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Diplomatic Exit by Robin Wright

April 15, 2007

“Javad Zarif, the highest-ranking Iranian diplomat in the United States, made a rare trip to Washington last month. The timing could not have been worse.” By Robin Wright Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 15, 2007; Page D01

Iran is run by a Supreme Leader who is an Ayatollah who believes in world domination by Islam. That is the beginning and ending of wisdom in dealing with Iran. They intend to defeat us, occupy us, and impose Sharia law. That is their objective.

They are using immigration to do it already. They are winning in Europe. The Left parties in the Netherlands and Belgium to even a greater extent than the rest of Europe are now firmly in the camp of Islam and are committed to an Islamic Europe under Sharia law with nuclear weapons aimed at the US.

Iran is determined that Israel be destroyed and every Jew forced into submission. Every Christian as well. Atheists and agnostics will presumably have a chance to convert before facing death.


quote A country does not make peace with its friends, it makes peace with its enemies. end quote ochsenreiterm | Apr 15, 2007 2:26:13 PM
Islam does not allow peace with non-Muslim states period. It only allows for truces up to 10 years, although some authorities say only 5 years.


quote Go away OldAsslantic, you ignorant redneck warmonger. We dont need stupid people like you!By doubter007 | Apr 15, 2007 2:04:51 PM end quote

quote Muslims who have experienced a deeper indoctrination will have greater difficulties when they live in liberal democracies. They need to lead a double life, maintained with unease and a good deal of hypocrisy, faking and double standards. Because according to a Hadith [Mohammed’s speeches], a Muslim is duty-bound to intervene physically when he sees a transgression [defined in Islamic terms] and if he is not able to do that, then he must intervene by his tongue. If he is not able to do that, then he must, at least, oppose it in his own heart; but taking the last option is a manifestation of the weakness of the faith. end quote Why Truce and Not Peace?

by Showan Khurshid 28 January, 2006 Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims Islam-Watch.

The mainstream media usually reports offers of hudna as “truce” or in a complete distortion of truth, as “peace”. So the Israelis are often portrayed as rejectors of “peace” when in fact, because of their understanding of the truth of the hudna smokescreen due to decades of painful experience with the deception, they are defending their civilian population from further attack.
Posted by: Hulegu Khan [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 8, 2006 10:39 AM end quote Jihad Watch

In Sacred Law truce means a peace treaty with those hostile to Islam, involving a cessation of fighting for a specified period, whether for payment or something else.

… Interests that justify making a truce are such things as Muslim weakness because of lack of numbers or materiel, or the hope of an enemy becoming Muslim …

by Silas

end quote. Silas.

quote After Muhammad conquered Mecca and established his power in his region of the Saudi Peninsula, he claimed to have received another “revelation” from Allah, telling him to break his word and some treaties. … Quran: 9: 5) Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. end Quran quote.

A detailed account of the actual event is given in “The Life of Muhammad” pages 617 – 620. (It is also detailed in “Tabari’s History”, volume 9, pages 76 – 79). What this is describing is that Muhammad claimed to have received a “revelation” from Allah telling him to break the various types of treaties he had with various tribes and people. Some were to be broken right away, a select few would be honored until their time was fulfilled, then the treaties’ provisions would no longer be honored and the guarantee of peace ended.

Muhammad lied again and justified his lie through Allah. After the “sacred months” ended the polytheists would be subject to attack as verse 9:5 commands. At this point in time Muhammad had gained enough strength that he could now make war upon people he once had a treaty of peace. So he broke the treaty and prepared to make war upon them. end quote Silas Answering Islam.

Let me quote from another article I wrote recently that details Islam’s position towards the non-Islamic. The article is found here.

A second reference for this verse comes from the “Reliance of the Traveler”, page 559 [11]. This book is not just a commentary; rather it is “A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.” It is based upon the Shafi’i school of Islamic law. (There are four major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, the Shafi’i being the largest of them). The book represents not just the work of a single scholar, but rather “represents a large collectivity of scholars….” It is not just a simple Quranic commentary; rather it is a foundational theological textbook.

The Caliph makes war upon the Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians, provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax Jizya … in accordance with the word of Allah Most High:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who forbid not what Allah and His messenger have forbidden – who do not practice the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book – until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled.” 9:29

The Caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim …

The quotes above are taken from a Manual of Islamic law (Shafi’i). It states Islam’s official position towards the non-Muslim: War and subjection.

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