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Iran said it is enriching uranium

December 7, 2007

Search: Iran announces 3000 and you get in September 2007 that Iran announced it has 3000 centrifuges enriching uranium.

Iran is already enriching uranium.  They may have enough for a bomb in a year.  All the “new” intel says is that Iran is not building the bomb device under the old army program.

The uranium type bomb design is easy to build.  In that design you fire a sub-critical ball into a shaft and cause ignition.  This design was considered so easy that the US didn’t test it, but used it on Japan.  The US tested the plutonium design.

Iran will have the fuel for a bomb in a year.  It can buy or build a detonation device.

Iran may even have bought an old Soviet nuke that didn’t work because of degradation of the fuel, and use its processing to spike or replace the fuel.

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has gone too far. They have gone from reciting facts to projecting their own presuppositions onto Iran as to Iran’s intents.  Iran is a complicated country.  Its president does matter.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s president believes we are the Great Satan.  That is an official label from the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini.  That can’t be changed by the Islamic Republic.  Iran is at war with us because Islam requires it to be.  The NIE didn’t discuss Islam at all as far as we have heard.

The way to predict what Muslim theocracies do is to use the Koran.  The Koran says “slay them where you can find them”. They believe they are at war with us and that we have surrounded them.


 Takeyh, who has long argued for engaging Iran in diplomacy, said the intelligence report was too easy on Tehran by not objecting to the uranium enrichment program, which many Western governments have alleged is meant to build the knowledge base to eventually develop nuclear weapons. The American intelligence agencies, in effect, accepted Iran’s contention that the enrichment is for peaceful purposes, Takeyh said.

Iran has announced they are enriching.  The president of Iran has made clear his ideas.

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