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Rawstory Comments Hate Map of Ground Zero Site

September 10, 2010

Rawstory has a hate thread of comments on Fox’s map of the body parts around Ground Zero.

9/11/2001 was done by Muslims, but the hate that brought them here after the WTC 1993 attacks is shown in the Lib comments on this hate thread.

Islam and Liberalism are matched as Twin Hates against White Christian America as shown on this hate thread at Raw Story. Just as the Twin Towers loomed over New York at equal height, so the Twin Hates of Liberalism and Islam tower over New York and America in both the Ground Zero Mosque debate and the Pastor Terry Jones Koran burning debate.

Liberalism adopting Muslim hate and making Muslim immigration sacred shows that Liberalism wants to kill the West and the White Race and Christianity.

Islamo-Liberalism is the fusion hate of the White Race, the White West, and White Christian America.


Jihad Mechanics applied to Cordoba House Le Mosque de Triomphe

August 19, 2010

Since Nicholas Stix linked to an earlier blog post and Vanishing American is blogging again, maybe I will show a little bit of activity here. My activity has been decreased in part because Google took this blog completely out of its searches. Older Old Atlantic Lighthouse blogs at other sites show up, but not this one.

“Ground Zero mosque fight shows how little we’ve learned from U.S. history”

Edward Schumacher-Matos
Friday, August 20, 2010

Some comments at Wapo on this topic

OldAtlantic wrote:
“And as late as the 1960s, as a Catholic teenage immigrant dating a Southern Baptist girl in Phenix City, Ala., I found myself squirming in the pews of her small, crowded church. The preacher ridiculed the president then in the White House — John F. Kennedy — as a papist and “fish eater.”

Newt Gingrich went to high school with me in Columbus, Ga. We share personal history, but I wonder what books inspire this self-styled intellectual today when he likens Muslims to Nazis and the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor. “There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia,” he said recently, as if we should govern ourselves by Saudi standards. ”

The author proves he does not identify with Founding Stock Americans. He identifies with the Muslims who build Cordoba House. They identify with the Muslims who attacked on 9/11 after which the Muslim world cheered and participated against Danish Cartoonists.

The author illustrates why Obama also does not identify with us. We don’t need more immigration of people who don’t identify with us. Support and NumbersUSA.
8/19/2010 1:21:55 PM

s2car wrote:
One question, how far is far enough for them to build this community center? What distance will tip the scales in favor of building? Are we talking city blocks, miles, light years? At what point does 1 more inch away become an acceptable location for the project and what specifically changed over that distance? I’m pretty sure it has to do with quantum mechanics, but I need someone more enlightened (I’m thinking Palin) to deconstruct this for me.
8/19/2010 3:54:04 PM

==My reply at Wapo

Muslims want to be in Mecca. With modern technology we can build a one cubic mile building at Mecca and all the world’s Muslims live there all the time. Make it so.

8/19/2010 3:59:24 PM

We can call the cube at Mecca, the Meccan Mile.

s2car wrote:
OldAtlantic wrote:

Muslims want to be in Mecca. With modern technology we can build a one cubic mile building at Mecca and all the world’s Muslims live there all the time. Make it so.

Ok, ok, there are no BAD answers, but let’s keep trying!
8/19/2010 4:04:18 PM


Since you wanted a quantum mechanics answer we need to work out the mathematics of Jihad Confinement. To confine Jihad in Muslim lands would require very powerful forces to confine the carriers of Jihad within the Muslim nucleus.

Muslims would bind strongly to each other and to Mecca and thus would not wander away from the Muslim nucleus of Mecca.

8/19/2010 6:23:15 PM

In terms of current current interaction we need that the cross section of the Christian and Muslim currents overlapping is less than 1 barn.


OldAtlantic wrote:
codexjust1 wrote:
History will record who stood up for the Constitution and religious liberty. History will also record who stood shoulder to shoulder with members of the Ku Klux Klan in denouncing this mosque.
8/19/2010 1:12:54 PM


So the Klan was right and Libs wrong. This proves that Libs are more wrong than the Klan. This proves Libs are more hate filled than the Klan.
8/19/2010 1:25:40 PM


OldAtlantic wrote:
LostinPotomac wrote:
OldAtlantic -if you’re preaching for the Klan then please go away. It is the embodiment of a terrorist organization founded on rascism and religious bigotry. Go hang out with Bin Laden – you guys have a lot to share.
8/19/2010 2:39:55 PM


To Libs, White Christian America = Kluxianity. At least that is what I read in Lib comments at Wapo whenever the topic of White Christian America happens to come up.
8/19/2010 6:55:32 PM


Another comment thread at Wapo

OldAtlantic wrote:
These are the people whose first thought after 9/11 was get the Saudis out. Their second thought was drop the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan’s nuclear program. Their third thought was keep Muslim, Mexican and Chinese immigration coming and give them all low rate mortgages. Way to go neoBushies.
8/19/2010 4:30:53 PM
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OldAtlantic wrote:
chaffcutter wrote:

yet to see any respectable, knowledgeable or learned American of some standing oppose this

when immoral bigots like Sarah Palin, Gingrich, Pam Geller type, oppose any issue

majority Americans have to sit up and think that there must be something good being opposed by by these characters,with following background

-one who claimed her 15 year old daughter child out of wedlock as her own

-a man who abandoned his wife and children

– a strip joint hooker

they are just making Islam more visible, and will increase conversion, like it happened after 9/11

8/19/2010 4:35:05 PM


Libs converted to Islam after 9/11 because Ayers and Dohrn had been inactive for a long time. They didn’t know they were sponsoring Barack Hussein Obama but were thrilled when they found out. Then they were already Muslim and so could rejoice in two ways. Cordoba House is their reward.
8/19/2010 7:30:42 PM


OldAtlantic wrote:
Prof Schumacher-Matos, truly you have a great hate for the Founding Stock Americans, Catholic as well as Protestant. All Libs thank you and admire you.

The Lib Creed ends

We look for the desecration of the dead,

and the death of the world to come. A-Bigot

8/19/2010 8:54:04 PM

ged0386 wrote:
Hey white people, do you want to be held accountable for every evil act a white person has done in this country? NO? Then think about it when you do it to others. The muslim community is about as much responsible for 9/11 as the white community is responsible for every skinhead, neo-nazi and member of the KKK.
8/19/2010 6:09:30 PM
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Its called affirmative action and non-white immigration, and affirmative action for immigrants.

OldAtlantic wrote:
Realist17 wrote:
Show me a violent American muslim, I will show you 100 violent American christians. That mosque is for Americans who want to practice Islam. Let them. It has nothing to do with the 9/11. If they plan anything sinister, I know our Govt can take care of them for good. American constitution makes us better people. It is sad to see these unamerican Republicans, Democrats and Teabaggers are stooping so low ignoring our constitution.
8/19/2010 9:00:19 PM


Lib Lies World Wide.
8/19/2010 9:09:39 PM

Loyalty to a civilization requires loyalty to the people

January 29, 2007

Loyalty to a civilization without loyalty to the people is meaningless. The people are the physical embodiment of the civilizaiton, not their furniture, houses, spelling and grammar, or even libraries and webpages. Change the people and the rest turns into dust.

The elites in the West oppose the above completely. To the elites, there can be loyalty to a civilization without loyalty to the people. Elites redefine loyalty. The people are always the Archie Bunkers to them.

The response to the attack on WTC in 1993 shows this. No change in Muslim immigration. No loyalty. The response to the WTC 2001 and Pentagon attacks was the same. These were Archie Bunkers who died. So no stop in Muslim immigration.

This concept is embodied in immigration. This is why the West is dying, because in fact, without loyalty to the people, nothing survives. The people are everything.

There can be no loyalty to a civilization that has any meaning without loyalty to the people. Elites have no loyalty to the people, so the civilization dies. The solution is to replace the elites.

Bernard Lewis illustrates this lack of loyalty to the people, in the view of Lawrence Auster:

The Über Suspect by Lawrence Auster

Auster quoting Bernard Lewis

“Europeans are losing their own loyalties and their own self-confidence,” he said. “They have no respect for their own culture.” Europeans had “surrendered” on every issue with regard to Islam in a mood of “self-abasement,” “political correctness” and “multi-culturalism,” said Lewis, who was born in London to middle-class Jewish parents but has long lived in the United States.

Auster then says Lewis is in effect, PC, phony conservative, because Lewis doesn’t admit immigration is what produced this problem and stopping it is part of the cure.

“More Young Islamics Back Sharia Law ” at Raw Story:

“Allah on 480 occasions in the Holy Koran extols Muslims to wage jihad. We only fulfil God’s orders”

according to Baitullah Mehsud.

“Pakistan Taleban vow more violence,” from the BBC:

Baitullah seemed a man with only jihad (holy war) on his mind. During the interview he quoted several verses from the Koran to defend his stance that foreign forces must be evicted from Islamic countries.

“Allah on 480 occasions in the Holy Koran extols Muslims to wage jihad. We only fulfil God’s orders. Only jihad can bring peace to the world,” he says.

This article represents opinion, hypotheses or speculation. It is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcomed. All other disclaimers apply.

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