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Obama and America put down productive middle class

March 20, 2008

The problem with Obama’s speech and entire career is that the productive middle class are being pushed down in America today by immigration and by the approximately 100 million 3rd world presence in America.  The 3rd world nation in America is the problem.  It has low IQ which is genetic.  It has destroyed California.

It is destroying the water supplies of the world.

Global economic growth, population pressures and the rise of mega-cities have all driven water use to record levels.

Mexico City, Jakarta and Bangkok, to name a few, have underground water sources — some of them nonrenewable — depleting at alarming rates.


Desperation forces people to consume these contaminated waters.

“In the coming decades, water scarcity may be a watchword that prompts action ranging from wholesale population migration to war, unless new ways to supply clean water are found,” comment a team of researchers in a review of water purification technology published Thursday in the British journal Nature.

Third worlders consume and destroy.  We have to stop their population explosion here and there.  Here we need to introduce birth quotas.  Those can be based on IQ or on other achievements, although these have to be done before teen child birth.

These could be based on their parents achievements or lack thereof.  Children of drug addicts, high school dropouts, violent criminals, etc. might lose their reproductive rights and be sterilized before becoming teen agers.  This would cut off the process in time.

We have to face the reality that 3rd worlders destroy.  They are not productive.  They are a burden to the planet.  We have to face that and deal with it.

This is a set of hypotheses and is subject to revision.  All comments are welcome.  This should be restated as questions.


Is it time for IQ birth quotas?

March 19, 2008

IQ birth quotas might work as follows

  1. Below 85, 0
  2. 85 to 95, 1
  3. 95 to 105, 2
  4. 105 to 115, 3
  5. Above 115, unlimited.

The IQ is first and the number of children allowed is on the right. For those above 115, there would be incentives to have children. These could increase with IQ. For men that could include higher fees for sperm donating.

Search William Shockley IQ

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