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Emma Goldman tells White People don’t vote

November 2, 2010

Comment left at Vanishing American on why to vote. VA points out that Emma Goldman told us not to vote to trick us into not voting.

Great column VA, especially on Emma Goldman. It could be a bumper sticker, or series.

Emma Goldman tells White people don’t vote.

Emma Goldman says White votes don’t count.

Emma Goldman tells White people don’t vote, we will take your land anyhow.

Emma Goldman tells White people don’t vote, we already own the Fed.

Emma Goldman tells White people don’t vote, we already own Congress.

Emma Goldman tells White people don’t vote, its hate speech when you do.

Emma Goldman says White votes are hate crimes.

Emma Goldman says White votes are Klan votes.

Emma Goldman says White votes are hate speech.

Emma Goldman says New Black Panthers will stop your votes.

Emma Goldman says CNN will stop your White votes.

Emma Goldman says when Fareed Zakaria speaks, Obama listens.

Emma Goldman says the Tea Party is the White Hate Party.

Emma Goldman says its too late for White votes to change their dispossession.

Emma Goldman says when you vote against dispossession, no one listens.

Emma Goldman says its our money they listen to not your votes.

Emma Goldman says you can’t organize to save yourselves with your votes.

Emma Goldman says our money is the decider not your votes.


Vote just to hear the whiners on CNN make up excuses other than saying Whites didn’t vote or Whites voted for Democrats stupidly again. Let Fareed the Weed invent new excuses for why White votes don’t count and why Tea Party votes don’t count. Let Robert Caro call you a Tea Party Klansman on Fareed Zakaria like he did a couple weeks ago.

ZAKARIA: How much of this is about nationalism/nativism/race? After all we do have the first black president in office.

CARO: It’s a very perceptive question. Because as you say, to me, that’s what’s at — that’s what at the bottom of a lot of this. I mean like I’m writing — in the book I’m writing about Lyndon Johnson, he is passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. At that time, blacks could hardly vote in any significant numbers. In 11 states, they weren’t really a political force like they are today. That was 1965.

This is 2010, which even by my math is 45 years. You know, that’s in terms of history, Fareed, that’s a blink of history’s eye. Forty-five years ago, African-Americans were not as nearly as significant a force in American political life and today an African- American sits as president in the United States — in the Oval Office.

You say that has happened so fast. I think that in a way, it takes time for people to absorb that. I happen to believe that race does play a factor in everything in American life, even those of us who would like to pretend and hope that it doesn’t, and I think that what you ask is at the bottom of a lot of what’s happening today.

Then later

ZAKARIA: Last talk, Bob Caro, and we’ve got to go.

CARO: If I had to sum up this whole (INAUDIBLE).

NOONAN: You would act that frustration.

CARO: No, I would say it’s something that’s been — you know, I would say it’s a battle that’s been going on in western civilization for a long time, and this is a moment of a real clash. I would put the clash differently than you. I would put the clash about issues of social justice. You would put the thing about, you know, government, economic issues and the — and the crisis, but I don’t think we can ignore the fact that right now, during the Obama administration, is a very climatic moment for democracy in America.

ZAKARIA: On that climatic note, thank you all and we will be right back.

The inaudible portion may contain some other information setting up Caro saying Whites have had something ugly in their culture that is very old. He basically implied that the Tea Party was the continuation of all the nativism of the past for the last 2000 or 3000 years, however he counts it, against his people’s incursions and takeovers. This is how I remember it.

Bernard Henri-Levy on Fareed Zakaria GPS on Tea Party

Again he tells us we are haters. The implication is we need to be race replaced.

ZAKARIA: Yes. And you’re saying this not so much about cultural issues. And I think you’re basically right.

But I am struck by the fact that, you know, on immigration, you look at John McCain as a kind of fascinating case. I mean, here’s a guy who was the author of the immigration bill with Ted Kennedy, having to run away from it and run hard right in the Arizona primary. You look at Ground Zero Islamic Center/mosque.

To you, does it seem as though, from France, that what you’re watching in America is the rise of certain kind of nationalism that is also raising in Europe?

BERNARD-HENRI LEVY, AUTHOR, “LEFT IN DARK TIMES: A STAND AGAINST THE NEW BARBARISM”: Not really. You know, we often say in Europe that Europe is a country of ideology and America is a country of pragmatism. America deals with facts, growth and so on, and Europe with great ideas. It is not so true.

Today you have a huge rise of ideologies in America. And these Tea Parties are not so sure that they are going back to facts and the root problems and so on. I hear ideology as we had in the ’60s and the ’70s in France.

ZAKARIA: What is the ideology you hear?

LEVY: For example, the hate of the state, the ideas that he (ph) spent too much, the ideas that the welfare system state is socialism — this mosque issue, which was completely mad. You have one percent of Muslims in America — one percent. We have 10 percent in France.

Is that really a problem which should inflame all the nation? No.

The great America, which was pragmatic, would have had another attitude toward this problem, which was not such a big problem. At most, two blocks away from the sacred land of Ground Zero?

Come on. This is not the facts. This is not economy. This is ideology of the worst sort.

Ideology of the worst sort, i.e. Tea Party = Tea Klan Party = Nazi Party.

30’s = Tea Party, ie Nazi Party = Tea Party.

The facial gestures of Levy and Caro when they make their comments makes their comments far worse than they appear in writing. The way they contort their face, the disdain they express with their mouth, nose and chin. These make their comments far more hate filled and vile towards us. They show their hate and that their comments are meant to convey hate to Whites. This is meant to make us afraid to speak up or vote against the dispossession of Whites that is being engineered by them and their tribe to our face on TV.

This is how they justify race replacement of us. We have to vote against our race replacement and then explain to everyone that is what we voted against. We have to hold the GOP feet to the fire to cut green cards to 25,000 per year and all non-tourist visas to 25,000 per year. That includes student visas and guest worker.

We have to tell the GOP to end anchor baby and Chinese tourist visa baby. The entering class at Berkeley is being born by Chinese tourists. Vote no to that and tell the anti-White racists in the GOP leadership that they have to end anchor baby now.

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