK from the IMF? Because Obama is black, a black chambermaid gets to dump the IMF head? Because the chambermaid is Muslim and Barack Hussein Obama is pResident? What story did the woman give to get in the country? Is this diversity lottery? Muslim reunification?

== Posted at Galliawatch

There were reports that a male hotel worker told the maid the room was clear. Who was he? Why did a male hotel worker go in the room before the guest checked out? Where did he tell her this? Did she go back to him after the alleged incident?

If there was no male worker telling her to go to the room, why did she go to the room before the guest checked out?

Did this unknown male arrange something for DSK? Then double cross him by sending in a maid who knew nothing? Or some other cross? Who is this man and what is his history? Did DSK verbally abuse him at a prior stay? Did the staff dislike DSK for verbal abuse from prior stays? Hercule Poirot is needed to unravel this one.

The basic fact that someone, the maid or another hotel worker went into the room before checkout is what to hold onto.

Also, since when does an employee go into a room and not find anyone there and decide the guest has checked out and tell the maid to clean it? Since when does a hotel employee go into a room just before check out to check if the guest is still there? What if the guest is going to try to stay late or another night? Did someone else want the room?

Even so, they wouldn’t just check out the head of the IMF without his knowing it or being informed that the room was now taken for someone else.


BHL denounced:

The phenomenon is not unique to Lévy or French philosophers. The Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s decision to honor Dutch politician Geert Wilders at an event last week caused little uproar — despite the latter’s habit of hate speech against Muslims.

Or maybe it’s a general lack of knowledge of the intricacies of foreign politics, and the inability to adequately judge whether the foreign pundit at hand is a legitimate figure or his or her country’s equivalent of Michele Bachmann.

Of course, the maid is a Muslim from Africa. That trumps BHL being Jewish under liberalism. Thus BHL becomes just another racist and Islamophobe. Our ranks keep growing.

BHL, Geert Wilders, and Michele Bachmann all White bigots. It is enough to make you want to rethink the whole BHL thing.

== It gets worse.

“An Indefensible Defense
French intellectuals’ despicable response to Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest.”

David Rieff

A journalist from one of France’s main radio stations who witnessed Strauss-Kahn’s arraignment reported that, before he had been brought before the judge, there had been a procession of “blacks and Latinos accused of all sorts of petty crimes, above all selling drugs.”

So now all French people are White racist bigots. Convicted. Proof that America under its enlightened establishment is superior on race to the French intellectuals who pride themselves on being above the racists in America. Turns out they all think the same about blacks and Hispanics. It is a horror to see DSK in Ryker’s Island with the blacks and the Hispanics. In the same court room. Many liberals will rethink living in New York City or even Westchester County while at the same time denouncing others who say that for being racist. Perhaps even Goldman Sachs will think about increasing its office staff in other locations and reducing the New York staff or at least capping it.

Also is it such a good idea to have financial contracts subject to New York jurisdiction where a jury of blacks and Hispanics and some judge of this type handles a case? Maybe a White state should be found to have the contracts settled in like Utah or Vermont. Even Idaho and Montana might be considered.

The above are hypotheses or questions. All disclaimers apply.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuser is Muslim from Ghana

May 16, 2011

She always wore an Islamic headscarf and worked long hours.

DSK is in a sense the world’s top Jewish official. What is the chance that the Jewish head of the IMF would be falsely accused by a Muslim from Ghana, a former French colony?

Adjustment program

In June 2009, the authorities adopted new budget measures to ensure that the 2009 deficit target is met. Given the limited scope to expand public borrowing, Ghana has no scope for countercyclical fiscal policy, and the government stands ready to cut spending further if the slowing economy leads to revenue shortfalls.

In other words, the IMF put this woman out of work in 2009 and then she came to NYC? Or put her family out of work?


Post I submitted at New York Post, part appeared, presumably hitting the word limit.

“She always wore an Islamic headscarf and worked long hours.” DSK is in a certain sense the top Jewish official in the world.

IMF imposes austerity on Ghana. She is from Ghana. Perhaps she had to leave Ghana because of IMF policies or blames them.

“IMF support is being provided under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF). Under the PRGF-supported program, the government is targeting a substantial phased reduction of the fiscal deficit. This would cut public sector borrowing and allow Ghana to reverse the sharp deterioration in the public debt-to-GDP ratio since 2006 (see Box 1).”

“Ghana’s inflation—already higher than the African average—rose from the 10 percent range in 2007 to more than 20 percent by early 2009. ”

“The fiscal deficit, which had already risen to 9 percent of GDP in 2007, rose to 14½ percent of GDP in 2008,”

This could be revenge on the IMF for imposing deficit reduction on Ghana’s government leading to unemployment. She may blame the Jews and DSK in particular for this, thinking the Jews run the IMF.

Posted in discussion thread at New York Post

The Muslim maid from Ghana may be retaliating for IMF imposed austerity on Ghana in 2009, leading to a cut in government spending and thus higher unemployment. DSK has immunity for retaliation against IMF policy by this woman from Ghana. IMF austerity imposed on Ghana:



“Wall Street wounded Ghana. IMF tonic could hurt it more”

Polly Toynbee in Accra
The Guardian, Saturday 18 April 2009


Actually, DSK may have a good case for diplomatic immunity. The hotel maid is a headscarf wearing Muslim from Ghana. The IMF has imposed austerity on Ghana.

“Wall Street wounded Ghana. IMF tonic could hurt it more”

Polly Toynbee in Accra
The Guardian, Saturday 18 April 2009…

Search IMF loans Ghana for more. IMF austerity loan package link at IMF… discuss imposing austerity on the government. This may have led to unemployment. The Muslim maid have left Ghana and come to NYC because of this austerity. She may blame the IMF. This allows DSK to claim diplomatic immunity for this revenge against IMF policy.

IMF Strauss-Kahn Give Power to Borrowers Oligarchs

October 1, 2007

It is bad enough that Russia has files on plagiarism by econ profs who work at IMF or their students or those linked to Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, etc. Its bad enough that China, India, and Pakistan have been reverse engineering Russia’s plagiarism files and making use of them at the IMF and World Bank for decades.

Its bad enough that Russia used these to get low interest rate IMF loans in the 1990’s from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer. Its bad enough that Bush and his operatives likely used this to pressure the Clinton team in 1998 for the Iraq Liberation Act. Its bad enough that Pakistan and India likely used it in 1998 to get away with their nuclear tests and Pakistan to support terrorism. Its bad enough that Bush likely used this to influence the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore and then pressure Gore to go away and give up on the 2004 race because Harvard and the Clinton profs had possibly kept information from the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard that started in 1997.

Now after all this, the new IMF head Strauss-Kahn wants to give the voting power of the IMF to the borrowers.   Russia alone among the kompromat countries is to lose votes according to the proposal now, but that might not hold up in the end.

The borrower winners includes the other countries doing the kompromat pressure already,  China, India, and Pakistan.  This is rewarding blackmailers with control of the bank. Now they don’t have to use blackmail, they can just vote themselves money like oligarch boards do at commercial banks already. The countries that have the kompromat files are being given a permanent payoff in the form of more votes.  This is allowing these countries to repeat the same tactics Russia used to borrow based on its kompromat files on academia, Wall Street and the US Treasury.

Russia had put up its own candidate as part of its kompromat pressure. The killing of Litvinenko was also part of this. So have its arms sales to Iran, the comments Putin made about Stanley Fischer and the offering him a job, etc.  This was after it was exposed on the internet how they had kompromat files on the profs in the 1990’s who gave them over 20 billion in low interest rate IMF loans.

Congress has an obligation to step forward and police this. So do the top people at DOJ and the intelligence agencies. Their job is not to let foreign countries get things by improper means. Their job is not to help Bush and Clinton and their close-in people get away with this. Their job is to tell.

Dominique Strauss Kahn campaigned for his position by promising to give voting rights from lenders to borrowers. This is the worst sort of pandering. He should be removed from his position for the way he got it. Not unusual in today’s world, or yesterday’s.

In his maiden news conference as the leader of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn vowed on Monday to make the global lender more relevant for rising economic powers like Brazil, Mexico, India and China.

“They must have a voice and more participation,” Strauss-Kahn said, adding that if not, “at the very end of the day, the very existence of the Fund will be at stake.”

Manmohan Singh, the PM of India has spent his career reverse engineering Russia’s use of plagiarism files in economics. He has a Ph.D. in economics. He has received help, most likely, from the Indian econ diaspora in America and the U.K. The U.K. has liability going back to Dirac and Fowler plagiarizing Born and Jordan in 1925 in the development of matrix mechanics. Manmohan Singh gave a talk at Moscow State University name dropping those involved in this from 1925 to the present recently. Russia knows he has reverse engineered their files and methods in this area and that Moscow State University did much of the work over the decades, particularly the math department.

India and Singh will get to repeat Russia’s play from the 1990’s, know kompromat on profs in the US government and get loans.  This has to stop.  We have to stop giving them our nuclear know how and letting them violate the non-proliferation treasury.

More about Singh’s role here:

Rep Edward Markey has been fighting the India nuclear deal in Congress.

search Edward Markey India

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA), a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the co-chair of the House Bipartisan Task Force on Nonproliferation, today responded with skepticism to claims that the 123 agreement for nuclear cooperation between the United States and India fully complies with the letter and spirit of the Hyde Act and the Atomic Energy Act. Rep. Markey said, “If the US-India agreement is really consistent with the letter and spirit of the Hyde Act, as the administration claims, why won’t they release the text? If they’re afraid of letting us read the document, then I can only surmise that it includes provisions they fear will raise the hackles of Congress. They’re turning the Hyde Act into the hide-and-go-seek act, but no level of diplomatic double-speak will stop Congress from investigating why India is claiming such enormous concessions.

Strauss-Kahn said he had traveled 100,000 km (60,000 miles) to convince many of the IMF’s 185 member countries that he meant what he said in proposing a shake-up of the IMF to better reflect the rise of emerging market economies and the interests of less developed ones, plus the need to better regulate globalisation.

One of the biggest challenges he inherits is reforming the vote count to give China and the other emerging stars more of a say alongside the Western Europeans and the Americans who have dominated the agency over its existence of more than 60 years.

This article is draft and preliminary and subject to substantial revision. This is hypotheses, speculation or opinion. Statements that are assertions should be restated as questions or hypotheses.

WaPo: “Russia Seeks More Control At Academy Of Sciences”

March 13, 2007

=Original WaPo Article:

“Russia Seeks More Control At Academy Of Sciences”

By Peter Finn
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, March 13, 2007; Page A01

“MOSCOW — The historic autonomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has pioneered fundamental research in Russia since its founding by Peter the Great three centuries ago, is under threat from government proposals to bring the institution under much tighter state control and end its academic…”

“This is really a war,” Alexander Nekipelov, vice president of the academy, said in an interview at the institution’s august administrative headquarters, a czarist palace on Moscow’s Leninsky Prospekt. “I am sure we are going to win it, but of course we cannot help being worried by the situation.”

Members of the academy, which in 1980 defied Soviet demands that it expel dissident physicist Andrei Sakharov, view the plan as part of a broader trend of increased official control over key parts of Russian society.


The Academy of Sciences helps Russian intelligence analyze plagiarism and the interplay between academic and political corruption in the West. This started with Kapitza analyzing plagiarism by Dirac and Niels Bohr being made a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1926 to keep quiet about it. Rutherford was president of the Royal Society and his son-in law Fowler was helping Dirac.


Putin became head of FSB in July 1998 and may have gotten in on looting a 4.8 billion IMF loan. This may have involved kompromat on US econ profs Stanley Fischer at IMF and Larry Summers at US Treasury.

Russia may have had academic kompromat files on them for decades including possibly plagiarism by Fischer in his 1969 Ph.D. thesis at MIT in which Samuelson the uncle of Summers was involved.

Putin may want to control the academy because his money comes from it and because Berezovsky and Yeltsin were using this in the 1990’s to get IMF loans. Putin’s participation in this scheme is how he became President of Russia.

Thus the Academy is key to the truth about how he got his money and his power. They have reputation control to expose this and he wants control over them to keep them under control. The above is all speculation and a hypothesis.


quote During Soviet days, the academy also repeatedly denied membership to leading Communist Party members on grounds that they lacked scientific credentials. end quote.

quote In November 1945 refused to work on nuclear weapons development under Beria, and in 1946 was dismissed from his posts as director of the Institute for Physical Problems and head of Glavkislorod, and resided at his country house until after Stalin’s death and Beria’s arrest in 1953. He conducted there original research on high-power electronics. In January 1955 Kapitza returned to the post of director of the Institute. end quote RAS bio on Kapitza.

Beria sent him a shotgun as a present, but Stalin let Kapitza live and stay at his house. One book says Kapitza should have been killed for what he did. Kapitza lived a long time until 1984.

Kapitza’s was Rutherford’s assistant in 1925 and knew of the plagiarism and coverup including making Bohr a Fellow of the Royal Society.

This gave Kapitza and the Acad of Sci USSR independence of the Party. Even in the 1980’s, they had this as leverage over Teller and Bethe, both of whom didn’t tell this when Fuchs was arrested or at the Oppenheimer security hearings in April 1954. Born the victim got the Nobel in fall 1954.


c. 1994, Sudoplatov refers to Kapitza in his book as Rutherford’s assistant. This is what got Bethe and the others scared to denounce the Sudoplatov book, not just the accusations on Oppenheimer, Fermi, and Szilard.

It was in 1995, they got the big IMF loans from profs Fischer and Summers. They were using the accusations on the physicists to scare the econ profs into giving them money. In Russian physics journal(s), they also pushed Kapitza to remind the Americans.

Putin got in on this with Berezovsky and Yeltsin in 1998 as head of FSB when they got more IMF loans and stole them for themselves. Because the Academy has used its knowledge since 1946 to be independent, even against Stalin and Beria, Putin has to get control over them now before the presidential election where he turns over power.

Putin wants to keep his money and keep the Academy from using this as leverage for its own benefit, as it has in the past. Even in the 1930’s, during the purges, Kapitza used this to demand Landau be released from prison. So Putin is trying to control this independence that the Academy has used even under Stalin from its keeping the plagiarism files on US profs. The above is all speculation.

“Members of the academy, which in 1980 defied Soviet demands that it expel dissident physicist Andrei Sakharov,”

Kapitza was alive and still a witness against Bethe and Teller. Teller was a key person in SDI in the 1980’s which gave Kapitza leverage until 1984 to protect Sakharov.

Comments WaPo

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Above is all speculation and hypotheses.  All statements should be restated as questions.  All other disclaimes apply.

The Right Way to Manage U.S. Attorneys

March 10, 2007

“The actions of an appointed U.S. attorney must be totally off-limits to questions from the White House or anyone in Congress.” from Abbe David Lowell Saturday, March 10, 2007; Page A19.

A discussion of whether Bush is trying to influence the Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, and Libby investigations or to intimidate Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom at the USAO Mass from reopening the Harvard investigation follows. This are in response to the article by Abbe Lowell on the US Attorney firings.


The following is all hypotheses and speculation. All statements should be restated as questions. All other
disclaimes apply.
Comments at WaPo


Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom of USAO Mass is the real target of intimidation? Because Russia used kompromat to get loans from Clinton admin and Bush knew thay by the time of Bush v. Gore? In July 1998, Putin became head of FSB and Russia got another 4.8 billion in IMF loans.

But the money was taken from the bank accounts of the Russian govt to the personal accounts of the leaders. (Note the IMF disputes this in part and had an audit done and claimed equivalent amounts of money from other Russian government controlled accounts were used.) So the Russian government defaulted on Russian govt debt in Aug 98 since the money was not in the govt bank accounts.

Russia 4.8 billion IMF

Russia 4.8 billion IMF

A discussion of some of the IMF Russia and Asia transactions that is more technical is here.

Two professors, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer had control over the IMF loans to Russia. Putin and the oligarchs and FSB had decades of files on academic kompromat some of it linked to Fischer’s 1969 Ph.D. thesis and an NSF grant involving Paul Samuelson, Summers’ uncle.

The KGB in 1972 at an econ conference in Warsaw may have used this incident and others to try to pressure Samuelson and Arrow, also uncle of Summers to nominate Kantorovich of the USSR for the Nobel in econ.

This was all possibly hid from USAO Mass from 1997 to 2005 by Clinton admin and then Bush. Did Bush use it during Bush v. Gore to make Gore go away? Gore turned down the presidency of Harvard. Did Marc Rich know this? Libby and Wolfowitz? Jacob Wolfowitz likely knew of the 1969 and 1972 incidents.

The above is speculation.⊂=AR

Job Offer to Stanley Fischer from Putin in 2001:

quote Russia Restores Ties with IMF BBC News June 19, 2001 For his part, Mr Putin complimented Mr Fischer, who plans to step down from his IMF role before the end of the year. He also offered him a job. We are always glad to see you in our country, said Mr Putin. If you would like to move from the IMF to Moscow, we can look at various options. end quote.

Putin likely got in on the July 1998 4.8 billion pot of money. So he was protecting his money at this point. After Fischer was hired by Israel in Jan 2005, Putin did an arms deal with Syria and then Iran. Israel and Bush kept quiet. The SVR and FSB are professionals at intimidation. Follow the money. Follow Putins money.
search “In Honor of Edmund S. Phelps ” plagiarism

quote Thus, my much-cited 1969 paper on optimal intertemporal portfolio programming opportunistically used the Bellman-Beckman-Phelps recursive techniques to analyze what defines the best qualitative asset-portfolio mix of the Phelps 1962 aggregate saving. It was not plagiarism but it was horning in on a created public good there for the taking. end quote Paul Samuelson.

old link:

from Preface Knowledge, Information, and Expectations in Modern Macroeconomics:
In Honor of Edmund S. Phelps
Edited by Philippe Aghion, Roman Frydman, Joseph Stiglitz, and Michael Woodford. Its on line.

Note the text was removed from above link after being posted with this link.

But it can be seen with Google inside:

If you type the word plagiarism into the search, you get part of the passage quoted above.  Click on page 1 and scroll down.  This link brings it up:

Fischer’s thesis was part of the same 1969 events. Samuelson and Merton got NSF grants for their 1969 papers. But it was already in part in the 1966 Nils Hakansson Ph.D. thesis that MIT had a copy of in 1966. Fischer got his US citizenship from his thesis. Above is speculation.
search Wolfowitz

Engle Nobel autobio shows Jacob Wolfowitz, Paul’s father was part of this small world in 1969.quote I took Kiefer’s probability and Wolfowitz’s statistics. I was extremely happy. … We married on August 10, 1969. On that day, I turned in my dissertation, received my Ph.D. and we left Cornell for good to take my first academic job at MIT. …
… Many of my students from that time have gone on to do quite well themselves: Larry Summers, …
Frank Fisher, Bob Solow, and Jerry Rothenberg encouraged me to join them on a new project to build a model of the city of Boston. …end quote.
quote Robert M. Solow – Autobiography
So, in 1949-50, I spent a fellowship year at Columbia University, in the lectures of Abraham Wald, Jacob Wolfowitz and T.W. Anderson, along with my fellow … end quote. Solow Nobel Prize autobio.

Solow was on one of the Ph.D. committees of Merton and Stanley Fischer at that time. This was one little world and Russia knew this to use it at the 1972 Warsaw econ conference to pressure Arrow and Samuelson to nominate Kantorovich of the USSR for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics. Above is speculation.


Paul Wolfowitz was Jacob Wolfowitz’s son and signed the 1998 PNAC letter to make regime change in Iraq part of US goals. Clinton was impeached in fall of 1998 and signed the Iraq Liberation Act in October 1998. At the same time there were hearings into IMF loans for Russia, LTCM bailout, etc.

Robert C. Merton was part of LTCM which bought Russian bonds in Aug 98 betting the IMF would have to bail Russia out. But the money was put into the personal bank accounts of the leaders so it wasn’t there to pay Russia’s bonds, so it defaulted. LTCM went belly up and Congress investigated why the Fed helped arrange a bailout.

The USAO Mass had already started investigating Harvard and Russia and Clinton profs like Larry Summers in spring 1997. If Jacob Wolfowitz had revealed this at that time, Clinton might have been removed from office and this would have become part of the ongoing investigations of Clinton more closely. This could be used again during Bush v. Gore, the USAO Mass was still investigating, in fact to August 2005. The above is all speculation.


The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail
Nonprofit Group Linked to Lawmaker Was Funded Mostly by Clients of Lobbyist

quote Two former Buckham associates said that he told them years ago not only that the $1 million donation was solicited from Russian oil and gas executives, but also that the initial plan was for the donation to be made via a delivery of cash to be picked up at a Washington area airport.

One of the former associates, a Frederick, Md., pastor named Christopher Geeslin who served as the U.S. Family Network’s director or president from 1998 to 2001, said Buckham further told him in 1999 that the payment was meant to influence DeLay’s vote in 1998 on legislation that helped make it possible for the IMF to bail out the faltering Russian economy and the wealthy investors there.

“Ed told me, ‘This is the way things work in Washington,’ ” Geeslin said. “He said the Russians wanted to give the money first in cash.” Buckham, he said, orchestrated all the group’s fundraising and spending and rarely informed the board about the details. Buckham and his attorney, Laura Miller, did not reply to repeated requests for comment on this article.

The IMF funding legislation was a contentious issue in 1998. The Russian stock market fell steeply in April and May, and the government in Moscow announced on June 18 — just a week before the $1 million check was sent by the London law firm — that it needed $10 billion to $15 billion in new international loans.

House Republican leaders had expressed opposition through that spring to giving the IMF the money it could use for new bailouts, decrying what they described as previous destabilizing loans to other countries. The IMF and its Western funders, meanwhile, were pressing Moscow, as a condition of any loan, to increase taxes on major domestic oil companies such as Gazprom, which had earlier defaulted on billions of dollars in tax payments.

On Aug. 18, 1998, the Russian government devalued the ruble and defaulted on its treasury bills. But DeLay, appearing on “Fox News Sunday” on Aug. 30 of that year, criticized the IMF financing bill, calling the replenishment of its funds “unfortunate” because the IMF was wrongly insisting on a Russian tax increase. “They are trying to force Russia to raise taxes at a time when they ought to be cutting taxes in order to get a loan from the IMF. That’s just outrageous,” DeLay said. end quote

By R. Jeffrey Smith
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, December 31, 2005; A01

search Russia IMF july 1998$file/kap08_01.htm

If Russia was bribing Tom Delay, they weren’t using academic kompromat at the same time? This was a big time operation of the Russian goverment to get these IMF loans. They were bribing Tom Delay through Jack Abramoff and at the same time there were pressuing Larry Summers at US Treasury and Stanley Fischer at IMF based on the academic kompromat trail that stretches back to the 1920’s and includes the same methods used to help gain atomic know-how.

Putin was head of FSB in July 1998. This was partly his operation. That is why he became President of Russia, he was part of this. That’s why Berezovsky and Yeltsin trusted him.

They were pushing all buttons at once and that didn’t just include bribing Tom Delay but also pushing academic kompromat buttons. That was while USAO Mass was investigating Harvard from 1997 and questioning Summers on his relationship to Shleifer.

Paul Wolfowitz and the neocons knew the Clinton profs and Harvard were concealing this history from the USAO Mass investigation. They got the Iraq Liberation Act during the Clinton impeachment. Then used this during Bush v. Gore to influence Scalia and then make Gore go away. Scalia has had econ Ph.D./JD clerks from the schools involved from the 1990’s to now. The links are all over the place. The above is speculation.


Bush is trying to intimidate the investigation of Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff, of Marc Rich, and of other investigations that may link to this. Bush is trying to keep Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom from reopening the Harvard investigation into whether Bush’s team knew this in 1998 and formed a conspiracy to keep this information from USAO Mass and use it to pressure Clinton admin figures for the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act and then later during Bush v. Gore. Above is speculation.


Bush was not a US government employee prior to Jan 20, 2001. Nor were the others during these incidents. If they formed an agreement as non US government employees to keep this information from the USAO Mass office, that was a conspiracy to obstruct justice and to conceal espionage by Russia against the United States. That is what this is about. That is why they put into the Patriot Act that they could appoint interim US Attorneys. They had this problem from before 9-11. The above is speculation.

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The above is all hypotheses and speculation. All statements should be restated as questions. All other disclaimes apply.

Milton Friedman Lost Witness on Russia’s Plagiarism Files

November 16, 2006

“SAN FRANCISCO — Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who advocated an unfettered free market and had the ear of three U.S. presidents, died Thursday at age 94.”

Questions Friedman might have answered on Russia’s Plagiarism Files and use of plagiarism.

1. Was Koopmans a communist or spy?

2. Was there plagiarism involving Andrew D. Roy a victim in 1952 at U Chicago. Was Roy work being given to Markowitz?

3. Was Milton Friedman the one who told Alfred Cowles this was happening?

4. Is that why Cowles had the Managing Editor of Econmetrica resign and move the editorial office to Northwestern?

5. Was pressure used by the Soviets on plagiarism to get nominations for Kantorovich and Koopmans for the 1975 Nobel Prize 1 year ahead of Friedman.

6. Why did Friedman have a feud with Koopmans that he was still writing about in his 1998 autobio.

7. This was written about in a recent book by Martin J. Beckman who was at Cowles Commission around 1952. Beckman takes the side of Koopmans, who is dead. Why are Friedman and Beckmann still fighting this in 1998 and the 2000’s? Is it because Russia used this to pressure low interest rate loans in the 1990’s from Stanley Fischer at IMF and Larry Summers at Treasury, a nephew of Arrow and Samuelson?

8. Stanley Fischer was hired at UChicago in 1969 from MIT. Did they think he had plagiarized Nils Hakansson?

9. Did Richard Posner as a U Chicago prof know of this in the 1970’s?

10. Was Eric Posner given tenure at U Chicago in 1998 as an attempt to influence Judge Posner not to tell this to the FBI or USAO Mass? (speculation of course)

11. Did Russia use pressure to get IMF loans in the 1990’s based on this?

12. Was this info passed to the US Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore to influence the vote against Gore? (this would be hearsay from Friedman)

13. Did they know in the 1950’s that Russia had used plagiarism to help get Klaus Fuchs into Los Alamos and to pressure Niels Bohr to try to influence Churchill and Roosevelt to give the bomb secret to the Soviets?

14. Did Paul A. Samuelson on the Council of the Econometric Society in 1952 know the true story about the Managing Editor of Economerica resigning, along with the editorial Secretary, and the editorial office being moved?

15. Harry Markowitz didn’t receive his Ph.D. until Sep 1955 Quarter, the first date after the Cowles Commission left University of Chicago in July 1955. Was this because Alfred Cowles wouldn’t let Markowitz get his Ph.D.? Or was it someone at Cowles like Koopmans?
Above is speculation not assertions.

16. Markowitz admitted that he didn’t do the formulas of “algebraic simplicity” and “wide acclaim” taught to MBA students and in textbooks in 1987, 3 years before he got the Nobel Prize with the press release using exactly those words. Why did the Press Release use these words? Why are MBA students taught that Markowitz did those formulas and not Roy when Markowitz himself admits Roy did them and that he Markowitz did not?

17. Markowitz thanks Kenneth Arrow in 1955 for giving him the idea of what his thesis at UChicago was, an algorithm for mean variance optimization with short sale constraints. Wolfe did this too at about the same time. These were published in the Naval Research Logistics Quarterly c. 1956. Jacob Wolfowitz, also published in that journal.

18. The Markowitz article was published in March 1952 in Journal of Finance, a second rate journal edited at U Chicago business school. This Markowitz article contained no important formulas as results, just a graph to illustrate mean variance choice with short sale constraints. There is no formula even today for that, just an algorithm. The Roy article was published in July 1952 in Econometrica, the top journal in econ, in July 1952. Econometrica was also edited at U Chicago, in effect by the Cowles Commission. The Roy article did mean variance choice without short sale constrainst and got the formula solutions taught to MBA’s and in textbooks today that are credited to Markowitz. Jacob Wolfowitz wrote the article after Roy’s in the July 1952 issue. Did Wolfowitz know why the managing editor resigned?

19. Did Jacob Wolfowitz tell this to Paul Wolfowitz before Jacob died in 1981?

20. There are many ties from Jacob Wolfowitz to MIT econ in 1969, the year that Robert C. Merton, Paul A. Samuelson, and Stanley Fischer duplicated in part the 1966 UCLA thesis of Hakansson. These include Robert Engle, Robert Solow, and others. Search on Jacob Wolfowitz in the Nobel Prize site.

21. Did Valery Makarov put pressure on US profs at the 1972 Warsaw economics conference? Attendees included Martin Weitzman, then at MIT, now at Harvard, William A. Brock, Martin J. Beckmann and othes.

These are questions, speculation, hypotheses or opinion. All other disclaimers apply.


=Note added

Some earlier Cowles papers by Markowitz are now available on line.  The above has to be revised in light of these.

In particular,

CCDP Economics 278, “Towards a Theory of Financial Behavior” (plus Errata) [15pp] (May 1950)
CCDP Economics 294, “Investment Company Behavior Equations” [7pp] (October 1950)
CCDP Economics 295, “On the Certainty Equivalence and Risk Discount Hypotheses” [16pp] (November 1950)



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Pakistan Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile With Ability to Carry Nuclear Warheads

November 16, 2006

“ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan said it successfully test-fired a new version of its nuclear-capable medium-range missile Thursday — a show of power a day after peace talks with India that were criticized by domestic hard-liners.”

“The Pakistani military statement said Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had witnessed the launch and congratulated scientists, engineers and the army for developing the new version of the missile.

“Pakistan can be justifiably proud of its defense capability and the reliability of its nuclear deterrence,” he said, according to the statement.”

“Pakistan believes in peace that “comes from a position of strength and operational readiness,” Aziz said.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear capability had reached full operational capability over the past seven years.”

From wiki

“He was appointed Executive Vice President of Citibank in 1992, reporting directly to the Chairman/CEO. Before taking leave from Citigroup, he was the head of its global Private Banking division, reporting directly to William Campbell, who was then head of the Global Consumer Group.

During his years at Citibank, he is alleged to have courted some politicians with notorious reputations such as Salinas of Mexico and Zardari of Pakistan.”

“In November, 1999, after the military ousted the elected government Mr. Aziz agreed to become the regime’s Minister of Finance, with responsibility for Finance, Economic Affairs, Statistics, Planning and Development, and Revenue Divisions.”

“n 2001, Mr Aziz was declared ‘Finance Minister of the Year’ by Euromoney and Banker’s Magazine. “

On 9-11, Pakistan had foreign debt of 38 billion US Dollars. This was more than its gross exports. Its central banker, Husain, said it had an unsustainable position on 9-11. The US wouldn’t let it roll over its debt and had sanctions on it because of its 1998 nuclear test.

On 9-12 or 9-13, Armitage had his meeting with General Ahmed of the ISI that ended up with Armitage threatening Pakistan. Armitage admits that but denies using the exact words “bomb them back to the stone age.” Ahmed may have used the history of Russia’s pressure for IMF loans based on the history relating to Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers. Bush may have used that during Bush v. Gore and Armitage and the neocons in 1998 to get the Iraq Liberation Act. This was not disclosed to the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard from 1997 to 2005. So the Bush team could have used that to pressure the Gore team or influence the Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore. Armitage signd the January 1998 PNAC letter with Paul Wolfowitz. The USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and the Russia grant became public in spring 1997.

In spring 1998, Pakistan and India did their nuclear tests. They knew of the whole history in economics and physics of Russia using plagiarism. This goes back to 1925. India and Pakistan had physicists who knew this, including Bhabha for India and M. A. B. Beg of Pakistan among others.

So in 1998, Russia got 4.8 more billion dollars in July 98 from Fischer and Summers, Harvard and the Clinton admin were not telling this to USAO Mass, Pakistan and India get nuclear tests, and LTCM and Goldman Sachs and university endowments were trading Russian government bonds which had high yields.

In August 1998, Russia defaulted, and likely knew who owned its bonds through registration, or could guess if held in street name. LTCM traded through Bear Stearns. The NY Fed arranged a bailout. The Vice Chairman of the Fed was Alan Blinder a Princeton econ prof. The current Fed chairman is Bernanke, a Princeton econ prof. The Swiss banks were investigated by Volcker, a Princeton econ prof and former fed Chairman. The Swiss banks had info on this as well, and possibly Marc Rich.

Congress held hearings in fall 98 on loans to Russia, the fed arranged bailout of LTCM, Iraq Liberation Act and Clinton impeachment. Paul Wolfowitz testified on Iraq Liberation Act. He may have known much of the history up to 1981 from his father Jacob. Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act at the end of October 1998. All of the above was kept from the hearings and possibly the USAO Mass investigation.

Then the House Republicans including Chris Cox and Porter Goss named Gore, Summers and Talbott as a troika running away with US policy towards Russia and hiding what they were doing. That was before Bush v. Gore.

John Yoo taught the IMF treaty at Berkeley in spring 2000. Yoo thanks Berkeley econ Ph.D./J.D. Howard Shelanski in his book defending torture and unitary executive theory. He also thanks Silberman for showing him how politics and Washington really work. Yoo was Hatch’s Chief Legal Counsel of Senate Judiciary Committee in the 1990’s. Yoo may have passed this info to Silberman and Hatch and then Scalia during Bush v. Gore. This may be why Scalia got the vote counting stopped before the final ruling and issued his own individual opinion to justify that, saying it was unfair to Bush to continue it if the court ruled against Gore.

Pakistan knew all this on 9-11. It knew it from Aziz and possibly others. One former PM of Pakistan had been a VP at World Bank in the 1980’s. Stanley Fischer was Chief Economist at World Bank in the 1980’s.

Pakistan is now using this history to continue its nuclear, missile and submarine program. Pakistan has nukes, subs and missiles. It is putting them together. We will have Pakistani subs off our coasts with nukes. They may sell them to Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation and opinion. Statements in the positive should be restated as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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