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Joint Chiefs don’t care Bradley Manning don’t care villages Afghanistan

March 14, 2011

If the joint chiefs don’t care of non-coms and warrant officers mistreat Bradley Manning and Quantico, how can they be trusted when a predator drone destroys a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan? If they don’t care what the lower ranks do in Quantico to the prisoner, how can they be believed that they care about destroying a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan by mistake?

Why should we keep the military in Afghanistan to just give them the Bradley Manning treatment with predator drones? What good does that do?

The joint chiefs have caring fatigue. That means it is time to leave Afghanistan. They can’t help the people there if the joint chiefs are fatigued from caring about what happens to the powerless.

Let those people kill themselves because they have the power to stop it. They don’t have the power to stop predator drones controlled in Utah. They can’t learn from the mistakes of noncoms in Utah like they can from their own mistakes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is why it is time to leave.

The joint chiefs need to learn to care about the prisoners at Quantico. Until they prove that, they have lost the right to be trusted to destroy villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bring the troops home. Their mission is finished because the joint chiefs have compassion fatigue syndrome.

In Manning’s complaint, he says one of the noncoms told Manning that he was God. Well it looks like the joint chiefs let God decide it was time to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops and predator drones home. If the Afghans and Pakistanis want to fight each other, they can decide that. But they can also decide to stop that.

It may also teach Colonel Choike and the joint chiefs to think twice about who they put in the position of God, here and there. When the colones and joint chiefs decide to let noncoms be God, then they do give up control.


Bradley Manning and Military’s Careerist Conformist Corrupt System

March 14, 2011

The Bradley Manning case is discrediting the military. The Marine Corp colonel at Quantic, Daniel J. Choike is allowing corporals and sergeants and warrant officers to abuse a prisoner repeatedly in the face of the nation. This is either his policy or he doesn’t care. The same applies to the chain of command up to the joint chiefs, the civilian secretaries and the president.

They are all careerist checkoff artists. They blow smoke in every situation. They say the positive thing that is expected. They hammer the person who speaks up with the negative truth. That person is fired as happened to the State Department spokesman, normally an arch smoke blower. Philip J. Crowley bio:

The JAG and the JAG judges are also doing nothing. They just pile on more charges and hope the kid breaks from the treatment by the non-coms at the brig.

There needs to be a reform. JAG should be held accountable for the treatment of all prisoners. That should be written into their mandate. There may need to be civilian review of treatment of prisoners and possibly remove it from the military. However, the civilian system tends to have much harsher punishments.

The promotion system of the military weeds out the independent and the outspoken. This needs drastic reform. The joint chiefs are a product of this system, as is Colonel Choike, as are the JAG officers and as are the JAG judges.

The treatment of prisoners also should not be left to warrant officers to decide. This should be subject to review by officers at a minimum. JAG should definitely be involved in reviewing this treatment.

Military taking its frustration with wars on Manning

March 12, 2011

The military is showing its frustration with the last 10 years in its treatment of Bradley Manning. They can take it out on this innocent looking White kid with impunity.

They are frustrated with the lies. The wars were based on lies. It is a lie that they helped protect us. We are not securer for these wars. Muslims are not our allies. Islam is not peaceful. We are not safer with Muslims here. Muslims should not be in the military. Our civilization is headed towards collapse by allowing outsiders to pour in. They are never Americans or members of our civilization. The leadership tell the diversity lie constantly and it is the death of us.

The military are taking out all this frustration on Manning. It shows they don’t believe in the surges or any of the policy of appeasement of Islam. America and the West are committing suicide. The military are part of the suicide not the solution. Enemies are allowed in and put in charge. They are frustrated with that. They can’t response against real enemies, the Muslims in are midst, but have to take it out on Manning, the White kid they are allowed to abuse as long as they do it under PC regulations. Whites have no civil rights as Obama Holder said. That is the end of our civilization. The military join in because it is the only way they are allowed to manifest their frustration, on a fellow White. The same as Libs do on Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann.

Everything said about surges, Pakistan being an ally, etc. is a lie. The soldiers know this. Their leaders lie to please the civilians who know it is a lie. The whole thing is a lie. Beware the diversity lie complex.

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