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Bradley Manning and Assange the machine shows its nature

December 17, 2010

Skynet has put Bradley Manning into solitary confinement in Quantico Virginia.

The message is not to radicals in Sweden to be quiet. This is a message to US government employees in Virginia. The US government is saying to its US employees, be good bots and you will be safe. Step out of line and you will be in solitary in Quantico just like a Muslim in Gitmo. From Gitmo to Quantico is but a step. Just as Gitmo methods went to Abu Ghraib, now the gentler kinder Gitmo methods are in Quantico. Not to mention at the nearest TSA office.

Skynet was about eliminating the Whites living in the United States. That is what US government does by immigration.

What do Wikileaks reveal? A US government hell bent determined to bring America’s manufacturing base back to America in a job depression? A steely resolve to stop educating the children of Chinese Communist professors at Stanford and then let them run Berkeley and the DOE?

Do they reveal that the US government is sorry that it has ethnically cleansed its own people with non-White immigration? Is it angry that our know-how was transferred to China and India and that our jobs and manufacturing base followed? Do they speak of those who betrayed us, Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley?

Wikileaks has not exposed a single act of contrition by US government for betraying its own people. Nor any realization that it has.

USG is preoccupied with the Great Game. Wikileaks shows that the State Department and military are out playing board games with other countries and they don’t even know we exist. They don’t know we have a jobs depression. They don’t know Latinos are bankrupting Medicare and Social Security from the bottom up while Wall Street does it from the top down. They don’t know race replacement of Whites leads to the curtailment of Medicare even for federal employees. These ideas are absent from the cables. They only concern their game of risk.

They could be on another planet or another galaxy, spending our money to play State Department Second Life. This is what the cables show. They have not only no concern for us, they have no awareness of our existence. They are simply playing games with other people’s lives and using our money as play money in their games.

Bringing Major Hasan to shoot us down is part of the game. The military said diversity justified the shootings at Fort Hood. They say cablegate justifies putting Manning into solitary. They say diversity justifies TSA groping of children and blonde actresses.

TSA Second Life is a perv paradise. That is what diversity means. It means the end of our little cozy lives in our small towns, which they resent and call White Bread towns. They hate that from the Chief Diversitycrat on down. They hate our White Bread small towns on Wall Street.

The treatment of Manning is a message to Whites in the US government to keep silent and let it happen. Let the Diversitycrats at State Department play games with the world while America’s manufacturing base is hollowed out. What is America’s manufacturing base to the State Department? According to Wikileaks, nothing at all.

This is why White US government workers in Virginia are forbidden to read the Wikileak cables. Because then they would realize that US government is not working for the American people but has no loyalty to Whites in America at all, and doesn’t even know they exist except to be dismembered in Afghanistan so they can coffee Klatsch with Karzai with a snow peaked mountain view in Central Asia that White Bread Aunt Bee never dreamed of seeing except in National Geographic.

Justin Raimondo has an excellent article on hypocrisy in those calling Assange a traitor.

Those calling Assange a traitor are those who betray us on know-how transfer, student visas to India and China, manufacturing transfer, under capitalized banks, secret derivative pricing data, secret mortgage security pricing data, etc. Its keeping the derivatives price data secret that fuels the derivatives oligopoly that fuels the privileged position of banks.


Call Henry Waxman to hold Sibel Edmonds Hearings

January 7, 2008

You can say

I am calling to support holding public hearings on the Sibel Edmonds case.

That is all you have to say. You should have your zip code ready. I called and stated my name. I think that has more impact. I called this morning and got right through.

For more information, for help with a problem, or to share your views, please contact Rep. Waxman’s offices in Washington or Los Angeles, or use the ‘Send a Message’ forms below.
In Washington, D.C.
2204 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-3976 (phone)
(202) 225-4099 (fax)
In Los Angeles
8436 West Third Street, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-1040 (phone)
(818) 878-7400 (phone)
(310) 652-3095 (phone)
(323) 655-0502 (fax)

Sibel Edmonds site:

Video of her with part of her story and FBI agents saying its true.

Justin Raimondo at Antiwar

London Times article with her story.

They were helped, she says, by the high-ranking State Department official who provided some of their moles – mainly PhD students – with security clearance to work in sensitive nuclear research facilities. These included the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico, which is responsible for the security of the US nuclear deterrent.

At the same time, Russia was getting billions in low interest rate IMF loans. They may have had embarrassing information on the econ profs from Harvard and MIT in control of the money. This includes Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.

Russia got 20 billion in IMF loans in the 1990’s from Clinton econ profs. At the same time, DOJ investigated Harvard econ profs including Shleifer. This lasted from 1997 to 2005 and was settled in 2005 by Harvard and Shleifer. Information may have been concealed and that used by Russia to get more IMF loans in 1998. Bush profs may have known this starting in 1998.

Other countries knew of this method, Russia started it in publications in 1937. China, India, Pakistan, Israel and likely Turkey knew of this history. The IMF was a center of intrigue in the 1990’s. The neocons knew this. They may have used this to get Clinton to sign the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 during the Clinton impeachment hearings and during the ongoing USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and Clinton econ profs.

Bush and the neocons may have used this as leverage during Bush v. Gore because Gore was linked to Summers and Russia. John Yoo may have told this to Scalia during the case and possibly to Senator Hatch. The two cases may have become intertwined as sources of leverage. All 3 branches of government are involved in the academic kompromat case because law professors are close to econ profs. This includes through Antitrust Division of DOJ and antitrust law and econ profs.

Antitrust cases and matters in the 1990’s and 2000’s are also linked to the same people. This includes US v. Microsoft where the expert witnesses on both sides and the Antitrust Division econ profs, DAAGs, were linked to MIT in 1969 where the plagiarism by Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson may have happened against victims Nils Hakansson now at Berkeley.

Russia may have used this incident and prior ones to pressure nominations for the Nobel Prize in economics from Samuelson and Arrow, uncles of Larry Summers in the 1970’s at econ conferences in Warsaw in 1972 and 1974.

This was a continuation of the same methods used in physics as part of Russia’s gaining atomic know-how starting in the 1940’s. Russia was using this pressure on Niels Bohr in 1944 and the British government knew of it then. See the above link for information on this.

Pakistan learned of this history in physics from Abdul Salam and MAB Beg possibly. Turkey from A. O. Barut possibly. In economics, Shaukat Aziz and possibly Moeen Qureshi (in the US) could have learned of this and used it for Pakistan’s debt refinancing after 9-11. Aziz came from Citigroup where Stanley Fischer and Robert Rubin went after Clinton.

LTCM traded Russian government bonds using the above information is a possibility in 1998. Robert Merton also part of the MIT 1969 group plagiarizing Hakansson,was part of LTCM and Harvard Business School during the whole series of events. Samuelson and Merton got NSF grants in 1969 and Stanley Fischer his US citizenship. But Russia may have also used the history of physics and the atom bomb to pressure Nobel Prize nominations for Kantorovich in econ in the 1970’s. He won in 1975. This was key to the Soviet Union because it was founded on an economic theory. They felt they had to win a Nobel Prize to prove communism worked in theory, especially because the Russian people knew it didn’t in practice.

The Soviets used all they could in terms of academic kompromat to get those nominations in the 1970’s. But under US law that creates a question whether by nominating Kantorovich in the 1970’s the US econ profs became co-conspirators or accessories after the fact to atomic espionage.

That is just a legal issue not an assertion. But the Russians could use that uncertainty in the 1990’s to pressure Larry Summers who couldn’t know what a court would rule. Nor could Stanley Fischer who was also involved and at IMF in charge of loans to Russia.

The use of plagiarism to pressure atomic scientists by Russia started in the 1940’s. Klaus Fuchs was an assistant to plagiarism victim Max Born. Born was Oppenheimer’s dissertation supervisor just after Born was plagiarized by Dirac in England. Rutherford was the father in law of Fowler who supervised Dirac and was doing the plagiarism as revenge in part for the Germans shooting him in World War I.

The Rockefeller Foundation was giving grants to Niels Bohr for Heisenberg and Jordan, the latter one of the victims of the Dirac Fowler plagiarism, to work at the Bohr Institute. Rutherford made Bohr a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1926, the year after the 1925 plagiarism of a major paper in quantum mechanics. The Russians had Kapitza at Rutherford’s Lab. He knew this.

Stalin brought Kapitza back to the Soviet Union c. 1934 and Kapitza was used to write two letters to Bohr, one in 1944 and the other in 1945. These embarrassed Bohr. In the first case, the letter was to the Soviet embassy in London and Bohr showed it to the British. Churchill’s scientific adviser had already been a Fellow of the Royal Society in the 1920’s and knew the story and told Churchill who then threatened Bohr with prison because Bohr was telling Churchill and FDR to give the bomb secret to the Soviets. Churchill called FDR who then lost interest in Bohr, likely after Churchill told FDR the leverage the Soviets had on Bohr.

The Jack Abramoff case is linked to the IMF loans and Russian kompromat. Abramoff helped Russia in the 1990’s get the US House to give money to the IMF. Then Russia used the academic kompromat to move the money from IMF to Russia.

Bush senior went to Moscow and gave a talk that Goldman Sachs paid him 100,000 to give in 1997 or 1998 while this was going on. That was to paint a picture of Bush family involvement. That gave them leverage over Bush junior when Bush became president. GS had econ and finance profs who knew about this history and itself was trading Russian government bonds for clients during the 1997 and 1998 period. Robert Rubin at Treasury was from GS. Bush has hired others from GS since then.

GS was part of the LTCM bailout. Jon Corzine spoke at Fischer Black’s funeral at Harvard the year before Merton and Scholes won the Nobel Prize in economics for the option pricing formula. But that formula too was based on prior work that was not properly being acknowledged. (And there was more in econ including other Nobel Prizes in econ (and physics) linked into the story.)

If the Russians didn’t get the second leg of the trip done, getting the US House to approve the funds for the IMF wouldn’t help, i.e. if the money didn’t go to Russia. So Russia may have used old academic kompromat files to get Summers and Fischer to move the money to Russia.

This was during the investigation by USAO Mass of Harvard. At the same time, LTCM knew this and bought Russian government bonds.

But the Russians instead took the IMF dollars, sold them to Russian oligarchs for rubles, devalued the ruble by defaulting, and then repaid the ruble loans they took out to buy the IMF dollars at a lower value. This let them capture the final 4.8 billion dollar IMF loan in 1998 but still look on the books that Russia used the IMF loan to buy rubles to support the ruble.

In fact they did, but they bought them from oligarchs in on the scheme who knew the ruble would be devalued by Russia defaulting on its bonds. LTCM owned Russian bonds that were registered. Russia knew that LTCM or Bear Stearns was holding the bonds and knew Bear was the back office for LTCM. So Russia knew by defaulting on the bonds it was keeping the econ profs at LTCM from making money on their own crimes. This was an extra sweetener for the Russians.

Neocon profs like Paul Wolfowitz knew this. Jacob Wolfowitz, Paul’s father knew of the history up to 1981 when Jacob died. Paul got his Ph.D. c. 1970 and Jacob would have warned Paul not to plagiarize because Russia uses it to blackmail profs. So Paul would have known the story. John Yoo may have learned it at Berkeley from a law prof who got an econ Ph.D./J.D. and clerked with Yoo at the Supreme Court in the 1990’s. That contact may then have been used for Yoo to pass the info to Scalia during Bush v. Gore that Summers and the Clinton clan were holding out this info from the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard Econ Dept and its role in Russia with a grant.

Pakistan was in a position to know this, as was Turkey. So they could have used that as leverage as well in the 1990’s and by guessing that the Bush profs used it also have used it after 9-11 to pressure Bush to keep quiet about Pakistan’s role in 9-11. The Saudis are on the board at IMF and also may have learned of this from friendly Arab and Muslim profs in the US and Europe in econ and physics.


They were helped, she says, by the high-ranking State Department official who provided some of their moles – mainly PhD students – with security clearance to work in sensitive nuclear research facilities. These included the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico, which is responsible for the security of the US nuclear deterrent.

Los Alamos was involved in the coverup of academic kompromat from the 1940’s onwards. Klaus Fuchs got into Los Alamos in part because he worked for Max Born. Hans Bethe was the boss of Fuchs and reported to Oppenheimer. Bethe and Fuchs were both refugees at Bristol in the 1930’s from Hitler. Fuchs was a Lutheran which meant to be a refugee he was a communist. But Max Born was likely known to be a communist by the profs. Born had two communist Chinese students in the 1940’s who left the UK for China after Fuchs was arrested c. Jan 1950. They then became part of China’s heroes of science, including the bomb and rocketry. Kun Huang was one and Huanwu Peng the other. Peng’s son came to the US in the 1980’s and got a Ph.D. in physics at Carnegie Mellon.

Bethe couldn’t say Fuchs is a communist without people asking about Max Born. That would mean asking about Oppenheimer since Oppenheimer was a former assistant to Born as was Fuchs. So Bethe kept quiet. But the Soviets used that and tweaked them all in a 1947 Fock Letter about Corson. Corson was the friend of Fuchs who plagiarized Fock knowing this history. He thought the Soviets would keep quiet, but instead they published a letter denouncing the plagiarism.

This history was concealed from the FBI most likely by Los Alamos and the universities when Fuchs was exposed as a spy in 1950 and in the Oppenheimer Security Clearance case in 1954. Thus Los Alamos and the universities were still covering up the same cases in the 1990’s. Hans Bethe and Edward Teller were still alive. Bethe may have stopped Teller from telling this at the Oppenheimer Security Clearance case the day before Teller testified when they had an argument but we don’t know about what.

So this was all available as leverage in the 1990’s and 2000’s. By then China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel and others had put together the whole story. This then lets these countries build Ph.D. student networks at US labs and universities because the profs are still covering up atomic espionage methods Russia used from the 1940’s onwards.

==Antitrust Division of DOJ and Econ profs

Econ profs recommend econ Ph.D. students to DOJ Antitrust Division to get jobs. But the head of the Ph.D.’s at DOJ is always an econ prof as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General, DAAG. They serve 1 to 2 years and then go back to their academic job. Econ Ph.D.’s at DOJ are promoted by the econ prof DAAG at the time. Thus their entire career is controlled by the econ profs.

Daniel Rubinfeld was Paul Samuelson’s research assistant c. 1971 after Robert Merton. He was at MIT in 1969 as was Laura Tyson. The DOJ Antitrust Division should have told the FBI in the 1990’s and told the USAO Mass investigating Harvard econ dept on their Russia activities about this history. But they likely different. This gave all the players leverage over DOJ.

John Yoo became a DAAG at DOJ, possibly as a reward for telling this to Scalia to influence Scalia to stop the vote counting in Florida. Thus DOJ was already implicated at high levels in the coverup. This is why they can’t investigate anyone in much detail. They may have prosecuted Libby for the Marc Rich pardon and Libby’s involvement in this.

The Swiss banks had profs in Switzerland who were aware of at least some of this in the 1990’s during the Holocaust Bank deposit scandal. The US DOJ was pushing that investigation. But at the same time the Swiss profs knew that econ profs at DOJ were concealing this info.

Marc Rich may have learned this from Swiss profs or Russian contacts. He may have passed info on this to Israel to get help with his pardon not the cover story. Libby was Marc Rich’s lawyer. They may have pooled info and Libby may have used this during Bush v. Gore as leverage over Gore and Clinton to give up after the Supreme Court went against them. The Marc Rich pardon may have been part of this.

Laura Tyson and Daniel Rubinfeld were from Berkeley where the victim of the 1969 plagiarism was still a prof.  Paul Samuelson was Larry Summer’s uncle.  So Larry Summers was under this pressure from Russia.  The other econ profs in government knew this.  Treasury, Federal Reserve, DOJ, Federal Trade Commission (also has econ profs), Council of Economic Advisers, and federal judges from law and economics backgrounds or antitrust knew this.

Joel F. Brenner was an antitrust trial lawyer in DOJ in early 200’s.  He was made the Inspector General for NSA.  Now he is head of US counter-intelligence.  He has a Ph.D. from LSE, but not in econ, and a J.D. from Harvard.  Yet as an antitrust lawyer he ends up as head of US counter-intelligence.  Why?

Law schools linked up with econ profs decades ago in the law and economics movement.  They became linked at the hip.  Federal judges are often law profs.  Many of them are antitrust profs.  They have become linked into this history.  This is where the real ability to shut this comes down.  The House and Senate Judiciary committees are linked in with the law profs and law schools.  John Yoo was chief legal counsel for

Senator Hatch at Senate Judiciary in the 1990’s as well as a clerk for Thomas and then returned to Berkeley law school.  This is where the ability to shut down the investigations comes in part.  All 3 branches are involved in the coverup. The federal judges are protecting law and econ profs, many of them famous and some with Nobel Prizes in econ.

Federal sentencing law is extreme and harsh.  The federal judges and the DOJ leadership leadership can’t imagine their friends and mentors going to prison for long terms.  No one knows what would happen.  There is so much legal ambiguity and no one trusts the system to be merciful or wise so they all just cover it up. There is a lock down on information for this reason.

The above is speculation or hypotheses. Please restate it as questions or hypotheses. All other disclaimers apply.

Ron Paul Tara Thai was filed at FEC July 2007 before Bill White

December 24, 2007

Bill White has posted a claim that Ron Paul attended a dinner at the restaurant Tara Thai with him and others whom SPLC and others call white nationalist and white supremacist.

Bill White appears to have posted his claim Dec 20, 2007

“Ron Paul Lies About Lack Of Involvement With White Nationalists”

Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review, and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, usually on Wednesdays. This is part of a dinner that was originally organized by Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and has since been mostly taken over by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

I have attended these dinners, seen Paul and his aides there, and been invited to his offices in Washington to discuss policy.

There is an FEC Filing from the Ron Paul campaign with a Tara Thai expense dated December 15, 2007. When was it posted?

This report on Tara Thai says

Tara Thai 314.59

Generated Sat Dec 15 18:58:38 2007

This link is from Charles Johnson at who credits one of the LGF lizards (Hat tip: Render.)
Thus it is conceivable that White found this report and used it for the Tara Thai. There may also be previous dinners at Tara Thai and Ron Paul on previous reports as well. In fact, there is one for second quarter filed in July 2007.

Tara Thai 143.70

Generated Sun Jul 15 14:43:58 2007

These two Tara Thai dinners, in the December 15 and July 15 reports, appear to be purchases by the entire table not one person. It doesn’t make sense that Ron Paul’s campaign paid for the dinner alleged above by White, he would have paid his own or someone else would have paid. (Note that it was LGF that linked to that expense, not White.) These appear to be dinners by the Ron Paul campaign staff who paid for their entire dinner with a check from the campaign.

There is a third report for First Quarter 2007

Tara Thai 39.14

Generated Sat Jul 14 20:04:04 2007 Ron Paul “Tara Thai”

Thus White could have found these reports from July 14, July 15, or December 15, 2007 and used Tara Thai based on those.

search Ron Paul “Tara Thai”

Tara Thai Arlington, Virginia 22201

4001 Fairfax Dr
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 908-4999
Get directions

The Ron Paul campaign used the following address for the 3rd quarter report:

3461 Washington Blvd Suite 200
Arlington, Virginia 22201

This address is also listed for mail for the Ron Paul campaign.

By Phone


By Mail

3461 Washington Blvd., Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201

It is .2 miles from this Ron Paul address to a Tara Thai restaurant:

So the Tara Thai restaurant is a short walk from Ron Paul’s campaign address as of the third quarter filing. They may have had an office there and still filed the first and second quarter reports using the Texas address, 837 W Plantation Dr
Clute, Texas 77531.

Articles or posts on this story

Justin Raimondo is very good on this here:

Secondly, the man who organized the dinner meetings “Commander” White refers to, Peter Gemma, has this to say:

“I ran those dinners – Ron Paul was never there… If Bill White ever came to the meetings, he didn’t use his real name – he doesn’t even get the name of the restaurant correctly.”

His article or others cited have provided links below.

SPLC bio of Bill White

William A. White, 26 | SILVER SPRING, Md. (from 2003)

In late 2003, White moved to Roanoke, Virginia,

Ref on related stories trying to tie Paul to the white right.

More corroboration of the neo-Nazi’s claim: Extremist Group Announces Speech by Congressman.

Actually this is poorly worded. It doesn’t corroborate the specific claim of a dinner involving Ron Paul and Bill White.

SPLC on Robert Taft Dinner organized by Marcus Epstein for Ron Paul to speak:

SPLC is trying to prevent whites, whom they seem to target , from associating with whites. They are smearing whites meeting with whites to make whites afraid to meet with or talk to whites. That is the opposite of freedom of association.

That is the reductio ad Civil unRights that PC leads to. Ron Paul pointed out in Meet the Press that you don’t have to submit to home invasion.

The SPLC idea is that if whites meet with whites, the Nazi White Nationalist White Supremacist Bound is passed and this proves they are plotting a white supremacist comeback. Any meeting of whites is suspect in the SPLC inverted rights world.

The SPLC has a comment thread that has many comments that disagree with SPLC on this story.

=Ron Paul on Meet the Press

See Vanishing American link above for link to Meet the Press Transcript (also below) and Youtube link as well.


Note that it was LGF that claimed the Tara Thai expense by Ron Paul supported the claim of Bill White.

== More detail here

The expenses show that none of the meals was on a Wednesday.  This was the alleged day of the meal.


This entire article is draft and preliminary. All statements should be restated as questions or hypotheses. All other disclaimers apply. Comments and corrections welcomed.

Napoleon in the White House

December 20, 2006

“Iraq is Bush’s Waterloo – will it be America’s, too?” by Justin Raimondo. “When our president looks in the mirror, whom does he see? Lincoln? FDR? Churchill? Napoleon is more like it. Our expedition to Iraq bears a striking resemblance to the Little Corporal’s march on Russia – or, perhaps, Hitler’s version of the same mistake.”


Raimondo rates Bush a corporal in military strategy. Iraq is not just Bush’s Vietnam, its his Russia campaign. But is that correct? Napoleon’s army died. It died from starvation, cold, partisans and a majorb battle, Borodino outside Smolensk in 1812 on the road to Moscow.

Moscow was burned by the Russians. Napoleon decided there wasn’t enough food there, so he left and his army walked back to Poland in winter. The Russian army pursued it. It died on the way.

Now its true that Bush has built an Iraqi army composed of Muslim fighters who sympathize with Sadr’s militia more than Bush on occaision, but it is still not denying our troops basic supplies. Bush has made building the army of a hostile people his goal. This ranks as one of the great follies of history. But it is still not Bush’s Russia.

Raimondo says give up our bases in Iraq, instead of using them to invade Iran. As Reagen would say, these are my bases Mr. Raimondo, I paid for them with the lives of 3,000 Americans and British and coalition soldiers. We should not let that sacrifice be in vain. We can use those bases to invade Iran and save lives in that invasion.

Fight Iran we must. That is already decided by Iran and their view of Islam. We can either fight them from bases on 3 sides, or we can give up those bases and fight for position again. There is no better base to defeat Iran than the base we have built in Iraq.

Battle phase deaths in Iraq were under 200. Occupation phase deaths are 70 per month. For 3 months death we can invade Iran, if those numbers applied. Even at 1000, we are talking 14 months of Iraq occupation.

In World War II we would pay more for one island. We need to swap islands. Iraq is worthless. We need to remove the nuclear, sub, and missile capability of Iran. Then we need to move our army to the Pakistan border, blockade them by sea, and make them give up their nukes, subs and missiles.

Pakistan is putting minature nuclear warheads on missiles on subs as its next step. Those subs will be sold to Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. Why? Because Pakistan can’t afford to maintain a nuclear, missile and sub program without selling what it makes. It is over 30 billion dollars in debt. Its interest payments exceeds its gross exports. It has to sell what it makes. That is why it sold what A Q Khan made.

The time to fight wars is when battle phase deaths are 200. We save lives by a ground invasion. This is because we use our bases in Iraq and we avoid their retaliation with missiles against our ships. We could lose over 200 lives from one ship going down. That is why a ground invasion is safer than letting them get revenge on our ships with missiles.

== Info on Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia in 1812

From Wiki

On June 24, 1812, the Grande Armée of 691,501 men, the largest army assembled up to that point in European history, crossed the river Neman and headed towards Moscow.

Military losses amounted to 300,000 French, 70,000 Poles, 50,000 Italians, 80,000 Germans and perhaps 450,000 Russians. As well as the loss of human life the French also lost some 200,000 horses and over 1,000 artillery pieces.

As far as is known, Bush hasn’t lost any horses. Military losses for the French side were 500,000, summing the above numbers out of the initial 691,501. Note the Russians lost 450,000 killed, and they are considered to have won.

Coalition losses from March 2003 through Dec 19, 2006 are 3199. See

Current Time in Baghdad: 4:42:24 PM
Period US UK Other* Total Avg Days

The time to fight wars is when these are the casualties, not the 500,000 killed Napoleon lost. How could they kill 500,000 of us? With nuclear weapons. We should invade Iran and then surround Pakistan and denuke it. We must do that before they have nukes on missiles on subs off our coasts. We must act now.

We have bases on 3 sides of Iran. This is staring victory in the face. This is the opposite of Napoleon in Russia in 1812. We have victory in our grasp, instead we choose to let our enemy get nuclear weapons. This is self hate and folly.

This article is speculation, hypotheses or opinion. All other disclaimers apply.

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re: “Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect”

December 6, 2006

Comments on:
“Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect
In a world turned upside down, the gangsters are the “good” guys” by Justin Raimondo.

“The media campaign to discredit Putin has no real evidence to support it. It seems to be related to American foreign policy goals.”

Justin Raimondo is very knowledgeable on the history of Russia in the 1990’s and 2000’s. He has followed the oligarchs while the mainstream media has done so only episodically.

Raimondo gives a good argument for the Non-Putin Hypothesis. Much of his argument is to try to raise doubts in our minds about the allegations made about Putin, inconsistencies in some current accusers of Putin with past statements, and doubts about Berezovsky.

All of this is true, but we are still left with the Putin Hypothesis, that this was a sanctioned hit on Litvinenko by the Russian government with Putin’s personal approval as the leading hypothesis. The response of Russia to the investigation is to circle the wagons. This comes off as a Russian government operation.

Moreover, all of Litvinenko’s accusations against Putin are increased in probability. Some of them may start from a low level to those inclined to give any accused the benefit of the doubt. But some have been made by others and have to be considered more seriously than to be dismissed as conspiracy theory. This applies particularly to the apartment building bombing of 1999.

Raimondo at times makes the argument that everything comes out, therefore Putin can’t have ordered the apartment bombing. This is like the fallacy in the Post recently that any proven conspiracy is not a conspiracy.


gives over 15,000 hits. Many of these are reporting convictions for one conspiracy or another. Some may not be guilty, and some of these crimes should not be crimes, but they are still there to challenge all those who dismiss conspiracy theories.


also has some interesting results, including the statement that the Russian intelligence service was behind rumors that the CIA was behind spreading aids in Africa. The latter appears to have been done without the help of the CIA as Russia admitted after the fall of the Soviet Union. Note the State Dept dismisses that the CIA was behind Aids as a conspiracy theory, but affirms that the KGB was behind the rumors of CIA culpability without any sense of irony.

How to Identify Misinformation

“The U.S. military or intelligence community is a favorite villain in many conspiracy theories.

For example, the Soviet disinformation apparatus regularly blamed the U.S. military or intelligence community for a variety of natural disasters as well as political events. In March 1992, then-Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the disinformation service of the Soviet KGB intelligence service had concocted the false story that the AIDS virus had been created in a US military laboratory as a biological weapon. When AIDS was first discovered, no one knew how this horrifying new disease had arisen, although scientists have now used DNA analysis to determine that “all HIV-1 strains known to infect man” are closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in a western equatorial African chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes. But the Soviets used widespread suspicions about the U.S. military to blame it for AIDS. (More details on this.)”

So the rule is simple, if they say CIA did it, its a conspiracy theory, if they say the KGB or FSB or SVR did it, then its not a conspiracy theory. This is the official rule from the US Dept of State on how to tell a conspiracy theory from truth.
The same no doubt applies to all of us. Raimondo has no problem accusing Berezovsky of conspiracy, or the neocons of conspiracy, but defends Putin to the death of Litvinenko. This charming consistency in knowing who his enemies are is characteristic of Raimondo, as it is no doubt of all of us. However, in this case, Raimondo may have given us a good argument to pause in our judgement of Putin, but not enough to save him. This is special pleading and all the rest.

Russian intelligence is a hierarchical fear driven career service bureaucracy. Their day work is to do bad things. Loyalty to each other is their only means of avoiding exposure and censure if not prosecution. That applies to the Litvinenko murder and everything that Litvinenko accused Putin of.

One final note on the State web site. ” Primakov admitted.” What about the CIA in the 1980’s? They didn’t expose this? So a corollary of the State Dept Rule is that if its true and Russian intelligence is doing it or al Qaeda or the Taliban, the CIA can’t figure it out. After all, the lives saved are just middle Americans, whom the MSM have already sanctioned the removal of.

If the Saudis or Pakistan ISI are doing it, CIA might be able to figure it out, but they can’t tell. That might interfere with post agency employment in the lucrative business of body snatching aka extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, detentions, interrogation, Project Mkultra, releasing toxins in the New York subway system for fun and games, and John Yoo sanctioned mischief.

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Moscow Restricts UK Cops
quote Face it, Russia is our enemy, they supply Iran with nuclear equipment and training. Now Russia has agreed to do the same for North Korea. Russia has not agreed with the US or England on UN matters ever, same with China, end quote tharmonwv | Dec 5, 2006 3:55:02 PM and dpklln comments are right. We need to do a ground invasion of Iran, remove its nuclear program, subs, and missiles. Then surround Pakistan and make it give up its nukes, subs and missiles. euge_s | Dec 6, 2006 8:17:30 AM and 135ABC | Dec 5, 2006 3:30:32 PM need to be deprogrammed.

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Litvinenko allegations against Putin

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