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John Kerry on ABC: Instantly Stale

September 9, 2007

If you voted for Bush in 2004, and are feeling guilty, just listen to Kerry. He is someone who is always trying to make the case of how macho he is. His tone of voice. He is always saying, I am a he-man. His focus is about himself.

By the time you are old enough to be president, you should know its boring to talk about yourself. Kerry turns every question into his being macho. It isn’t humanly possible to listen to Kerry for any length of time. So if you voted for Bush instead of 3rd party in 2004, don’t feel too bad, you may have been acting under the necessity of keeping Kerry from being a 4 year void in our history.

Someone like Kerry who is focused on himself is not someone who could figure out our problems, nor convince anyone. The reason people can’t remember Kerry talking about anything other than himself in 2004 is because he never talks about anything other than himself. People in Massachusetts need to vote Kerry out. Its harder to learn to spell Massachusetts than to figure out that Kerry is not the answer.

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