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Stanley Fischer should withdrawal during the MH370 fixation

March 23, 2014

Now is the perfect time for Stanley Fischer to withdrawal his name for Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman.  The media are fixated on either covering MH370 or chastising those who cover Malaysian Airlines MH370.  MH370 also could suddenly fizzle if it is found in the ocean or become worse if attention focuses on a country like Pakistan or Iran or Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, or Malaysia.

Those countries may be aware of the Stanley Fischer situation and that it gives them leverage.  Even though it is in the open to a large extent, most of the public is unaware of it.  A country could change that.  They can also bring it up at the UN or an international human rights tribunal by tying it to the genocide of the Chechen people that they blame on IMF loans under Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers.

Some profs including Dominique Strauss-Kahn seem to use plagiarism and Russia’s kompromat as an excuse to engage in sexual harassment.  This is likely widespread.  That could create a major storm at IMF, World Bank and the Federal Reserve Board.

So who is still pushing Stanley Fischer?  Possibilities are

  1. Stanley Fischer.
  2. Janet Yellen.
  3. Larry Summers.
  4. Barack Obama.
  5. Bill Clinton.
  6. Robert Rubin.

The one most likely to not recognize that the Stanley Fischer nomination is best ended gently is Janet Yellen.  She loses the most face from it, and her position might become shaky.  She was at Berkeley and between her and George Akerlof, they not only likely knew about Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism of their co-Berkeley prof Nils Hakansson but played a part in keeping him afraid enough not to come forward.  For that they received rewards including the Nobel Prize in economics for Akerlof and the Fed Chairmanship for Yellen.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive Yellen.

This is hypotheses speculation or opinion. Please restate as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.


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