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Paul Begala should apologize to Bay Buchanan, Pat and Virgil Goode

December 21, 2006

It isn’t right for people on TV to call Goode a bigot or ask others to while Danish Cartoonists are in hiding and CNN won’t put the Danish Cartoons on its webpage.

Only those who have spoken out for Rushdie, the Danish Cartoonists, and all the rest in hiding have the moral right to call Goode a bigot.

Its wrong to put people on TV on the spot to denounce Goode’s comments when the same TV people or their station is afraid of Muslim death threats.

This happened to Bay Buchanan on CNN with Begala and Wolf Blitzer.

Begala was in the Clinton administration. Clinton let the 19 hijackers in.

The schools where they trained were in some cases afraid to turn in the hijackers for fear of being called bigot.

After 9-11, Bush and Mineta praised Islam and said no profiling. But secretly they knew they had been given warnings. They used the bigot charge to keep people from asking questions.

Begala and the Clinton team let in the 19 hijackers. They called Pat Buchanan a bigot in 1996 for wanting to stop the immigration.

Its wrong for Begala to be part of the Clinton team that let in the hijackers, let them train at schools, ignored the warnings, called Pat Buchanan names, and then pressure his sister on CNN to denounce Goode.

Begala should apologize for calling Pat Buchanan a bigot in 1996 when Pat wanted to stop immigration. Begala did the same thing as Mineta and Bush after 9-11, to cover up his own guilt for calling Pat Buchanan a bigot in 1996, he threatened his sister Bay with the same thing if she wanted to stop immigration.

How many times must we be attacked and have the people like Begala responsible for letting them in get away with calling Pat Buchanan a bigot for wanting to stop them?

Why is Begala a moral person for letting the 19 hijackers in, but Pat Buchanan is a bigot for warning to keep them out?

This is the same cover up scheme that Mineta, Bush, C. Rice, Peter Jennings, Clinton, Begala, etc. said after 9-11 and on the day of 9-11. The smoke was rising up as they started calling people who wanted to stop immigration bigots.

The 9-11 families were the targets of the MSM on 9-11. The President in his Religion of Peace speech was threatening to call the 9-11 families bigots if they asked for Muslim immigration to stop.

This is so 1938 its unbelievable.

Begala should apologize to the 9-11 families for failing them like Richard Clarke did. Begala shouldn’t call anyone a bigot while he has this guilt. Begala should apologize to Pat Buchanan for Buchanan being called a bigot in 1996. The Clinton team did that deliberately in 1996. They traded almost 3000 lives on 9-11 to win re-election in 1996. They need to apologize to the 9-11 families for that election and for calling Pat Buchanan a bigot in 1996.

CNN should apologize to Bay Buchanan, the 9-11 families, the Danish Cartoonists and the American people for how they have covered this issue from 1993 to present.

==The Paul Begala incident on the Wolf Blitzer show

PAUL BEGALA, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: You know, well, first, just call a spade a spade. Virgil Goode is a bigot and he’s an idiot. Let’s hope he clears that up when he has his press conference, because lots of people misspeak.

BLITZER: Let me read once again for you, Bay, and for our viewers precisely what is in this letter that he wrote: “If American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration, there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.”

(You have to see the video to see how she was put on the spot throughout this question and the subsequent discussion.)

BAY BUCHANAN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: I can understand what he is trying to say. I think that his choice of words were outrageous. I think it’s a clear mistake that he made, to suggest that we should be worried that Keith Ellison is a — happens to be a Muslim, and is elected now to the Congress, wants to use a Koran.

I don’t see any problem with any of the above, none whatsoever. I think what he — what he is trying to say, which I think is a legitimate point, is that, as a nation, we should get control of our immigration laws, and make certain we have a national debate as to what is our best interests as to who is coming and who we are inviting into this country.

And that is a legitimate national debate, not what we’re doing today. But I think this is something not quite that. And I think this is a mistake.

When she says “This is a mistake” she means what is being done to her. This is the main clue from the transcript of just how much she felt set up and put in a position by Begala.

And, yes, Virginia, it was a mistake, for Begala to do this, possibly planned out in advance, knowing Bay Buchanan would feel vulnerable because Pat Buchanan was attacked the same way as Virgil Goode was just then by Paul Begala during the 1996 Clinton Dole campaign. It was a mistake for Wolf Blitzer to let it happen. This isn’t the first time Begala and Blitzer have been on TV or been through one of these.

Then they talked about Sandy Berger. Was Begala trying to so upset Bay Buchanan that Begala could skate the truth about the new information about the Berger incident with Bay Buchanan so shaken up she couldn’t nail him on it?

Is there still a cover up going on by the Clinton administration about anything that happened between Jan 20, 1993 and Jan 20,2001?


No TV network, no newspaper, no blog page has a moral right to call Goode or Pat Buchanan bigots unless it has defended the Danish Cartoonists, and all the others and apologize to the 9-11 families for letting PC let the 19 hijackers in legally after the WTC 1993 attack and bin Laden’s declaration of war.

They must say to the families that they failed them when they called Pat Buchanan a bigot in 1996 and on the day of 9-11 by continuing that.

President Bush must apologize for the religion of peace speech when he knew he had the warnings on August 6, 2001 and was covering that up. He and all the others in the Clinton and Bush administration must apologize for letting PC prevent stopping the 9-11 attacks.

They must also apologize to the Danish Cartoonists and everyone in hiding since their earlier failures.

They must apologize, all of them, to future victims. Whenever they issue a warning, they should issue an apology for letting PC prevent saving the lives of Americans on 9-11.

==How to answer Begala, Blitzer, etc.

If you are on TV and you are asked to denounce someone or some idea, ask to see the 12 Danish Cartoons on their web page first and to show them right then on the TV before you answer.

Show all the Danish Cartoons before asking me that question and put them all on your web page, and then I will answer.

They will say, what’s that got to do with this?


==Was Paul Begala lying in wait for Bay Buchanan?

Did Paul Begala intentionally do what he did to Bay Buchanan?

He is an experienced campaign operative and strategist. He coaches people on what to do in these situations. Wasn’t this deliberate?

Wasn’t Paul Begala intentionally covering up for the Clinton administration 9-11 guilt?

Wasn’t he intentionally doing what Peter Jennings, Norman Mineta, and George Bush did on and after 9-11?

Isn’t it all the same? Isn’t it all true?

At last sir, have you no decency?

Does the Clinton team have no decency?

Didn’t the Clinton team choose to cover up and lie about sex, FBI files, travelgate, IMF loans to Russia, Wall Street trading Russian government bonds, Paula Jones IRS audit, Judicial Watch IRS audit, IRS audits of the other Clinton women, the 1990’s stock market bubble, Saudi Arabia funding terrorism, Pakistan’s nuclear program, Chinese influence, and all the rest instead of stopping immigration after the WTC 1993 attack, the August 1998 embassy bombings, the USS Cole attack in 2000, bin Laden’s declaration of war in 1998 and all the other classified information they have never disclosed?

The MSM, Bush team, Democrats, Republicans, Congress, Blair, Labour Party, Conservative Party, Lib Dems, profs, think tanks, and all the rest?

==Who should receive an apology:

  1. Virgil Goode
  2. 9-11 Families
  3. American People
  4. Bay Buchanan
  5. Pat Buchanan
  6. Bob Dole
  7. Danish Cartoonists
  8. Rushdie
  9. All others in hiding
  10. All those who had to engage in ritual denunciations from fear of PC or Muslim terrorists.
  11. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after the 1993 WTC attack.
  12. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after the 1998 embassy bombings attack.
  13. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after the 1998 bin Laden declaration of war.
  14. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after the August 6, 2001 PDB.
  15. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after the 2001 WTC and Pentagon attack.
  16. Future victims of sleeper cells already in the US after each and every event on the Complete 9-11 Timeline started by Paul Thompson and championed by the 9-11 Families. (And they need money, please donate this Dec 2006 they have a 10,000 matching grant.)
  17. Future victims of sleeper cells to enter after today, whatever day today is.

Future Operating Procedures

No network or newspaper like CNN should allow anyone who asks for stopping Muslim immigration to be called a bigot or ask someone to denounce them until they apologize to all the above and post the Danish Cartoons, and show them on TV and publish them in their print edition, whatever is applicable.


To avoid the overposting police, I have added to the above

Paul Begala should apologize to Bay Buchanan, Pat and Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode Right: Stop Muslim Immigration

I shall just say whenever one is put on the spot to ritually denounce Goode or anyone else for PC violations, ask the TV station to

(1) First show all 12 Danish Cartoons

(2) Post them on their webpage

And they should show all 12 before you answer.

Bring them with you and ask them to show them on the TV and then post them on their webpage.

Posted by: Old Atlantic [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 21, 2006 08:08 PM

==What to say to Paul Begala

Ask him to apologize to the 9-11 Famlies for failing them by letting the 19 hijackers immigrate after 9-11.

Ask Begala to apologize to the 9-11 Families for calling Pat Buchanan, or others associated with the Democratic Party or Clinton admin, a bigot when he wanted to stop or limit immigration after the WTC 1993 attacks during the 1996 Clinton Dole Presidential Campaign.

Ask Begala to apologize to Pat Buchanan and his sister for these incidents.

Ask him to apologize to all those in hiding now because of events that happened after the WTC 1993 on the Clinton watch.

Ask him to apologize for all the scandals of the Clinton years that kept them from dealing with the WTC 1993 attacks.

Ask him to apologize for not responding to the WTC 1993 attacks with at least as much action as after the WTC and Pentagon 2001 attacks.

Ask him to apologize for the role of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan being covered up by both the Clinton and Bush teams.

Ask him to apologize for the 1995 Jamie Gorelick Wall Memo.

Ask him to apologize for the joint cover up by Democrats and Republicans, Clinton and Bush of all the things that happened from Jan 20, 1989 to present.

Ask him to apologize for all of the issues raised above.

Ask him if he has, at last, no decency, and when he and the Clinton team and the Democratic Party lost it?


Ask for a moment of silence for past and future victims of what they are afraid to name.

And another moment for all its victims around the world today, all those in prison, being tortured, denied legal rights, women denied equality, people in hiding in any country, and all the rest, all of it from something they can’t name and are afraid to name lest they too have to go in hiding or receive death threats, which many can’t afford the body guards for.

Ask for a moment of silence of all the victims of the 1930’s in the Soviet Union when the New York Times would not tell the truth and covered it up.

All the victims of Hitler who could have been saved if the truth and action had been taken sooner.

All the victims of the Muslim genocide of Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire and its successor states from 1890 to the present and for not naming what is causing this.

Another moment for all those who almost died in the cold war and might still from letting Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, and now it appears Iran get nuclear weapons.


“”PC” may have been invented by some misguided liberals, ”

From wiki

begin quote

The contemporary use of the term political correctness is said to derived from Marxist-Leninist vocabulary to describe the Party Line. [1]

The term was transformed and used jokingly within the Left by the early 1980s, possibly earlier. [citation needed] In this context, the phrase was applied to either an over-commitment to various left-wing political causes, especially within Marxism or the feminist movement; or to a tendency by some of those dedicated to these causes to be more concerned with rhetoric and vocabulary than with substance.

end quote

Only those who have stood up for the Danish Cartoonists, and all others in hiding in Western
or Muslim lands for speaking the truth have a moral right to call Goode, Pat Buchanan or anyone else a bigot.

All those in the MSM, or Democratic Party or Clinton Administration who called Pat Buchanan a bigot for saying restrict immigration then in the 1996 Clinton Dole presidential race should apologize to the 9-11 families. They knew on 9-11, that their words had cost the 3000 people their lives.

The MSM, Clinton and Bush teams then pre-emptively used PC language to frighten the 9-11 families from questioning why immigration continued after the WTC 1993 attack by Muslim immigrants. This goes on and we are watching the same techniques used on 9-11 on TV and afterwards against the 9-11 Families on Virgil Goode.


Good bumper sticker Caroline. That’s what Virgi Goode or Bay Buchanan should say next time they get accosted by the MSM apology police.

Its interesting that the Saudi Religious Police, Paul Begala, and the MSM police all want Virgil Goode and Bay Buchanan to say the same thing.

I wonder if Virgil Goode’s two names have something to do with his deciding to stand up for truth and Americans.

Posted by: Old Atlantic [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 21, 2006 10:21 PM



The next time Bay Buchanan is on Wolf Blitzer with Begala and they ask her to apologize and ritually denounce Goode, she should say, do you guys work for the Saudi Religious Police?


CNN should have had Robert Spencer instead of Bay Buchanan to be the opposite view to Paul Begala.

They chose Bay Buchanan because she doesn’t know enough about Islam and all the history to answer PC loaded, surrender or be called a bigot questions. To stand up to those you need an enormous amount of knowledge.

They chose her as their victim intentionally.

The answer to PC is knowledge. But you have to have a lot of knowledge to be able to use it on the spot on TV with the sickle of being denounced as a bigot hanging over your head.

Begala preps people for TV and debate. He knows what it is. He knew what he was doing.

Posted by: Old Atlantic [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 21, 2006 10:32 PM

Standing up to PC loaded questions to denounce someone takes the specialized knowledge and daily practice in Islam and current events involving it of a Robert Spencer. Its like surgery or litigation. You need someone who does it every day.

Begala knew that. That’s why he picked on Bay Buchanan. He had choreographed that denunciation of Virgil Goode the way a football coach scripts out the first plays of a football game. In fact, he did it like a Paul Begala scrips out a gotcha gimmick in a political debate.



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