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The new white Renaissance

February 23, 2009

Vanishing American, “Have we done this to ourselves?”

re: “100 most indispensable books”

E. M. Forster wrote: The only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little further down our particular path than we have yet got ourselves. [ ” A Book That Influenced Me”]. Forster was  also part of the  so-called ‘Bloomsbury Group’.

Ian Jobling:

My comment:

In building a theory of racial loyalty we need a set of data and characterizations of the data.  One datum is the reaction to the OJ verdict.

Listen to the black lawyers and intellectuals saying the black reaction you see before you is not hatred of whites or celebrating the killing of whites.  Its almost as if Frontline created a training tape that either side could use.  Liberals can see how to lie about what people see.  The right, or whatever we call ourselves, can say see how the talking heads lie about what you see in front of you with your own eyes.

There are several levels of race loyalty on display.  The black jury voted for OJ.  The blacks react with joy.  The black lawyers and intellectuals then say its not black racism, or hate of whites in general or celebrating the killing of two whites.  So all levels of the black race express their race loyalty in their own way and in the way that is most useful to their race.


Whites fought among themselves in Europe.  When they encountered non-white races in their expansion outward they mostly continued to fight other whites.

Now whites have to build a white loyalty to fight the other races.  now that the threat is real of white genocide.   This is as useful as stopping the barbarian invasions of Europe that allowed the Renaissance.  The Renaissance came from men of the sword stopping the non white invasions.
We need a new birth of race consciousness among whites to save our people and our civilization.  This has to build on the individual nationalistic loyalties as well as build a new loyalty among whites.  This is being forced on us because it is the only way for us to survive.  We still have sufficient numbers to do so.  But only if we act.  Speaking the truth and not being cowed by PC is the first step.

==Some prior articles and threads at Vanishing American

Great article VA.

You might want to save the following pdf from DOJ’s website before it disappears.…b/pdf/ htius.pdf

The pdf gets the screen shots but there are also data sets that can be downloaded. I don’t think they are in the pdf. To get those, you have to go to the webpages with graphs, click on the graph and click on the spreadsheet link. That is actually a text file, and you can save it adding the extension .csv when you save it. It will then load automatically into a spreadsheet program including free ones. I go through some of the steps below.

“Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders ”

If you go to above and click on graphs and click on spreadsheet you get stuff like following. These can be saved as text files
with extension .csv and then opened in a spreadsheet program,
including free ones.

You may want to get this data now before it disappears.…ts/ vracetab.csv

Bureau of Justice Statistics,,,
Homicide trends in the United States,,,,,,
Date of release: January 17 2007,,,

“Homicide Victimization Rates per 100,000 Population by Race”,,,


Good discussion: (also at other cited links at VA)

Great set of quotes VA. Especially the not an American one. Very close to Michelle Obama.

Michelle first time proud:…least-26-years/

Obama typical white person…least-26-years/

Obama calling Palin a pig:…h? v=utHZ7zYytLk

You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig. That’s with him saying the words.

Obama giving McCain the finger…h? v=DnEhmbKazdw

Obama giving Hillary the finger…h?v=UoOFp- RDpvM

Rev Wright God Damn America…h? v=9hPR5jnjtLo

OJ Simpson Verdict…h? v=OiWe0BTxGxo

You can drag them a couple seconds and still get a lot from them.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest,
and in the joy of a new beginning,
we ask you to help us work for that day
when black will not be asked to get in back,
when brown can stick around,
when yellow will be mellow,
when the red man can get ahead, man;
and when white will embrace what is right.
That all those who do justice and love mercy
say Amen.

Rev. Joseph Lowery…h? v=8atFjvN488s

at 5:23 Obama smiles as Lowery mentions whites.

Obama scripted this and the attack on Sarah Palin is what I believe.

Gravatar Video of black crowd reactions to OJ Verdict…/view/ 5_hi.html

(above is worth watching and continue to some of the black commentary trying to explain it away. These are the top blacks in America lying to your face. Its important to remember how they lied in unison to deny what we saw, pure hatred of whites on display. A hatred that is genetic and can never be eliminated by any education or cultural training.)

Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School says that the celebration was not what you see. Ogletree is around 2 min in the tape. Obama was president of law review at Harvard.…a- 3515192.shtml

Ogletree on Obama at HLS above.

Search Ogletree Obama for more of him and Obama.

More Frontline on OJ verdict…ntline/oj/view/

Gravatar When Harvard Law Professor Ogletree lies about the reaction to the OJ verdict he takes moral ownership of the entire crime. Harvard Law School does too. Obama is a product of this mentality at HLS.

AG Eric Holder “Nation of Cowards”…h? v=3RtzGraUV9c



Is White loyalty less today or more?  Was white loyalty high in the 19th century?  In WWI?  In WWII?  Are the two world wars and 3rd world immigration a new crucible for the birth of white loyalty?  Aren’t whites still loyal?  Don’t they prefer their own?  Don’t they show that still?  Have always done so?

If whites can form a bond and eject the 3rd world invasion in our lands, then we can have a new white Renaissance as great as the white Renaissance that started sometime around 1300.   That was made possible by centuries of fighting against invasions into Europe by non-whites.   That fight had meaning.  It was essential for the Renaissance.

Are we at such a time again?  Must we not rise to the challenge to fight the invasion by non-whites into our lands?  Isn’t that what is needed for the New White Renaissance?


How to build a case for ICE to investigate possible illegals

June 2, 2008

Ian Jobling at Inverted World writes:

An Inverted World reader writes me that illegal aliens are moving into the apartment complex where he lives in droves. The situation infuriates him, and he wonders what he can do. He says he’s thinking of writing a petition to be signed by the white residents of the apartment complex—he provides no details about what exactly the petition would say. Anyway, can you offer him any advice about how he should deal with the situation? Other than contacting his local Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Office (see also here), which is likely to be ineffective, is there anything else he can do?

Contact the local office by letter. Be polite and don’t make statements beyond what you can prove. Request they look into the situation. You want to establish a paper trail that is polite enough that someone like Lou Dobbs can use it later and not be embarrassed.

So you need to be PC and not go beyond the facts you have proof of in hand at any time. You need to be polite and careful. You should not state legal conclusions or other conclusions. Instead you should have a disclaimer.

Bear in mind, they can turn on you, although its rare and not a reason to avoid action. However, draft all communications as if you feared their charging you with making false statements. So think about a disclaimer to prevent such a charge. Show it to a lawyer if you can, and look at for information on these things. Search the internet for other examples of this activism that are models of carefulness.

You want to build a case of official neglect, but never say that. Each time you contact the authorities, don’t remonstrate with them for doing nothing or for not acting on prior requests. Instead, you always write as if they were reasonable and doing all they can. You want to build a record over a period of months.

You should send a letter to ICE before your petition. Build a file of letters first. Then the petition can refer to that case history. This is another reason to be careful and polite. You want a case history others can sign on to. Not only whites may be interested in signing, so be PC and race neutral.

Are there women in the building who have said they are afraid of them. You could mention that, but only if you can back it up. Expect the government to claim its a false statement. Don’t be scared off, just build your case carefully without claiming what you can’t prove. You should have 10 times the proof you need for each statement.


If ICE turns nasty, then be polite and say you need to speak to an attorney. Don’t be overly positive on what you know when you speak to them. Say you are not sure, are bringing a tip to them, but can only give them a tip not a proof, etc.

If they keep you there and talk to you for hours or want to keep you up late at night, then you know they are targeting you. They normally will want to talk to you for a very brief amount of time. If they drill you, don’t say you know or are sure about things you don’t have the proof of on you at the time and can hand them.

Have copies already made and stored someplace else. They can also seize your computer at some point. Have a backup made and off-site. Don’t make any positive statement you can’t show them the evidence for. And in that situation, instead of making a positive statement, hand them the evidence without making a positive statement and let them make their own conclusion. Always point out the problems or difficulties with making a case.

Prepare for the case that whoever handles your case will be Hispanic, black or foreign born and that they hate whites and will have a grudge against those who complain. Even if you deal with someone white at first, it may go to someone else, or their superior is foreign born and they need to earn points by betraying a white. Or they may be corrupt. Never say these things no matter the provocation. Don’t be surprised at anything they do, and never criticize them or anyone in any of the 3 branches of government in writing or verbally, nor of any level of government.

Don’t criticize illegals or any ethnic group or complain or rant at all. Just notify them of facts. This is like notice pleading. You might want to study that at Wiki and Findlaw. You don’t state conclusions, you state the bits of evidence you have in hand and let them draw their own conclusions if any.

re Inverted World on Humility and the West

December 2, 2007

Comment re Realist article on Humility and the West at Inverted World. The article and comments are good. Note that Inverted World like Vanishing American, and unlike this blogger, carefully edits what he writes before posting. This is really good writing and thinking. You can also Digg Inverted World articles. The Realist, the name he uses, is going to be a major writer in this movement. He should get every encouragement.

“By DP111 on 11/27/07 at 9:27 pm”

Good comments. Yes most patents are trivial. But looked at in the right way, every discovery is trivial.

\begin{align}t' &= \gamma \left( t - \frac{v x}{c^{2}} \right)  \\  x' &= \gamma \left( x - v t \right)\\ y' &= y \\  z' &= z \end{align}

where \gamma = { 1 \over \sqrt{1 - v^2/c^2} },


The above are cut and paste from Wiki.

These are the Lorentz transformations actually discovered first by Larmor. They are linear equations as far as x and t are concerned.

For a scientist who discovers them, he oscillates between thinking its trivial and thinking its genius. He doesn’t really know. Has he proved he is a genius or proved everyone else isn’t?

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