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Is anti-racism a Semitic mind war on Whites?

November 6, 2010

Quote of the Week

“In my opinion White people should never even use the words “racism/racists” unless they are directing them toward Jewish behavior and their agenda towards White people. White people do not have to prove a damn thing to anyone. The Jew has made this mess and many non-Whites out of their own mouths want to see the White race disappear. If it were not for the Jew propaganda White people would not even think of the words “racism/racists” nor would they have a problem saying they don’t want non-Whites in their societies. It is all a game of propaganda to serve the Jew. White people aren’t attacking we are the ones being attacked. Some White girls like to go about proving that they are not racists and many end up with kids that look nothing like them, drug/alcohol addictions, and STD’s…..not to mention a loss of self-respect…..and for what for who? It only serves the Jew.”


Is the construct of racism a Semitic invention? Is it invented by Jews to use to blame their enemies?

Was this part of a mindwar by Jews and Semites that brought down the Greeks and Romans? Is this why the Koran copied those parts of the Jewish Torah that were intolerant to others? Did Jews invent racism and then project it onto their rivals as a weapon of mind war?

Is this what is wrong with the White World? It got this infection from Jews in a mind war attack by Jews that started over 2000 years ago?

The entire theme of Jews of claiming anti-Semitism is really offense not defense? It is projection of their own racism. It is projection of their own race war? It is a tool of their race war to get jobs for their own and take over.

This has been pointed out before and goes back to Henry Ford and before. As Whites encountered Jews they encountered the propaganda projection engine of Jewish mind war on their victims. This includes the entire claim of anti-Semitism weapon. Anti-Semitism is a weapon of the Semitic mind war. This is one of the points Tanstaafl has been making for several years now.

This is why they promote anti-Semitism as the worst crime. Auster was pointing out that this was hyperbole and extremism to another Jew making that point. But they simply blew back at him. I believe it was Melanie Phillips.

Note David Miliband is Jewish and is one of the hard line anti BNPers of the British establishment.

“Ralph Miliband (7 January 1924 – 21 May 1994) was a British Marxist and sociologist. Though born in Belgium he was of Polish-Jewish ancestry. He was married to Marion Kozak and is the father of two British Labour Party politicians, David and Ed Miliband. Both sons were candidates to lead the Labour Party in 2010, a contest which Ed narrowly won.”…/page3

More on Melanie Phillips and Auster and her comment that anti-Semitism is the most important thing.

The Jewish charge of anti-Semitism has grown into mind war today and describes today well. It is also throughout the White World, not just in America. Mind war on Whites does describe what anti-racism is.

Robert Caro and Bernard Henri-Levy both Jews and both on Fareed Zakaria called the Tea Party racist and said it was part of something very old in Whites. But doesn’t this really show that its part of the Jewish mind war and projection mechanism of their racist war on Whites that is old?

Anti-racism is just racism. The charge of anti-racism is simply projection of racism. Its not a one off thing. Its a systematic war on Whites. This is a war of mental destruction followed by and accompanied by physical and race destruction.

The destruction of our cities is part of this war. They used blacks to take our cities from us in America combined with desegregation. They use Muslims in Europe and blacks there as well. This is intended to destroy White civilization, to destroy and take our cities from us.

The racism and anti-racism industries are doing the same thing in our colleges and schools. Its mean to take our civilization away from us. This is why Jews concentrate on the Ivy League to take these bastions of Wasp civilization and turn them against us. They have largely succeeded at that and continue to press their victory at Princeton as Tanstaafl has linked to previously.

The racist anti-Semitic charges work. These are disabling. They are mind viruses. They work on long after the Jew or anti-White has left. They do disable our immune system. Vanishing American has pointed out in the past this aspect of liberalism.

The conservative response to the Tim Wise attack, we have blacks too is an illustration of how powerful this mind weapon is. An attack on the White Race is met with the response of we have blacks too in the Tea Party, GOP, etc. Its met with the freedom response. Taking freedom rhetoric to a race fight is typical of the GOP conservative mentality. Its part of their being disabled to fight a race fight by the Semitic mind weapon of charging racism.

The whole idea of racism is an ancient one of the Jews but not of others in the same way. The Romans pointed this out. Tacitus did. The Jewish hate of other races is the basis of their race. If Jews did not invent racism, they wrote it down and developed it and refined it to extreme levels. Tacitus pointed that out even then.

Its reasonable to conclude that Jews used this in the Roman Empire to help bring it down. Jews were around 10 percent of the Roman Empire in population by some accounts and may have been 50 percent or more in some places of the urban population. Thus they could very well have brought down the Roman Empire using their mind weapons and projection of their own racism on others.

The Romans made their own mistakes too of course. Just as with us, they had done much of it themselves before Jews seemed to come on the scene. But as with us, their influence may have been earlier then realized. In any case, they were in on the death and breakup.

Jews were able to join with the new conquerors the Muslims against the White West. Was this just going with the winner or because they hate Whites as more racially different? Or because Jews can blend in with Arabs and Semites better than with Whites? So Arabs are a better host. They are also not as highly intelligent as Whites so they are not as much of a rival.

However, it may have been in the past, this does describe the present. But the past is instructive. We should not put aside its lessons. Jewish genes are the same today as in the days of Rome to large extent. Their methods are the same by the accounts of Tacitus and Tim Wise.

The charge of anti-Semitism today is part of the war on Whites. The charge of anti-Semitism is a projection of their race war on Whites. This is a war of the extinction of Whites. Pointing this out to Whites is a critical job of White bloggers. Our job is not to be a cheer leader for Boehner, Cantor, Frum, McConnell, Rove and Bush clones like Huckabee and Romney when they repeat the anti-Semitism and racism charges against Whites. Our job is to expose that for what it is, a mind war against Whites and against the White Race itself.

==More on Tim Wise

Not sure where the following fits or what side he is on:

Very strong essay by VA on Tim Wise and hate free zones as free hate zones on Whites.

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