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Al Qaeda flows into Obama’s Libya Qadmire

May 3, 2011

Libya is the new Qaeda Qaddafi Quagmire Q3 as we Quers or Qadmirers call it.

Libyan rebel says Osama bin Laden’s death won’t stop jihadist flow

‘Al Qaeda [is] getting more and more organized and bringing people [to Libya] from abroad,’ says the rebel, who has been contacted by militants wanting to fight against Col. Muammar Qaddafi.

Obama’s Muslim love lives on. Just as Bush’s did. With us paying the price for the lie that is Peaceful Islam and Muslim Nation Building with the peaceful women respecting Muslim Brotherhood.

This whole war with Islam thing is turning into one giant Qadmire from Pakistan to Indonesia and from Afghanistan to Londonistan and then to America. It is so 7th century. So El Cid. So Reconquista. So now.

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