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John McCain: No Jobs for Boeing Bigots

March 22, 2008

(Spoof) John McCain announced with pride that he had stopped the Bigots of Boeing from getting jobs with the airline tanker deal with Airbus.

John McCain: If you have a good job, I’ve got an H-1B from India or China to take it. If you have a crummy job, I’ve got someone from Mexico to take it. Either way, your wages are going down.

(Men’s median wages the same since 1973. Women’s median wages are what men’s were in 1960, and that’s the way John McCain likes it. Graph page 16:

McCain: Also, you subprime mortgage homeowners, I’ve got people from Mexico to take your house while they take your job. Building airplanes another job American bigots don’t want to do.

McCain: I’m John McCain and you’re a bigot.

==Youtube France thanks Jean McCain–tJ0A&eurl= 

==Zazona on McCain H-1b

Letter 1: McCain said that the visa cap should be unlimited until at least 2006 because there aren’t enough Americans to fill high-tech jobs. He said Americans lack the skills to work in high tech so he proposes training programs to allow them to compete with foreign workers.


==Free Fax Congress against H-1b and immigration from your computer

or join the anti-immigration lobbyist Fairus:

==Comment on immigration at Dan Stein (of Fairus)

==John McCain warmup speaker at a campaign stop. McCain has not yet arrived.

Lobbyist: Anyone in this crowd with a good paying job still?

A few hands are raised.

Lobbyist: Well John McCain has H-1B’s from India and China ready to take your job. Any of you object?

A man raises his hand.

Lobbyist: You are a bigot.

Lobbyist: Men’s median wages are the same as 1973 but productivity has doubled. Anyone object?

Same man raises his hand.

Lobbyist: What are you some kind of campaign stalker?

Man puts his hand down.

Lobbyist: Women’s median wages are the same as men’s were in 1960. Anyone object to that?

Same man puts his hand up.

Lobbyist: You aren’t a woman. Why do you care?

Man: I have a wife, a sister and a daughter. And my mom still works too.

Lobbyist: Well John McCain has women from Mexico to take all their jobs. What do you think of that Mr. Bigot?



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