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Rawstory Comments Hate Map of Ground Zero Site

September 10, 2010

Rawstory has a hate thread of comments on Fox’s map of the body parts around Ground Zero.

9/11/2001 was done by Muslims, but the hate that brought them here after the WTC 1993 attacks is shown in the Lib comments on this hate thread.

Islam and Liberalism are matched as Twin Hates against White Christian America as shown on this hate thread at Raw Story. Just as the Twin Towers loomed over New York at equal height, so the Twin Hates of Liberalism and Islam tower over New York and America in both the Ground Zero Mosque debate and the Pastor Terry Jones Koran burning debate.

Liberalism adopting Muslim hate and making Muslim immigration sacred shows that Liberalism wants to kill the West and the White Race and Christianity.

Islamo-Liberalism is the fusion hate of the White Race, the White West, and White Christian America.

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