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Ted Sorenson Admits Country in Deep Trouble

December 6, 2007

Ted Sorenson who spoke to us under the name John F. Kennedy compared the ideas Sorenson’s pupil, JFK, spoke in his speech on religion and Catholicism. Kennedy said that since Sorenson was not controlled by the Pope, and since Sorenson controlled Kennedy, therefore the Pope didn’t control Kennedy.

Ted Sorenson commented on Mitt Romney’s speech on Mormonism and compared it to John F. Kennedy’s speech on Catholicism that Sorenson wrote.

Ted Sorenson was Kennedy’s brain, much more so than Rove was Bush’s. This is because Sorenson has a brain to share and Rove doesn’t.

This country is in deep, serious trouble, and thoughtful citizens surely are going to make up their minds based on the major issues confronting the country and the major qualities of the candidates and not on such superficial tests as religion, race, or gender.

Ted Sorenson likely invented the phrase and wrote the book, “A Nation of Immigrants”. The reason we are in deep trouble in 2007 is the 1965 Immigration Act that came from Sorenson’s pushing it with Kennedy and its adoption by Johnson.

A Nation of Immigrants was published in 1958. This was after Profiles in Courage that is widely admitted to have been written by Sorenson. How did Kennedy write two books as senator and still play around?

Sorensen joined John Kennedy shortly after JFK was sworn in as Senator in 1953. Over the next decade, he became Kennedy’s closest adviser. Sorensen also had an important role in researching and drafting Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Profiles in Courage, prompting some controversy over the book’s authorship. Syndicated columnist Drew Pearson alleged that Sorensen ghostwrote the book, leading Kennedy to demand a retraction. After Kennedy provided handwritten notes and Sorensen signed an affidavit attesting to Kennedy’s authorship, Pearson acceded. However, years later historian Herbert Parmet analyzed the text of Profiles in Courage and wrote in his book The Struggles of John F. Kennedy that although Kennedy did oversee the production and provided for the direction and message of the book, it was clearly Sorensen that provided most of the work that went into the end product.

Sorenson was the one who convinced Kennedy to have mass third world immigration. That became the 1965 Immigration Act.

“This country is in deep, serious trouble,”

What are our problems? Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, women make what men made in 1960 in median wage terms. We are deeply divided because post 1965 immigrants are third world immigrants and their children and many don’t care at all about keeping the US as an Anglo Saxon Protestant nation. That is what Sorenson wanted to destroy. He succeeded. The result is we are becoming a third world nation, and not even a single one, but a bizarre ink spot of disunity. Sorenson did that to us. He sees his handiwork in a deeply troubled country.

He ruined the greatest country in history out of his hate of the Anglo Saxon nation of the 1950’s. He hated the Father Knows Best World America and he destroyed it. When you walk in fear at night, remember its because Ted Sorenson wanted you to. And those you walk in fear of, he brought here deliberately for you to walk in fear of.

If that isn’t hate, what is? Ted Sorenson, unlike many haters of history, hated America because it worked. Most of the infamous haters were in countries that already had some divisive problem. In the case of America, it was the the conflict over integration of 19th century immigrants and blacks in the 1950’s.

Sorenson, a product of his time, hated the Wasps and blamed them for everything. He wanted to destroy them by third world immigration and destroy their country. He succeeded. The result:

“This country is in deep, serious trouble,”

To paraphrase Nixon and The Bible, very loosely, those who hate the Wasps and bring third world immigration here to finish them off, destroy their own house. They inherit the wind.

The play’s title comes from Proverbs 11:29, which in the King James Bible reads:

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind:
and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.
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