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Formula for taking back comments

September 9, 2012

At times, here or elsewhere I may have made comments that a certain group would take offense to.   This group has approximately 10 US senators at any one time.  They typically have F ratings from NumbersUSA.

F to D to C to B to A is 4 steps.  So 10 senators times 4 steps is 40 steps.

I will take back 2.5 percent of my comments on this group for each upward step made by this group’s senators, which is kept.  So if all 10 get to A and stay there, I take back 100 percent.

I sincerely admire this group’s accomplishments.  I also enjoy their sense of humor even though it is mostly against White Christians and the Tea Party.


Who killed California while “We grow richer” at Vdare

October 6, 2010

Patrick Cleburne hits the nail on the head at Vdare or rather uncovers the nail of greed that underlies immigration boosters from Commentary Magazine to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch.

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary lets out the motives of those who pay her, immigration replacement is what happens “While we grow richer.”


We evolve, we absorb, and we grow richer with each wave of immigrants.

The Census has updated its graph of men and women’s median wages for another year, see page 19:

Men’s median wages are lower than in 1973 adjusted for inflation. Women’s median wages are what men’s were in 1963 “While we grow richer”.–there-it-went-15537

James Weinstein NJ Transit fired Derek Fenton Koran Burning Man

September 15, 2010


James Weinstein is the Executive Director of NJ TRANSIT, the third largest transit agency in the nation and the largest statewide. Mr. Weinstein is responsible for the agency’s bus, light rail, and commuter rail network, which carried more than 270 million passenger trips in Fiscal Year 2009. Mr. Weinstein oversees the agency’s 10,500-plus employees, and capital and operating budgets totaling more than $3 billion annually.
Prior to being appointed Executive Director, Mr. Weinstein served as a senior vice president of a global transportation consulting and engineering firm, since 2002. In that capacity, he was responsible for the firm’s highway and bridge projects throughout the United States. Before joining the firm, he was senior vice president of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, the busiest passenger rail line in the nation.
Mr. Weinstein previously served as New Jersey Commissioner of Transportation and Chairman of the NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors from 1998 to 2002. During his tenure, NJ TRANSIT advanced work on system expansion projects including the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, River Line, and the Newark Light Rail extension to Broad Street Station, as well as new stations such as Frank R. Lautenberg Station at Secaucus Junction, Union Station and Montclair State University Station at Little Falls. The agency also introduced new modern light rail vehicles on the Newark Light Rail system, completed the restoration of historic Hoboken Terminal’s main waiting room and advanced the Montclair Connection, which enabled Midtown Direct service to begin on the Montclair-Boonton Line.

Mr. Weinstein formerly served as a Vice Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association and is on the advisory board of Rutgers University’s Voorhees Transportation Center. He has also served on the boards of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Delaware River Port Authority and New Jersey’s toll agencies.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Mr. Weinstein holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Seton Hall University and resides in Moorestown with his wife.


Chat live with Weinstein at Noon Sep 15 2010:

Robert at Stormfront did this research:

What about federal civil rights laws? Does NJ Transit get federal money? They could claim Weinstein fired him for not being Jewish or Muslim, but being a White Christian whom Bill Maher spreads hatred and disdain towards along with other MSM outlets. White Christians are a group subjected to open hatred by Jews in the media and from government and academia. So this could be argued as a basis of a civil rights claim against Weinstein and NJ Transit. Take the Jew rules to the Jews. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was written by Jew Norbert Schlei to stick it to Christian Whites North and South.

This appears to this observer to be obvious discrimination against one of the few Founding Stock Americans still living in New Jersey. This is ethnic cleansing by Ellis Islanders of FSA’s.

This is another reason for the South and Appalachia to seek separation from our rulers. Let them keep New York City and some coastal zones in New Jersey and a few other places. We should take our historic lands with us in the new country: Founding Stock America.

Pro Immigration Science: Heating water from bottom doesn’t change temperature

September 15, 2010

Pro Immigration Science Breakthrought. Pro Immigration Scientists puncture the old myth that heating water from the bottom raises its temperature.

If you heat water at the bottom it does not increase its temperature. This was proven using pro immigration science.

Pro-immigration scientists at the Democrat GOP anti White Institute conducted this experiment jointly.

Water was heated from the bottom until it boiled. The temperature was measured at top and bottom which were the same, the boiling point of water. This proves that heating the water from the bottom did not increase its temperature. This is because the water should have been hotter at the bottom if heating was causing it to rise in temperature.

“September 14, 2010
National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein
Amazing!—Slate’s Noah Acknowledges That Immigration Causes Income Inequality. But Not Enough.”

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. This is despite a substantial rise in productivity. Women’s median wages are what men’s were in 1963. Immigration has facilitated a massive transfer to the elite.

==Jewgarchs have taken a substantial part of that gain for the top 1 percent.

With 1/3, you take off say 8 percent from 25 to get 17 percent which is half the distance from 10 percent the approximate low in the 1960’s.

However, the reason 1/2 might be more accurate than 1/3 is that Goldman Sachs vice presidents are not in the Forbes 400 but are in the top 1 percent. Financial services is a big part of those whose income is over 1 million a year, not just their assets. That is largely financial services in New York or the New York area.

Another argument is that Jews outnumber Whites at Harvard as undergrads. The affirmative action Harvard graduates will not be the ones making a million a year. But the Jewish ones will tend to be. They have a huge advantage to be hired at hedge funds and the like. They can be making a million a year before they are 30. That sort of opportunity is much more available to Jews than to Whites in Ohio.

Excellent points. Not only are Jews over-represented among the super rich but they also push the policies like 1.1 million green cards a year and student visas for Asians in engineering that cause income inequality as well as know-how transfer to China that moves good factory jobs with benefits offshore.

See discussion in comments:

Income inequality rose from 1965 to 2010. The top 1 percent went from about 10 percent to 25 percent. If we assume Jews in the top 1 percent have half of it, that is 12.5 percent. Subtract that out from the 25 percent and you are down to 12.5 percent about what it was in 1965.

Germany and Japan do not have such income inequality. They are among the highest quality and volume manufacturers and exporters. However, Israel has income inequality similar to the US.

I looked at the following source on numbers before posting. However, I didn’t want to weigh my post down with too many links or numbers discussion.

“At least 139 of the Forbes 400 are Jewish”

The top 1 percent of a population of 300 million would be 3 million people. Investment bankers at Goldman Sachs are not in the Forbes 400. The demographics of Manhattan are heavily weighed Jewish as well as in financial services there.

Assuming half is a way to do the calculation without committing to a specific view as to what the percentage is of the top 1 percent.

Also see this discussion and lengthy quotation

There are also non-citizens with holdings in the US and citizens with offshore or even onshore income that is not reported. Jews are likely to be well represented in both groups.

Jewarchs in the press and academia and government stand up for the Jewgarchs making money by immigration to transfer money from the White middle class to the oligarch class, which is at least 1/3 Jewish by the Forbes numbers.

Bill Maher hates on Whites on Larry King Live

September 14, 2010

Bill Maher was in great form for the borscht belt hate on Christian Whites. He had them rolling in the aisles on CNN. He hit on all the great targets of White Christian America.

Sarah Palin. Maher hates her. The Tea Party people he called Tea Baggers over and over. He meant it as an insult. The CNN Party loved it.

Maher hit on Whites. Whites are stupid. Whites are our fringe. But we can replace them with sensible immigration as he called it. The mask was off, Maher wants to ethnically cleanse The White People.

Maher hit on Whites thinking Obama is Muslim. That is not born in the US. This doesn’t get too technical, because Obama is not a natural born citizen because his father was never a citizen. So according to Vattel, Obama is not NBC and can never be US president legally. Maher didn’t mention that part.

Maher piled hate on hate of Whites and Christians. Unless a White is for sensible immigration, ie race replacement of Whites, they are on the fringe and are haters.

Maher admitted Muslims have a bigger and worse fringe. But he said that was the problem of good Muslims to deal with. This is because Maher thinks Islam is content free. Or he doesn’t care. Or he actually wants Muslims here to kill our fringe, aka White People.

Maher said Whites hate blacks. Maher said that calling Obama Luo was code for calling him the N word, and Maher used the N word at that point, he didn’t use the phrase N word.

Maher hit on Newt Gingrich for saying Obama is an anti-colonialist and thus anti-American. Maher hit on Whites who think Obama is a Muslim agent for Saudi Arabia.

Maher hates White People. Maher hates The White Race. Maher considers White People fringe. Maher wants sensible immigration to replace White People and make them a smaller minority that can’t do anything.

Mayer is for the Mosque at Ground Zero. Maher is against the preacher Pastor Terry Jones. Maher is against the Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

Hating Whites pays for Bill Maher on CNN. Maher got his star in Hollywood for hating Whites as a professional “comedian”. The camaraderie of hate of Whites is what keeps Hollywood together.

The Maher Hate Star shone brightly on Larry King Live as Maher hated on White Christian America which he predicts will go down. Maher is for the sensible immigration to pull it down and finish it off by finishing off The White People. Bill The Hater Maher may his star never go less you could them whisper at CNN and Hollywood. That’s the inside Tribe’s Entertainment.

Maher closed by saying America no longer had social mobility. Imagine that, the Tribe is on top, and now there is no social mobility left. That’s because a White can’t become a member of the Tribe and be on Larry King Live over and over and get their star for hating Whites on CNN and calling it humor. Social mobility is over.

The Rise of Income Inequality and the Rise of the Jews.

September 9, 2010

Income inequality is U shaped in 20th century. It fell during immigration restriction and rose after it. See graph below:

Timothy Noah

Over the next two weeks, I’ll try to answer that question by looking at all potential explanations—race, gender, the computer revolution, immigration, trade, government policies, the decline of labor, compensation policies on Wall Street and in executive suites, and education.

And he will claim none of them cause it?

==Steve Sailer at Vdare

After all, back in 1987, Jews made up 92 of the Forbes 400 richest people in America, according to Nathaniel Weyl’s 1989 book, The Geography of American Achievement. This month, however, after 22 years in which power at the federal level has been fairly evenly split between the two parties, Jacob Berkman, who covers Jewish philanthropists for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, estimated that in the newly released 2009 Forbes 400:

“At least 139 of the Forbes 400 are Jewish”

That’s an increase of about one-half over 22 years.

Hence, Jews, who comprise about 1/50th of the population, are 1/3rd or more of the Forbes 400. On a per capita basis, Jewish-Americans are roughly 25 times more likely than other Americans to be billionaires.


If we look at the percentage of non-Jewish Whites at Harvard it falls from
1965 to the present. Its now under 25 percent roughly. A similar figure applies to Stanford. We could regress income inequality against the percentage of non-Whites including Jews at Harvard or Stanford. Or we could use one over the percentage of non-Jewish Whites. Both of these went up during this period. This may be a regression not seen in economic journals. Wonder who edits them?

Ethnic Diversity
African American 10.5%
Asian American 19.8%
International 7.2%
Mexican American 7.9%
Native American 3.2%
Native Hawaiian 0.8%
Other Hispanic 6.7%
White 31.5%
Other 3.1%
Declined to State 9.5%

Subtract out 20 percent Jewish from White 31.5 and you get non Jewish white 11.5. However, the numbers come out, its 10 to 25 percent non-Jewish white. That is the Camp of the Saints being done to FSA’s by Jews.

Some Minorities Are More Minor than Others

Ron K. Unz
Wall Street Journal
Monday, November 16, 1998.

“For example, Asians comprise between 2% and 3% of the U.S. population, but nearly 20% of Harvard undergraduates. Then too, between a quarter and a third of Harvard students identify themselves as Jewish, while Jews also represent just 2% to 3% of the overall population.”

“In fact, it seems likely that non-Jewish white Americans represent no more than a quarter of Harvard undergraduates, even though this group constitutes nearly 75% of the population at large, resulting in a degree of underrepresentation far more severe than that of blacks, Hispanics or any other minority groups.”

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates. Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.

30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.

Elite Jews have succeeded in ethnically cleansing non-Jewish whites who founded Harvard from Harvard. Elite Jews use their position to enforce immigration that genocides whites. These are combined with Department of Labor rules that give priority to hiring non-whites in every job linked to government contracts.

Internet Applicant Recordkeeping rule

What is the purpose of the Internet Applicant final rule?

The Internet Applicant final rule, issued by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), addresses recordkeeping by Federal contractors and subcontractors about the Internet hiring process and the solicitation of race, gender, and ethnicity of “Internet Applicants.” The rule is the product of a lengthy deliberative process, including public input, to develop a definition of “Internet Applicant” applicable in the Internet age (added to 41 CFR 60-1.3). The recordkeeping requirements of the rule (amending 41 CFR 60-1.12) will provide meaningful data that OFCCP will use to enhance its enforcement of the nondiscrimination laws.

Operation of the Executive Order Program. The EEO Clause
Each contracting agency in the Executive Branch of government must include the equal opportunity clause in each of its nonexempt government contracts. The equal opportunity clause requires that the contractor will take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin. American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, Black, and Hispanic individuals are considered minorities for purposes of the Executive Order.

Fertility is an inverse U,r:1,s:0

See Patrick Cleburne on Vdare

Thus the rise of the Jews is linked to factors lowering the income of Whites. Jewish oligarchs push those factors, non-White immigration, Asians replacing Whites in tech jobs, know-how transfer to non-Whites, etc.

Krugman wrings his hands over rising income inequality, but Princeton and MIT do all they can to increase it by race replacement of Whites in their institutions. Genocide of Whites by immigration has led to income inequality that favors wealth Jewish Oligarchs, Jewgarchs. This is Jewgarchy, rule by Jewish Oligarchs. That is what ruined Russia in the 1990’s after the fall of the Soviet Union. That was funded by Jewarchs Larry Summers (US Treasury) and Stanley Fischer (MIT).

Putin offered Stanley Fischer a job in Russia as a joke:

Stanley Fischer chaired Ben Bailout Bernanke’s Ph.D. thesis at MIT. Jewarch Bernanke bailed out Jewgarchs at Goldman Sachs. Jewarchy, rule by Jews, and Jewgarchy, Rule by Jewish Oligarchs, have been bad for Whites.

By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times

Jews of European descent living on opposite sides of the globe are more closely related to one another than they are to their fellow countrymen, according to the largest study ever conducted of what it means genetically to be Jewish. Ashkenazis, the primary group descended from European Jews, are all as closely related as fourth or fifth cousins would be, the study found.

This reminds me of Jews as an elite in the Soviet Union, where a nascent Jewish elite motivated by moral fervor and hatred unleashed by their exclusion under the Czar morphed easily into a corrupt, nepotistic elite that was hostile to the traditional people and culture of Russia. A report to the Soviet Central Committee reminds me of Kagan’s route to success: “They gather around themselves people of the same nationality, impose the habit of praising one another (while making others erroneously believe that they are indispensable), and force their protégés through to high posts” (see here, p. 78). Another report, from 1942, noted that elite cultural institutions “turned out to be filled by non-Russian people (mainly by Jews)” (see here , p. 51, ff). For example, of the ten top executives of the Bolshoi Theater—the most prestigious Soviet cultural institution—there were eight Jews and one Russian. Similar disproportions were reported in prestigious musical conservatories, the Soviet Academy of Science Institute of Literature, and among art and music reviewers in elite publications. Ethnic nepotism, not IQ, is the only way to explain these disproportions.

The Roots of White Anxiety
Published: July 18, 2010

“Kevin MacDonald: Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities explained”

One might simply suppose that this is due to higher Jewish IQ. However, on the basis of Richard Lynn’s estimates of Ashkenazi Jewish IQ and correcting for the greater numbers of European Whites, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or 4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews is around 1 to 1 or less. (See here.)

So there must be some other reason besides IQ that Jews are such a large percentage of the population classified as White at elite universities.

Espenshade and Radford show that there is discrimination against poor Whites and against non-urban Whites—exactly the population groups that are least likely to be Jewish.

“A comment on Paul Gottfried’s review of Cultural Insurrections”

Kevin MacDonald

April 18, 2009


The extent to which we live under Jewarchy (rule by Jews like Bernanke, Summers, Stanley Fischer, Norbert Schlei, etc. ) and Jewgarchy (Mayor Bloomberg, Schumer, Arlen Specter, ) and who manifest their dislike of us ( “comedians” attacking Sarah Palin over and over), we have to be free to talk about it and analyze it. This means in writing and build on the work of others, Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, Vdare, Alternative Right, Occidental Dissent, Occidental Quarterly, etc.

For Whites in America, to an ever rising extent, Jews are our oppressors. Because of this we have the right to talk about it. Because of this we have the right to decide if we want separation from those who oppress us. This is the same as in Russia. Jewgarchs like Bloomberg openly side with Muslims against us. This is the same as Spain.

We have the right to separate from a separate nation, The Jewish People, who do not identify with us and who advocate policies reducing us to poverty and ultimately dispossession and extinction. Jews are related to each other more than any European population they live in.

Their close genetic kinship shows that Jews are not White and are a separate people, one that shows its antipathy and disdain with Whites. They show that in their constant attacks on Sarah Palin. They show that in their attacks on Vigil Goode. They funded his being defeated.

They show their antipathy to Whites as a separate people they disdain in their attacks on Whites in the debate on what has become their Ground Zero Mosque. To the Jewarchy, the Ground Zero Mosque is a symbol comparable to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty of their dispossession of Founding Stock Americans and their rise to mastery in America. In fact, the Ground Zero Mosque now joins Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty as the Jewish Trinity of Symbols of the Dispossession of Founding Stock Americans in particular and Whites in general.

The Bailout was the action of an insider network. The bailout proved that financial services is not a competitive market but an insider network. The insider network spans Wall Street, academia, the Council of Economic Advisers, the Federal Reserve, US Treasury and the Antitrust Division of the DOJ. Econ profs circulate between these as well as IMF and World Bank and other stations such as major media.

This insider network is an antitrust violation. What we saw in the bailout was a massive antitrust violation. This is an insiders network not a competitive market. The Jewish ethno-network of Jewish mandarins and oligarchs, The Elite Jewish Nation, is the glue that binds this network together across academia, Wall Street and government.

The elite Jewish ethno-network staffs these nodes and their people circulate from node to node in their careers. Wall Street builds the nice buildings for econ departments and B-schools that house the econ profs who run the Antitrust Division, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, Council of Economic Advisers, and other spots as well. The Law and Economics movement cements in the law schools and the courts with this network.

Jewgarchy, anti-Jewgarchists, crypto-Jewgarchists

August 21, 2010

Lawrence Auster at his site has discussed the need for a new term to replace anti-Semite. In particular, neutral terms are needed such that people who advocate certain views actually use those terms to describe themselves. The term anti-Semite itself was invented and initially used by someone who was an anti-Semite?

We really need multiple terms. The term anti-Semite should not be one, since no one uses it to describe themselves as Auster points out.

The following is preliminary as an effort in the direction of new terms. Obviously, terms catch on because they fill a gap or have less side effects than existing terms. The term anti-Semitism is extremely unuseful for objective discussion. The following are less so, but some may still object to them. That is allowable of course, and part of the original Socratic discussions on definitions. The modifier crypto is useful for those who support something while denying it or even making others deny it.

Oligarchy: Rule by oligarchs, i.e. wealthy.

Monarchy: Rule by a monarch.

Monarchist: A person who advocates monarchy but usually is not a monarch themselves.

Jewgarchy: Rule by Jews. Jewish oligarchy might be closely related to this.

(Your search – Jewgarchy – did not match any documents. )

Jewgarch. An actual ruling Jew. Are all Jews Jewgarchs? Or just some like Bloomberg?

Pro-Jewgarchist. A person who advocates or supports rule by Jews. This includes advocating measures that bring this about.

Crypto-Jewgarchist. A person who denies there is Jewgarchy and at the same time advocates the measures that result in Jewgarchy while denying they have that effect.

Neocon. Jewgarch who rules through GOP and “right” or “conservative” institutions. They twist them to be for Jewish interests, and in particular to eliminate Whites. They typically support the Slicer Coalition and Slicerarchy.

Neocongarchy. Rule of GOP and the “right” by Jews.

Anti-Jewgarchist. A person who opposes rule by Jews. This typically includes opposing some of the factors that give rise to rule by Jews.

Jew or Jewish-separatist. A person who believes Jews should be separate from non-Jews. In a complete sense, this means living in a separate country legal entity. However, in a partial sense, there might be various levels of separation within a country.

Internal Jewish Separatist. Jews would live separately within the same legal entity state.

Zio-Separatist. Similar to Jewish-separatist but with more of a flavor of Jews living in Israel.

Counter-Semite. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Person who advocates against Jewgarchy.

Judeo-Criticism. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Rational criticism of Jews. This means analysis of their activity, networks, internal favoritism, etc.

Zionist. A Jewish nationalist. Jews are a nation and The Jewish Nation should have its own legal entity. The Jewish Nation is a term often used by Jewish nationalists. Should Zionist mean non-Jew? It seems to include non-Jews in some contexts now.

Pro-Zionist. A person who advocates a separate Jewish country legal entity for The Jewish Nation. This person need not be Jewish.

Jewish-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Jews.

White-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Whites or Whites as a race.

One of the charges against Jewgarchy is that it tends to be linked to White Eliminationism or some watered down form of White Eliminationism.

White Separatist. A person who wants Whites to live separate from others, possibly including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.

Flexible Separatism. Some institutions would be reserved for one group. Some areas are for one group. Or there are limitations.

(The following is not a program, simply examples.)

Universities: Universities founded by Whites would become White only. This could include the main state campuses founded in the 19th century as well as private schools. Jews and others could set up their own separate schools. Faculty, students, administrators, etc. would be separate.

K-12. Same separation.

Banks: Restore state banking and separate Jewish and White banks. Also investment banks. Part of the problem with diversity banks and diversity investment banks is that the management can blow up the bank and not worry its harming its own young men at the time of family formation. Ethnic banks and investment banks pay a big cost when they blow themselves up to their own group. When Wall Street was separate, there was more risk control on a meaningful level. Bear Stearns did not do that type of trading even in the 1990’s.

Government. Jews could be restricted to their percentage in the population. State governments could be given more control. The federal government would be out of family law, race law, race relations, etc. except for its own employees.

Area limits. Jews might get Manhattan and a few other areas as primarily theirs. Then their numbers in other areas might be limited.

Law firms. Separate law firms for Jews. Jews spread out in many law firms raises questions about whether Whites get good legal representation. It also denies representation to separate White institutions.

Cases involving Whites only. The lawyers and judges would be White only. The jury as well.

Cases within groups in general. Layers, judges and jury from within own group. At the appeals court level, precedent by a panel of a single group would only apply within that group? Or the panels could be mixed?

Companies. Companies would be allowed, encouraged or required under various schemes to be separate.

The current system is where Jews force integration and this makes every institution work against Whites and for Jews.

Limits on exploitation. Limits on rates of interest, abusive practices by banks and credit card companies, etc. Having banks and possibly credit card companies within the same group helps for this. The ability to have separate companies for every group is likely unworkable however.

Jews currently have extensive influence or control in a variety of places in society many of them barely understood to the public. The antitrust division is an example of this. It has allowed Wall Street M and A including bank mergers. The Civil Rights Division, Federal Reserve, Federal Courts, Supreme Court etc. are better known as problems.

== Slicer Coalition

Slicer Coalition: Coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews. This gets its name from affirmative action having the effect of reducing (non-Jewish) Whites to a tiny slice of undergraduates at Harvard. More broadly, its a coalition led by Jews that is anti-White.

Slicergarchy. Rule by the Slicer Coalition. This is what we have now with Eric Holder Obama.

Slicerarchy suggests anarchy which is what Slicergarch is or leads to. Each group in the Slicer Coalition tries to get theirs. The result is a run on the government’s and society’s money.

Slicerarch. A ruling Slicer. Colin Powell, Obama, Holder, Condoleezza Rice are examples of black Slicerarchs.

Negrogarchy: Rule by Negros or blacks. These are as part of Slicergarchy run by Jews. Their role is symbolic. Whites are meant to worship Negro celebrities. Combined with White Trash celebrities, Jews and Asians getting credit for science, Whites are reduced to having no living role models or leaders. James Watson who spoke up as one was hounded down. He also put up that his ancestry was Redneck basically.

Negroarchy: The anarchy from Negro rule or Negro worship. A society that elevates the Negro ends up being anarchic because it devalues objectivity, merit, and non-violence. Negros symbolize emotion over reason and the present over the future. Moreover, this is genetic with them, so their elevation causes this on a genetic basis.

Run-on-the-government. Like a run on the bank, but on the government. This can be more broad than the government’s money and include the power to take from others, especially from Whites.

Slicer Action. Affirmative Action that has the result of slicing out Whites at Harvard or White Protestants at the Supreme Court.

Whites face ruin from rule by the Slicer Coalition. The administration of Obama and Eric Holder at DOJ show that Whites are now in an existential crisis. The Slicer Coalition led by Jews threatens the existence of Whites. The legal system has been crafted primarily by Jews but also Liberal Whites and others to be a one way chute for the continued existence of the White Race.

This makes it urgent for Whites to diagnose their problem, who is causing it and what solutions they have before time runs out. This urgency can be seen not just in the discussion at Alternative Right, Mangan’s, Tanstaafl, Kevin MacDonald’s continued scholarship, but in the Tea Party, the reaction to Obama’s support of Cordoba House, the opposition to the bailout, stimulus, illegal immigration, and so forth. White America is waking up to the extreme urgency of its problem is one diagnosis of this. Others are less hopeful.

== Asiangarchy

Asiangarchy. Technical rule by Asians. This involves giving the Asians the technical jobs and control over universities. This leads to manufacturing going to Asia. The Jews run the money, the law and the government, and the Asians run the factories. Wall Street and the government have promoted Asiangarchy and the transfer of manufacturing to Asia. Kevin MacDonald has pointed out this Jewish Asian rule of institutions.

Hispanogarchy. So far, Hispanic rule in America is limited. Gonzalez is an example of a Hispanic stooge. Sotomayor is another more dangerous example. Hispanic areas also ethnically cleanse others. Hispanics tend to buy only from their own.

Muslimgarchy. Rule by Muslims. Cordoba House is a milestone in this. So are prayer rooms. Mayor Bloomberg supports Cordoba House. Bloomberg is the arch Jewgarch and Slicergarch.

Islamogarchy. Rule by Islam. This is particularly important in Europe. The Danish Cartoons are an example of Islamogarchy. Bush’s Islam is a Relilgion of Speech marks the start of Islamogarchy for the public.

Under Jewgarchy, the entire Slicer Coalition is an extension of Jewish rule and control. Slicergarchy is a subordinate form of Jewgarchy. Anything to Slice out whites from Harvard to the Supreme Court or the Presidency or even RNC chairmanship. The GOP’s model minorities such as Governor Jendel are part of the Slicer Coalition.

The main enemy of the Slicer Coalition is Whites, especially Founding Stock Americans and White Christian America and the old line White Protestants. These are the historic groups that the Jews regard as enemies. Their reaction to Sarah Palin, the hate and the Jewish “comedians” of hate show this explicitly.

Reference Links. Not all of these are directly on this topic, but I have picked some links from some well known authors on this subject or others that seem useful as background.

Discussion at Alternative Right


“The need for a better word for anti-Semitism ”

Guy White

Kevin MacDonald

Above: Whites outnumber Jews at high IQ but Jews are over-represented even allowing for this. This indicates social networking and favoritism.

==(page 78 as numbered in doc) Excerpt

An example not presented by Slezkine is recounted in a report of 1950 to
the central committee on Jewish activities at an aircraft production facility:

In a number of extremely important departments of the Central Aero-
Hydrodynamic Institute there are workers due to be substituted for
political reasons. They gather around themselves people of the same
nationality, impose the habit of praising one another (while making
others erroneously believe that they are indispensable), and force their
protégés through to high posts.31

Indeed, there is no other way to explain the extraordinary percentages of
Jews throughout elite institutions, which became apparent when the purges
began in the late 1940s (see below). High IQ and achievement motivation
can only go so far, and cannot explain why, for example, in the late 1940s
Jews made up 80% of the Soviet Academy of Science Institute of Literature
(Pushkin House) (p. 302), 42% of the directors of Moscow theaters, over half of
Soviet circus directors (p. 301), or eight of the top ten directors of the Bolshoi
Theater.32 In the case of Pushkin House, the opponents of the dominant clique
stated that it had been forged “by long-lasting relationships of families and
friends, mutual protection, homogeneous (Jewish) national composition, and
anti-patriotic (anti-Russian) tendencies.”33

==End excerpt

MacDonald shows that Jews are overrepresented at Harvard etc even allowing for a higher IQ mean.


Anti-white H-1b and student visa policies that support Asiangarchy.
Steve Sailer

(Auster has a very negative article on this article by Steve Sailer)

Tanstaafl Age of Treason

Above specifically comments on Auster’s search for new word for anti-Semitism.

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