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John Savage on The Leftist Social Pyramid

June 2, 2008

This essay is brilliant. It deconstructs the left into its feudal self. The left is about the desire of intellectuals like Saul Alinsky for power. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are perfect examples of Alinsky disciples.

This goes back to the question I keep asking: Why is the Left so monolithic, in the sense that we rarely hear of fights over whether one or another thing is a proper leftist principle?

One reason is that all criticism of non-whites is instantly denounced as racist. All criticism of Islam is denounced as racist. There is no debate on these issues, because leftist discourse is not rational, its ritualistic denunciation of those on the right. They are well trained Pavlovian dogs.

Just as knights provided the most indispensable service of protection in the Middle Ages, the Left’s “shock troops” are the groups that make the greatest contribution to the elimination of white civilization. Ironically, this movement committed to “equality” is as hierarchical as any feudal society, if not more so. The shock troops are rewarded for their service to the movement with the highest status, which particularly includes the privilege of having their crimes ignored. Because of their value to the supreme goal of annihilating white civilization, Muslims’ advocacy of sharia and horrible treatment of women are excused, and Muslim rapes of white women are even celebrated.

So are lies. Any form of intimidation of speaking up is called hate speech. Its really a well organized drill by the left. John Savage goes into detail on these rituals. The left has always embraced suicide bombing from the 19th century, Propaganda of the Deed they called it.

The most important quality among the lower levels is obedience. For the leaders, it is essential to inculcate in such people a blind faith that the utopia will follow upon the annihilation of the enemy. In the meantime, suffering will be inevitable. A white woman may have to atone for her “privilege” by suffering an abusive marriage to a black man, for example.

Rape by black men of white women is just an extension of this concept.

It is hard to understate the amount of masochism inherent in the white leftist, who derives meaning from sacrificing himself, body and soul, to the goal of dethroning the one he hates.

This all goes back to the basic point that the left is in a post thinking stage. They are only allowed emotions. They are not allowed to question based on data. Obama said immigration doesn’t affect jobs or pay. But black men and white men both had 80 percent labor force participation rates in 1965, and black men have 67 percent today and white men 74 percent.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973 despite productivity having doubled. Women and black have median wages below all men, so they are still behind where men were in 1973. Women and blacks had wages converging towards men up to the 1990 Immigration Act and 1986 amnesty which slowed that convergence down as employers could turn to immigrants.

The left is not allowed to think. Even econ profs are not allowed to recite this data and draw the obvious conclusion that immigration harms almost everyone except those at the time. Harvard and Berkeley econ are as rigidly controlled as the Zanu Democratic Party Rules Committee.

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