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Ismail Ax Red Crescent of Embrace Memorial

April 17, 2007

“Crescent of Embrace” Images

Cox and Forkum Crescent of Embrace

“Crescent of Embrace”

“Red Crescent Memorial”

“Red Crescent Memorial” Images


At Western Resistance and also here

Finger of Embrace

Time to build a red crescent memorial?

Will a red crescent memorial be built on Va Tech campus?

Possible Names:

Ismail Ax of Embrace

Ismail Ax Red Crescent Memorial

Ismail I of Iran

Will OJ Simpson, Al Sharpton, CAIR, PC Multiculti profs, and the FBI join in the search for the real hate criminals? Will Bush declare the student, the English Major of Peace? Or the Student of Peace?


Ismail Ax of Peace

April 17, 2007

Ismail Ax at Debbie Schlussel

Seung-Hui Cho

Chicago Trib on Ismail Ax

Ismail is part of the Axis of Peace? That runs from North Korea to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Iran to Saudi Arabia?


Ismail, Ishmael, Izmail, Isma’il may refer to:

== from Wiki Islmail I
Shāh Ismā’il Abu’l-Mozaffar bin Sheikh Haydar bin Sheikh Junayd Safawī (Persian: شاه اسماعیلAzerbaijani: Şah İsmayıl Səfəvi) (July 17, 1487May 23, 1524), Shah of Iran and the founder of the Safavid dynasty, which survived until 1736. He was a Shi’ite from Ardabil, Iran. Shah Ismail first proclaimed Safavid Shia state in Azerbaijan in 1501, and year later, in 1502, in all of Iran. [1] He reigned as Shāh Ismā’il I of Irān from 1502 to 1524.

Shah Ismail was also a prolific poet who, under the pen name Khatā’ī, contributed greatly to the literary development of Azerbaijani language.[2]

==2:18 PM EDT April 17, 2007

Search Ismail Ax

As it was at above date and time:

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Skyblog de narcissik-ax : bling bling watchin’ blog

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==Bush Islam Quotes at

Search “religion of peace” Stats on Killings

Pakistan Photo of Peace: Feel the Peace, Feel the Tolerance link to Photo at Jihad Watch


search “hate crime” 9-11

Federal Bureau of Investigation
He was the first murder victim of the 9/11-related hate crime backlash in America.

Additionally, 278 hate crime allegations associated with the events of 9/11 have been investigated.

But is 9-11 listed as a hate crime? Is it listed as Christian and Jew cleansing by a Muslim hate group? Is al Qaeda recognized as a Muslim hate group?
Virgil Goode Right: Stop Muslim Immigration

==Va Tech shootings at Jihad Watch.

Robert Spencer, after discussing the dangers of speculation, writes:

There is no program teaching against the idea of jihad violence in American mosques — not from CAIR or MPAC or any of the other groups who profess to abhor it. There are programs, like MPAC’s, that seem more interested in protecting Muslims from the FBI rather than in protecting us all from jihadists, and that’s about it.

And that is ultimately one of the principal lessons of this horrific episode at Virginia Tech: these attacks could happen any time, there is little or nothing to prevent them from happening on college campuses or in other crowded public spaces, and little or nothing is being done about that, although there are many things that can, and should, be done about it.


8059 deadly attacks since 9-11 according to Trop as of April 17, 2007. The Va Tech attack is still pending as whether it was proven jihadi.

== Trop suggested html source code to link:
<p><a href=””&gt;
<img border=”0″ alt=”Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11″ src=””&gt; </a></p>

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