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McCain Romney No Irish Need Apply H-1B Only

December 12, 2007

No Irish Need Apply sign now hangs in every immigration law firm, in Wall Street, Silicon Valley and every engineering school, science department, math department, technical Business school class, economics department etc.

James Fulford at Vdare quoting Ryan Lizza.

Ryan Lizza has an article on the return of “nativism” to Republican politic(the Council on Foreign Relations calls it a must read): (quoting Lizza article:)

McCain gets animated whenever he discusses the immigration issue. After a town-hall meeting in Anderson, South Carolina, he recalled how the Irish were discriminated against in America. As he quoted a placard that hangs on the wall of an aide’s office (“Help Wanted—No Irish Need Apply”),[ note: This is a myth.]he jabbed his finger in the air with such emphasis that he knocked my voice recorder to the ground and erased our conversation. “It was immigration” that hurt his campaign, he said when he continued, after a series of apologies on both sides. “I understand that. I was told by one of the pollsters, ‘We see real bleeding.’ ”

Finish the Irish Off with Immigration? That is happening in the US, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. From Harvard to Microsoft, the signs are out, Irish need not apply for computer programming jobs or Ph.D.’s.

Rudi “H-1B” Giuliani, Mitt “Chinese” Romney, John “Amnesty” McCain, Mike “within days” Huckabee, have all made clear over and over, “Irish need not apply” for computer programming, engineering, science, math, technical economics, technical business, nursing, medical, or other jobs or education for H-1B, foreign students, and foreign workers here or there.

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