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Barack Obama and Deval Patrick Exposed as Hucksters

February 19, 2008

One messiah maybe. Two messiahs with the same lines and same story who swap lines are hucksters. Deval and Obama are two hucksters from the South Side. They are simply playing the white liberals the way they want to be. This has been pointed out by Steve Sailer over and over.

Jeffrey Feldman makes all these points and more but tries to twist them as if they are just Republican attack points. He wants it both ways, to point out that Obama is a fake messiah and to say its just a Republican attack to say it.  Feldman won’t call it plagiarism, but it would be for a student in Obama’s class at University of Chicago Law School.

Read Feldman but everything he says is just an attack is really the truth. Obama is exposed. The curtain is exposed to see David Axelrod. Obama and Patrick are playing whites the way they learned to as affirmative action students at universities. Obama was taught by the universities how to huckster the white liberal establishment. He is just playing his part. Its a script.

Patrick and Obama are playing the same script that many blacks in their situation are. They are simply feeding back what white liberals want to hear them say. They are then given great rewards for doing it.

This is why Obama can’t speak up about the danger of Muslim theocracies having nukes very often. He knows its true. He’s said it. But that is not his regular part. So he doesn’t say it this year. Maybe Feldman should say Pakistan shouldn’t have nukes and we should put back the Clinton sanctions on them and also stop Iran. Then he might have some credibility. Feldman is part of the establishment that has programmed Patrick and Obama.

Its Feldman that is being exposed by the parallel videos. He and Axelrod are the programmers. Its not “ok”. This is a huckster con game that is going on. Affirmative action is not moral or ethical. We are undermining our society with 3rd world immigration. A few success stories don’t change the reality of failing schools, violence, overcrowding, gangs, etc.

Feldman knows its really Feldman’s story line that is being exposed. The little manipulator behind the curtain is Feldman, Huffington Post, and the white liberal establishment. They gave Patrick and Obama their lines, told them where to stand and had them deliver them. The blacks who can act the part get promoted. That is how it works. The videos just show this direction and manipulation. The videos expose the wires. We see who the puppeteer is, its Feldman and the liberal establishment.

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